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Koko Walks Again!

Good ol’ J.J. Sedelmaier, inspired by our post last month of an animated Koko the Clown flip book by Bob Jaques, reached into his archives and unearthed another vintage Fleischer promotional flipbook sequence. These were printed on gummed back sheets so you could cut them out and stick’em on the bottom corner of a book. J.J. scanned them frame by frame and made ’em move:

  • Tim Schuit

    These are wonderful! I grew up on Betty Boop cartoons, and always thought Koko was a great character. Reminds me why I got into animation in the first place!

  • “Good ‘ol J.J. Sedelmaier” just wants everyone to know that “Bouncing Ball Zero” (what, are we a 1960’s Marvel comicbook ?) did the scanning and exposing of the Koko sheet !

  • Cole Johnson

    Isn’t this reproduced in Leslie Cabarga’s 1970’s book THE FLEISCHER STORY, as part of a cartoon by Kim Deitch?

  • Katella Gate

    Good stuff for kids. Where did all the fun promos like this go? (Or how about for-real Cracker Jack prizes?)