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Greatest Eye Take…Ever!

Avery’s Northwest Hounded Police, Clampett’s Book Revue or… Charles Mintz’ Svengarlic??

Blogger John Vincent makes the case for the latter, an obscure 1931 Krazy Kat cartoon, over at Uncle John’s Crazy Town. Update: Vincent uploaded the clip here.

  • Saturnome

    Woah, must find Svengarlic. Though it’s not a surprised eye take, but some kind of… hypnose? But until then Book Revue got my vote :)

  • Avery’s my fave one, I really like that face.

  • Andrew

    The last one is definitely the most creative, but lacks the surprise element and better timing of the others. I love the first one.

  • Tom Pope

    Book Revue. Biased; it’s my favorite Clampett.

  • Larry

    “Svengarlic” is a parody of the 1931 Frederic March “Svengali” feature, still the best version of that story. The take is a take on mind control rather than a broad comedic display. But it needs to be available to view at 24 f.p.s. to please everyone.

  • J.V.

    I uploaded a clip of the scene. Click here.

  • Dan O

    i like porky pig’s take when he sees the cats/martians in “kitty kornered”

  • D. Follower

    While “extreme” in a different style than Clampett, I nominate an honorable mention for Bluto’s eye take/closeup in “Popeye the Sailor Meets Sindbad the Sailor.” The one where John K. and friends all go “Whoa!” on the DVD’s commentary track.

  • Phillip

    Seeing the clip at speed is a revelation. The animation is all on ones and very smooth, adding to its sheer creepiness, which no doubt was the animator’s intent. Wonder who animated this scene?

  • zavkram

    If I had to vote on one of the three, then “Book Revue” would get my vote… For me, however, a close runner-up (or at least an honorable mention) should be the Country Wolf’s reaction to a photo of Red Hot Riding Hood in Avery’s “Little Rural Riding Hood”.

  • Griff

    SVENGALI starred John Barrymore, not Fredric March.

  • Dirk

    The take in “Book Revue” registers as pure emotion. Clampett was always great at getting the primal stuff.

  • Allthough not as weird and funny as most of the others you like, “There’s Good Boos Toninght” has the funniest varation even if it’s Famous Studios-type mediocere, when the hunter’s eyballs pop out when… let’s just say the part that historians hate so much (hint: it’s not the allusion to Bambi’s mom)

  • R.B.

    I find the most disturbing “eye take” is when Popeye takes a long drag on a cigar and blows the smoke out of his eye in “Can You Take It.” Now THAT creeps me out.

  • Doug Drown

    I vividly remember, from my childhood, a circa 1950 Terrytoons cartoon entitled “Mystery in the Moonlight,” which featured a weird (and, to a child, very frightening) character the pupils of whose eyes were concentric circles that moved in a kind of whirling fashion. He appeared suddenly in the opening and closing scenes. I dare say I last saw this cartoon at least forty years ago, and the thought of those scenes still gives me the creeps.



  • Scotty A

    You can’t beat Book Revue. 100% Essence of Wild Take

  • Mike

    I’ve always been partial to the one in Chuck Jones’ “Cheese Chasers”, after Hubie and Bertie stroll into Claude’s mouth while he’s snoozing.

  • Shar

    To Doug Downs…

    I, too, was very impressed as a child by “Mystery in The Moonlight.” In fact, my sister and I still talk about that cartoon to this day!! You described it just like I remembered it!!!

  • Q

    “mystery in the moonlight” is seared into my consciousness, too (grew up in the 70’s/80’s)…i’ve searched several times on youtube…no luck. would love to see it again.