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Looney Tunes Golden Collection Vol. 6

Two weeks to go – Looney Tunes Golden Collection Vol. 6 will go on sale – and I’ll be plugging it several times in the next ten days. Sixty newly restored cartoons (like Page Miss Glory above and Bear Feat below) and dozens of extras. I admit I’m biased as I had something to do with shaping contents of this series, but this is really one of the best of the group.

Two highlights, as far as I’m concerned: #1 the original titles restored to the Henery Hawk/Sylvester/Foghorn Leghorn classic Crowing Pains (picture below left – click thumbnails to enlarge) which features additional dialogue, animation and music unseen and unheard in 60 years! #2 Martha Sigall’s audio commentary on the Leon Schlesinger Christmas Blooper reels. Martha talks about being at the studio in the 1930s, while identifying every staff member appearing on screen – including herself!

And that’s NOT all, folks… stay tooned for more details.

  • Miss Glory….WHOA!

  • Hey, Jerry, did you get a good look at The Ducktators?

  • Keith Paynter

    Evidently, this guy is a foreigner…


    I can’t help notice the ironicly similar poses between the second and third screen grabs on the bottom!

  • WOW. These images are getting me excited!
    I had no idea Crowing Pains had missing footage and original titles!
    The 21st can’t get here quick enough, although it may have to wait until pay day. Maybe…I don’t need to eat anyway. ;)

  • Bugsmer

    Beautiful, Jerry. Bear Feat looks amazing, and Henery Hawk looks very intriguing. I’ll be looking forward to this set.

  • These next two weeks are going to seem like an eternity! I definitely think this will be the best one in the series.

  • Cool.

  • Don

    So when are we finally going to get a Peppy Le Pew
    disk? There’s a ton of those really cool Ronald Searle styled cartoons that Chuck Jones did that haven’t been released yet.

    Any chance those are in the works for the next set, Jerry?

  • I can hardly wait. Isn’t this the last set though?

  • Bring it.

  • Oh boy oh boy oh boy!! I spent the last few weeks watching all the special features back to back in sets 1 through 4. (Hey, can you think of a BETTER way for an unemployed creative professional to spend his time?) The commentaries were great, it was like comedy school. Can’t wait to dig into #5 (which I still don’t have) and now 6! In the meantime, it’s back to the Pink Panther.

  • Norman

    This is but the leading edge of a Leadora Congdon renaissance!

  • Steve Gattuso

    Thank goodness I pre-ordered it. Now I can just rub my hands together with glee in anticipation.

  • Larry T

    Already pre-ordered mine.

    Miss Glory looks spectacular and I will likely wear out my DVD by viewing that one so many times. There are so many titles on this set I am going to enjoy watching!!!

    Does the inclusion of a pic from “Birth Of A Notion” infer it may have also been restored with original titles, and can once again be seen as a “Looney Tune” (I hope, I hope, I hope)… :D

  • Andrea Ippoliti

    What is hilarious from “Bear Feat” is that if the newspaper is from 1928, how Bugs Bunny can be there?
    Love that cartoon anyway. Terrific poses of Henry (expecially his happiness while he’s falling to sure death) and great gags.

  • I didn’t know there was missing stuff in “Crowing Pains”– one of my favourites: “aaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAHHHH SHADDAP!” When I get the set, I think this will be the first time ever that I don’t watch a box set from the beginning. I’m going to skip right to “Crowing Pains” first.

  • I watched “Page Miss Glory” Tuesday evening (It’s on the “Top Hat DVD.” Fabulous stuff. Love the Art Deco look. Heck, the DVD is worth buying just for that (Of course, “Top Hat” ain’t now “Howard the Duck” either!”

  • I, too, have pre-ordered my copy and now have to go through anticipation hell just waiting for it to arrive safely from This is one time where I will enjoy all the programs because there is something new and interesting on each disk, including *SOME* restored Warners cartoons as special features. I, for one, am delighted that there will be some CAPTAIN & THE KIDS cartoons by Freleng as special features on either disk two or disk three. It might have also been interesting if an MGM Bosko cartoon was stuck on disk three as a special feature, like “THE OLD HOUSE” or “CIRCUS DAZE”, two titles that move so fast, so much faster than most folks would expect from a HAPPY HARMONIES cartoon, but then again, on “STU’S SHOW”, jerry did reveal that there are ideas being batted around for MGM collections. If Jerry and the gang can do for MGM what he had done for Walter Lantz cartoons for Universal, I’ll be more than satisfied! After all, the priorities for any of these collections, as much as I like the documentaries and historical perspectives, should be the cartoons themselves! And we’re finally getting that incredible gag reel once sampled for a VHS collection called INSIDE TERMITE TERRACE, and with commentary from someone who knows about the atmosphere at Warner Brothers cartoon studio during those golden days, even at their loudest and spikiest! “‘Ands up, San-dee Claus”, give us the high sign! Another V for VICTORY!!

  • OM

    …Ah, Page Miss Glory is one of my favorite WB shorts! That one is responsible for my interest in Art Nuveau/Art Deco styles at a *very* early age. A magnificent art style, and yet one of the least documented ones on the Internet. I’ve actually had a couple of architects and a few artists tell me that one of the reasons Art Deco’s had such a limited renaissance since its heyday is that the Nazis – especially Hitler – loved the styling so damn much, and that left it with a bit of a bad aftertaste.

    I think I’ll watch that clip again, and follow it up with a double-feature of Metropolis and Things to Come

  • zavkram

    I’ve heard that “The Ducktators” will not be restored to include the original ending with the “Dove of Peace”… is this true?

  • Martin Juneau

    Whoa! The details and restoration in Page Miss Glory is wonderful. We never think that it’s the yellow circle is a globe in the Turner prints. I can’t wait to got my own copy.

  • Andy

    What ever happened to “Black Jack Shellaque”?