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Looney Tunes Vol. 5


Guess what’s coming out in two short weeks?


Yeah, I’m plugging it again. That’s because it’s a great set of 60 uncut, restored cartoons and I want to make everybody buy it (by doing so you are voting with your pocket book, sending a message that you support the restoration and availability of classic cartoons). On sale October 30th: Looney Tunes Golden Collection Vol. 5.

  • Another winner!
    No need to mention that I already preordered my copy weeks ago—

  • GhaleonQ

    It’s SO nice having a guarantee on 1 of my Christmas presents each year.

  • Sean

    Looks fantastic! Great to see the restored titles, that’s a lot more than I expected! Can’t wait for the set to come out. Thanks to you and WB again for these great collections!

  • Keith Paynter

    Yay, more restored titles! Question du jour, Jerry – have the previously issued PD shorts like Scrap Happy Daffy, and A Tale of Two Kitties been treated to digital cleanup, and what is the extent of the ever-popular DVNR?

  • Paul N

    And not long after this set comes Chronological Donald Vol. 3, Oswald, and a collection of the Pixar shorts going back to Andre and Wally B. Much cartoon goodness coming very soon!

  • i hadn’t finished Vol. 4, so Vol. 5 is going to wait, at least a couple of months

  • OMG! Little Red Walking Hood Got it’s original titles! I figured this one wouldn’t get restored, because Mark kausler said that when he did the commentary for it, he watched the Blue Ribbon version.

    It’s amaaaa-aaazing!

  • Woo Hoo!

    I wonder how many volumes there will be, total?

  • Jonathan the Bellboy

    Having repeatedly hear me refer to the day of the new Looney Tunes arrival as the “the holiest of the year,” my son decalred us to be “Looney Tunians.” We pray for the coming of the censored 11.

    And I’m pleased to see Pirate Yosemite Sam, at long last. Some of us do watch these with kids. Ditto Ali Baba Bunny, teased in detail in Looney Tunes The Ultimate Visual Guide.

    (Bonus: if you don’t get this until after Halloween, you can have a lot of candy to eat while watching!)

  • The restored titles are an exciting and an unexpected surprise, especially Trial of Mr. Wolf (It has generally been said that the titles were truly lost on this one, since no credits for it are listed for it in Jerry’s book).

  • Christopher Cook

    Boo “dubbed versions” of classic Warner Bros. cartoons.

    Hooray, restored classics!

  • Bugsmer

    These missing titles look amazing, particularly the one for “The Trial of Mr. Wolf”. The poor, innocent guy is in a sympathetic pose. It’s going to be strange watching these with their original titles, since many of us will continually expect to see the Blue Ribbon title card every time these cartoons come one, whether we’re watching the restored version or not. It’ll be a pleasant change to watch “Scrap Happy Daffy” in its original black and white. I’m sure you and your team at WB have done their usual excellent job. We’re looking forward to this, Jerry!

  • Chris Roff

    Wow, how they restored “The Trial of Mr. Wolf” with original titles is a mericale, I always thought they were lost for good. It’s a nice surprise. Also, the only thing I was hoping was “A Tale of Two Kitties” would have restored titles, but “The Trial of Mr. Wolf” having restored titles makes up for it, and then some!

  • jukebox johnny

    No sweat – anything Jerry endorses speaks volumes…you can count on it being an outstanding release, which the previous 4 editions have been – especially thanks to Jerry’s involvement! Thanks, Jer!

  • Mig


  • Larry T

    Another excellent job on a product well worth the money. It’s even more exciting to see those original title cards- like most others, I thought the title cards for “Trial Of Mr. Wolf” and “The Bear’s Tale” were lost-

    But what’s even more exciting is the reality that IF these originals are actually from source prints with their original opening titles, there MAY be times when there is additional animation (that was cut out for the BR release) which remains intact…. not always, but it’s a possibility.

    Either way, we’ve got some choice titles on this upcoming set- and anyone with a remote interest of the WB cartoons is urged to go get their copy.

  • John Stell

    Mine in on preorder. I have and love every one of these sets.

  • Oh Jerry, you big tease. I cannot wait to pick up my copy, as well. Popeye, Woody Woodpecker, Oswald…This is (so far) a very good year to be a cartoonist. And thanks for the reminder. Later, from an inspiring cartoonist/ artist.

  • With the disclaimer that ran on the Popeye shorts set this July, are we seeing a new attitude at T/W regarding the Censored 11? Will we EVER see a Censored 11 DVD, complete with contextual explanation of the short by someone like Leonard Maltin or…some guy named Jerry, maybe?

    “Coal Black” and “Tin Pan Alley Cats” at least should be seen. They aren’t racist…all the exaggerated characters are direct caricatures of real people from the Jazz scene, either famous cats like Cab Calloway and Fats Waller or lesser known people Bob Clampett used to hang out with on Central Avenue when it was jumpin’. If anything, they both celebrate Jazz and, in “Coal Black,” the often thankless job that African-American servicemen did in World War II’s segregated units. Anyone who says those two cartoons are racist has maybe seen a still or two from them and not the whole cartoons.

    It’s time for T/W to do the right thing. Put at least the two Clampett Jazz cartoons on the next Golden Collection, or put out a separate “Looney Tunes: Politically Incorrect” DVD. Hell, “Birth Of A Nation,” a totally vile, racist movie, has never gone out of print since the dawn of the VHS/Beta wars. Why? “It’s historical.” OK, so are the Censored 11 LT/MM shorts. It’s time for the Golden Collections to face up to history and show what they’ve been hiding in the vault.

  • What is the original production #s for Little Red Walking Hood?

  • i’d like to vote for restoring the colors not punching them up so much!

    i know when you get older you like brighter colors (evidenced by old ladies’ choice of clothes) but come on! even space jam had a more conservative and pleasing color palatte than these “restored” classics.