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Homer Jonas on Facebook

Homer Jonas drawing

Golden Age animation artist Homer Jonas (1928-1979) now has a Facebook fan page courtesy of his son, artist Jeff Jonas. The Facebook page includes artwork from Jonas’s work at Disney (101 Dalmatians, Sleeping Beauty), as well as unpublished artwork, gag drawings, and vintage photos. Jeff says he’s planning to add more items in the future.

  • that’s great… i didn’t know that hipster pants always created that flesh wave. maybe people today are not so different as I imagined

  • lovin the muffin top

  • Brad Constantine

    Thanks fer sharing, Jeff and Amid. Homer Jonas was a brilliant artist with a great sense of design and humor, who was gone way too soon.. Now the world can share his rare talent!! Jeff’s a pretty swell drawr-er as well….pretty soon we’ll need a Jeff Jonas Fan Page.

  • Great stuff! Especially the drawing above.

  • The link isn’t working for me.

  • And this is why very few girls get away with wearing hipsters. Almost none. Possibly Ron Embleton’s Wicked Wanda and that’s about it.

    These are lovely though, flesh and all.

  • Few people know that much of the opening prologue in Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty” is the work of Homer Jonas and Jack Huber.

    You’ll notice the animation is sparse, and a lot of the storytelling is the brilliant layout work of Homer and Jack. How do I know this? Because I watched them do it.

  • vzk

    Hopefully not related to THAT Disney band. ;)