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Looney Tunes Vol. 6 Bonus Materials

A few weeks ago it was announced that Looney Tunes Golden Collection Vol. 6 (on sale October 21st) would be the last Golden Collection. It is true, this will be the last – but let me be very clear: Warner Bros. will continue to release new Looney Tunes on DVD on an annual basis for the foreseeable future. There will be more classic cartoon restoration and collectible DVD sets to come (and No “double dipping” is planned). More about that later.

For now, we have an incredible collection of material to savor in Volume 6. Details about the main content of 60 classic Looney Tunes is listed here. Bonus materials will include:

Disc One: Looney Tunes All Stars

Hare Trigger Commentary by Greg Ford
Birth of a Notion Commentary by Mark Kausler
My Favorite Duck Commentary by Jerry Beck

Music Only Tracks
Raw! Raw! Rooster
Jumpin’ Jupiter
Rabbit Rampage
Boyhood Daze

The Looney Tunes Television Specials
Bugs Bunny in King Arthur’s Court [1978 WBTV special]
Daffy Duck’s Easter Eggcitement [1980 WBTV special]

Bonus Cartoons
Sniffles Takes a Trip [1940 WB cartoon]
Hippety Hopper [1949 WB cartoon]
Rabbit Rampage [1955 WB cartoon]
Boyhood Daze [1957 WB cartoon]

Disc Two: Patriotic Pals
Herr Meets Herr Commentary by Greg Ford
Russian Rhapsody Commentary by Mark Kausler
The Draft Horse Commentary by Greg Ford
Fifth Column Mouse Commentary by Jerry Beck

Music Only Track
Yankee Dood It

Friz Freleng at MGM
Poultry Pirates [1938 MGM cartoon]
A Day at the Beach [1938 MGM cartoon]
The Captain’s Christmas [1938 MGM cartoon]
Seal Skinners [1939 MGM cartoon]
Mama’s New Hat [1939 MGM cartoon]

Bonus Cartoons
The Fighting 69 1/2th [1941 WB cartoon]
Hop and Go [1943 WB cartoon]
Confusions of a Nutsy Spy [1943 WB cartoon]

Disc Three: Bosko, Buddy and Merrie Melodies

Shuffle Off to Buffalo Commentary by Historian Jerry Beck
A Cartoonist’s Nightmare Commentary by Historian Jerry Beck

The World of Leon Schlesinger
Introduction by Martha Sigall and Jerry Beck
Crying for the Carolines [1930 WB short]
Haunted Gold Title Sequence
Schlesinger Productions Christmas Party with Optional Commentary by Martha Sigall and Jerry Beck

Bonus Cartoons
I Love a Parade [1932 WB cartoon]
I Like Mountain Music [1933 WB cartoon]
Sittin’ on a Backyard Fence [1933 WB cartoon]
How Do I Know It’s Sunday [1934 WB cartoon]

Disc Four: Most Requested Assorted Nuts (One-Shots)

Fresh Airedale Commentary by historian Greg Ford
The Hole Idea Commentary by animator Mark Kausler

Alternate Audio Programs
The Hole Idea Music Only Track
Martian Through Georgia Music Only Track
Punch Trunk Music and Effects Track
Wild Wild World Music Only Track

Bonus Documentary
Mel Blanc: The Man of a Thousand Voices (70 mins.)

Bonus Cartoons
Sleepy Time Possum [1951 WB Cartoon]
Punch Trunk [1953 WB Cartoon]
Wild Wild World [1960 WB Cartoon]
Bartholomew versus the Wheel [1964 WB Cartoon]

I urge you to buy the set the day it comes out (or Pre Order the set on Amazon.com). Your purchase of this collection will help keep the cartoons coming, and will strengthen the message to Warner Bros. that the public wish to continue to buying Looney Tunes on DVD.

  • No comments yet? Well, allow me to be the first and the proudest to say that I’ve already pre-ordered this wonderful set. I’m speechless…well, almost! I had to be peeled off the ceiling when you gave the news that there will be a few CAPTAIN & THE KIDS MGM bonus cartoons to illustrate Friz Freleng’s work at other studios, and I’m delighted that both “PUNCH TRUNK” and “BARTHOLIMEW AND THE WHEEL” are going to be part of this set as well. And, of course, there’s the introduction of Bosko into the main programs of this collection, and that alone is good news and bigger hopes for the future!! This is the end of the GOLDEN COLLECTION series? What a way to go!!

  • That is absolutely FANTASTIC!!! I’ve been buying the boxsets every year but this one will be the highlight! Thanks ever so much!

  • John

    Just wanted to tell you “Thank You” for all that you’ve done and your participation in helping with the LT:GC, and please pass on the same to WB- I’m sure the fans are legion, and like me, have purchased all of them the day they were released.
    It is also good news that more LT is forthcoming. Can’t wait to here details. Hopefully it won’t be exclusive to Blu-Ray, I don’t think we are quite there yet. I know I haven’t upgraded yet.

  • I’m making room on my shelf right now. I love that they can find a way to include MGM because a Warner director worked there. Can more Tex be far behind? Of course he deserves his own box set (besides Droopy)

  • Chuck R.

