June Foray with her Emmy 6/27/12 June Foray with her Emmy 6/27/12

June Foray with her Emmy 6/27/12

Had to post this photo with June Foray and her well-deserved Emmy Award, taken a few minutes ago at the broadcast of Stu’s Show. Again, Congratulations June!

  • Kartoonz Kritik

    The award is almost as big as she is!

  • Jay Sabicer

    I know awards are great little things to put on the mantle, but I think that pales in comparison, to the millions – MILLIONS of people that have had their worlds made happier by her talents, myself included.

    To June: May you have us saying “That voice… where have I heard that voice?” for a long time to come.

  • Pleez allow me to be amount the countless who give her a giant and hearty Congratts! Hooooray!!

  • Ermy

    Once again, for what role did Foray win an Emmy for?

  • TheDirtyVicar

    It’s about time! What took them so long?? Congratulations to a great talent and a lovely person.

  • Two of the coolest people in animation!!