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Looney Tunes Censored 11 to screen in Hollywood

Warner Bros. and TCM are running a Classic Film Festival in Hollywood on April 22nd-25th, showcasing restored prints of more than a dozen classic movies on the big screens of the historic Chinese and Egyptian Theatres. Robert Osborn will be hosting in person, Jerry Lewis will introduce The King Of Comedy, Tony Curtis will present Some Like it Hot and Leonard Maltin will introduce a program of classic MGM and Warner bros. live action shorts.

However, for cartoon buffs, here’s a big screen program we’ve been waiting decades to see publicily:

Removed from Circulation: A Cartoon Collection — Presented by author Donald Bogle

Donald Bogle, author of Bright Boulevards, Bold Dreams: A History of Black Hollywood, will present cartoons that have been kept from the public eye because of negative racial or cultural stereotypes. The collection includes several classic Warner Bros. cartoons. Bogle will provide insight into the racial attitudes of the times in which the cartoons were created. Titles include Clean Pastures (1937), Coal Black and De Sebben Dwarves (1943), Goldilocks and the Jivin’ Bears (1944), Hittin’ the Trail for Hallelujah Land (1931), The Isle of Pingo Pongo (1938), Sunday Go to Meetin’ Time (1936), Tin Pan Alley Cats (1943) and Uncle Tom’s Bungalow (1937).

My sources say all the infamous Censored 11 cartoons will be screened. A complete list of all previously announced programming for the TCM Classic Film Festival is available here. Festival passes and additional information are available at

  • Mike Russo

    No way! Why can’t cool stuff like this happen in NY?

  • CurlehMustache

    Awesome! I’m still holding my breath for a dvd release.

  • $500!!!

  • Hooray for antiquated perceptions of race! Now average joes can see how bad most of these really are.

    (@Mike Russo – we’ll talk..)

  • Yeah, now that they’re restored and everything, it wouldn’t take much of an effort to do a DVD! And oh, add a few documentaries analyzing their history and why these cartoons have been kept away from the public for so long. It would just add icing to the cake :)

  • Oh wow. So glad that they made it affordable to us common folk.


  • Frikkin’ aye….It was a good decision to not follow through with suicide, ‘cuz now I get to see this!

  • Something about this spells, eventual DVD release with “adult collector intention” notifications on the box and in the DVD itself.

    Let’s hope that little piece of thought happens.

  • …Why can’t awesome stuff like this happening in New York.

  • It should be noted (there have been long discussions about it on some forums) that buying a pass does NOT guarantee you admission, even at the $1200 “Spotlight” price. I suspect that this screening will be one of the hardest to get into.

  • Like wowww

    That’s…a pricey event. 500 dollars for the basic package is steep. Can we get a 75 dollar Peasant’s Pass that doesn’t include Southwest discounts or red carpeting. Awesome as it is, I would love it if they would have a NuArt or Egyptian theater run with a more public friendly price tag.

  • Voice of Dissent

    If Warner/Turner are willing to take the trouble to screen these cartoon in a major film festival in Hollywood, with an authority to put them into context, what exactly are they afraid of as far as home video?

    Put the appropriate disclaimers everywhere they see fit, get someone do do an introduction, do a documentary, and the hypothetical media circuses won’t happen.

  • God Damn it all, you guys down in Hollywood get all the luck. Why can’t TCM take that show on a road tour, so everybody in the US who likes and enjoys those things can see it? I hope you guys have a good time. If you don’t, I’m going to beat you all with a large tire iron. Lucky bastards. Oh well.

  • Wait… $500? What? How can anyone afford this?

  • ShouldBeWorking

    @ Iain:
    I hope so!

  • Paul N

    Wow – $500? Who does their pricing – the Tea Party convention planners? :0)

  • Yowzah! Count me in!

  • Bugsmer

    This sounds fantastic! This isn’t a little league presentation in somebody’s school. This is the real deal, with red carpets and Robert Osbourne and Leonard Maltin. The Censored Eleven shown with the approval of Warner Brothers! Hooray!

  • MichaelDair

    Wholly mother of god- 500 shemolians!!!!!

    I’ll just stay at home and watch my own collection of cartoons. And be the richer for it.

  • Diz Gruntled

    $500.00 tickets are strictly for the tuxedo set, us old cartoonists, dressed in rags, can only lick the glass outside the theater and dream.

  • I’m glad they’re being shown publicly, but more glad they’re being shown in the context of the time they were made. That part is crucial.

  • Keith Paynter

    50 thousand Kronkites?!?

  • Ron Pesch

    Wow! Now this would be the kind thing I’d LOVE to see taken on a national tour! Instead of “JAM Productions presents….the 411th staging of RIVERDANCE!,” maybe we could get “TCM presents … “The Censored 11”. Something different, and educational for the Muskegon and Peoria set…

  • Rat

    500 smackeroos to watch movies that cost a dime to see when they were released.

    Now that’s what I call inflation!

    (I’m betting that tickets can be purchased for individual screenings.)

  • Robert Barker

    How ironic, the cartoons are finally here and we can’t afford to see them!

  • Saturnome

    Kinda disturbing to go see the censored 11 in a tuxedo

  • Agreed, Saturnome.
    For that kind of bread they should all go in blackface.

  • sporridge

    Forbidden fruit ain’t as sweet once it’s officially available…

  • Kristin

    Wow, and I’m doing a paper on old racial caricatures in cartoons for my journalism class! And I live next to Hollywood!
    But 5 Benjamins?
    Online it says that they’re selling tix to individual events if there is seating left over, but it doesn’t say how much they cost.
    Do you think they’d let me in if I did a piece on it for the college Newspaper? (Specifically, would they let me in for free.)

  • Joe

    Yeah, lower the price, bring the show to NYC, put out the DVD of the banned cartoons. I’d pay 100.00 each to see archival prints of Robin Hood, Casablanca, etc on the big screen!