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Holiday Gift Ideas: Thunderbean Animation Classics

commercialsthunder.jpgSteve Stanchfield is one of the unsung angels out there who does the important work finding and restoring lost pieces of our animation history, and makes them accessible in attractive presentations on DVDs. He’s just finished two more volumes in time for last minute Christmas shoppers. I know that more time and money goes into these compilations than Steve will ever recoup. He does them for the love of the artform, and we should be very grateful. I certainly am. Both of these new releases are highly recommended.

Cartoon Commercials, Volume 1– features all animated commercials from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. It’s a totally entertaining disc with lots of “cartoon modern” stylized animation I haven’t seen elsewhere. I think the coolest thing about it is a subtitle feature that lists many of the animators, directors, voices and studios as you’re watching.
Return of the 30’s Characters follows in the same tradition as Stanchfield’s previous volume, Attack of the 30’s Characters. Great prints with original titles (or restored, and a few recreated). The highlights (for me) is Steve’s restoration of the lost Dick Huemor Toby Pup cartoon, The Museum (1930) and the Ub Iwerks’ ComiColor films, Balloonland (1935), Brementown Musicians (1935). Steve even attaches a strip of Cinecon 16mm to the box as a bonus. Fifteen other cartoons including Little Orphan Willie with Flip the Frog; Joint Wipers with Van Beuren’s Tom and Jerry; His Off Day with Puddy the Pup (Terrytoons); and The Hunting Season an RKO Rainbow Parade cartoon. Order it here.

  • TW

    So new they’re not even on the website yet! (I checked.)

    I’ve gotten almost all of the dvds they put out and they’re all fantastic!

  • bardhol

    Could you link to the pre-order page? i’m not seeing it…

  • Here is the LINK to the Amazon page where you can order Return of the 30s Characters.

  • Kevin Wollenweber

    This man should be given full control, as I’ve always said, of all the vaults of major entertainment companies that house (or horde) thousands of classic cartoons in danger of extinction…and he *SHOULD* be making back twice the money he invests in these wonderful disks. I have to order these, now. As Dick Tracy says, “I’ll get on it, right away!!”

  • Christopher Cook

    Just ordered the cartoon commercials DVD. I have a video (it was on tape but I transferred it to a disc) of commercials I got a good while back, but this edition I’m definitely looking forward to.

  • Brian O.

    Well, Jerry didn’t promise there would be no DVNR on these so they should be fine and unaltered!

  • Steve Stanchfield

    There’s no DVNR. Really. REALLY (really). It’s a dirty word at Thunderbean! I have a little piece of cardboard from a dvd that Jerry sent me a while back that says ‘No DVNR’ with a little smiley face. I have done some restoration on the prints, including stabilizing, some flicker and some dirt removal (without LINE removal on the characters!). I dont’ have the budgets that the bigt companies do, but I do the best with what I’ve got (including getting the best transfer I can from the prints). Thanks for the kind words!

  • did you know?: “Baloon Land” is screened as part of the “Pee Wee Herman: Live at The Roxy HBO special.”

    here it is on amazon

  • Kevin Wollenweber

    Okay, I’m as good as my word…or something like that.

    I just ordered both Thunderbean disks and, hey, Steve, I hope that you someday *DO* have the budgets of the big studios. In my “perfect world”, as I said in my previous note, you have control of classic toons from all vaults so that you could even create (or recreate) the feel of a classic Saturday matinee of two-hour classic toon fests, each with a great theme.

    But, okay, for now, we’ve got these two fabulous fests, and I can’t wait to see more Jay Ward TV commercials!! I’ve been screaming so long about how the Ward commercials were as entertaining as the TV shows on which they were shown and that it is a crime that the sets of Jay Ward TV shows did not also feature good quality prints of the many, many cereal ads that Ward had created with his own characters on the boxes.

    Glad you took the time to make part of this a reality!

  • Keith Walters

    In both cases has them via other sellers. Will Amazon have their own invetory?

  • Steve Stanchfield

    The other seller is Thunderbean (directly from me!). I may eventually seek wider distribution.

    I love the Jay Ward ads as well- I’ve been lucky enough to find some great ones. It’s nice to see that these characters in full animation… there’s a few other Bullwinkle spots that I hope to get a good transfer of eventually that are beautifully animated.