    It looks like another excellent set, Jerry, but you’re giving yourself mighty stiff competition with your help on those amazing Popeye sets —2 in one year! It’s been a belt-tightening year, and if packaging becomes the tie-breaker, Popeye gets my consumer dollars. I’m not asking for metal tins, but Looney Tunes deserves better art than this public-domain-caliber stuff I’m seeing.

  • J. J. Hunsecker

    I’m looking forward to this set. Some of my favorite cartoons are on it, ones that I thought might never see the light of day on DVD.

  • Michael

    This will probably be the best LTGC yet!

  • Mike Russo

    Sounds good to me. October can’t get here fast enough.

  • gd0

    Thanks Jerry. Can you confirm whether or not the bonus cartoons have been restored? And if not, any idea of the rationale behind that?

  • Great stuff! The “Crying for the Carolines” short ought to be interesting. I didn’t know the whole thing existed!

    I’ll pass on the Captain and the Kids stuff though…if I want to watch one of those I’ll check out “Late Nite Black and White” on Boomerang…besides a couple Popeyes, that’s all they show.

  • Destin

    I suppose I could ask for more commentaries, but I couldn’t ask for more cartoons! The Schlesinger and Freleng stuff should be interesting, and of course the sheer number of shorts on the set is most impressive.

    However, I still wonder… does “Bonus Cartoon” equate to “Unrestored Cartoon?” I can’t figure out what else would make them “bonuses” instead of just part of the main “feature.”

  • punch trunk!!!

    i’ve been waiting for this one for a while

  • Keith Paynter

    Nice to see such a high amount of contributed content. Jerry. Having Nutzy Spy added to the wartime disc is a nice plus. I’m not as familiar with Freleng’s MGM work, but for me it’s worth investigating. The WWII disc makes my day in this set, and I’d have bought it even if you threw in any of the Capitol-canned-music shorts to throw us off the scent. Thanks!

  • Artisticulated

    HUZZAH!! The Oily American!!!! I can finally have that to watch any time I’d like.

    …your thomas-hawk sirrrr…

    re: cover art, the artist sure has a thing for rib cages, no? Also, I’ve done a fair share of “airbrushing” Looney Tuners for official WB licensed work, and they never wanted the characters that shiny (their term). Odd. Bosco’s head is missing the four pane window reflection. LOL

  • top cat james

    No question that is a great lineup. I’ll finally have “Now Hear This”, “Paging Miss Glory”, and many other favorites on DVD. I’m a little disappointed in the reduced number of commentaries and elimination of the “Bugs Bunny Show ” wraparounds, though.

  • Jeff (Unca Jeffy) Overturf

    I am so appreciative of the fact there are people like yourself and messers Cannmaker and Maltin out there to work with the studios and keep these releases a top notch quality affair!
    I’ll be there on release date (as I am with all my DVD purchses…I am fortunate to live and work near 2 DVDPlanet brick and mortar stores) to show my support of continued releases! I would buy a release a month! Damn the torpedoes and the once-a-year thing. But the anticipation does make it all the tastier when they hit the shelves!

  • Sean

    These are nice! Good to see some previously edited-for-TV cartoons like Boyhood Daze, Fighting 69 1/2th, and Hop and Go in there. And the Schlesinger Christmas Party extra sounds like it could be really interesting! Can’t wait.

  • Sounds good but where’s “Wild and Woolly Hare?” & “Bonanza Bunny”? “A Witch’s Tangeled Hare”? Those are some greats not on there but I will hope for the future. Maybe I can find them on Laser Disc. Thanks for the post Jerry, keep’em coming….

  • Who is this “historian Jerry Beck” guy?

  • Just read the bonus list & did a back-flip in my excitement!!!

    I’ll reserve shelf space for the DVDs soon as I recover from the flip :)


    I didn’t buy these collections because I’m waiting for them to do it right like they are doing with POPEYE – How about “The complete Bugs Bunny volume !” followed by volume 2, etc. Or Porkey Pig. Or Bosko. Or whatever – not a mishmash like these box sets.

  • Zavkram

    Despite the fact that none of the “Censored 11” will be featured on this set, I plan to purchase it regardless. It’ll be great to have some restored versions of some of the Bosko and Buddy cartoons, as well as “Page Miss Glory”. The 70-min. documentary on Mel Blanc will definitely be worth watching. The segment on Leon Schlesinger should be interesting as well.

    I’ve never seen “Rabbit Rampage” before, although I’ve read much about it. Michael Barrier mentions in his book, “Hollywood Cartoons” that this particular title was directed by Chuck Jones as a way to exact his revenge on Warner Bros. for temporarily closing the studio in 1953 (reportedly to re-tool itself for 3-D production); by subjecting their biggest cartoon star to all manner of abuse and humiliation at the hands of an unseen adversary (Elmer Fudd).

    I’m glad that WHE is delving into their MGM film library to present 5 vintage “Captain and the Kids” cartoons. One question, though… are these 5 MGM titles complete, full-length cartoons or just a compilation of clips from the series? As Steve said, maybe in a future Looney Tunes compilation we’ll finally see a number of Tex Avery’s MGM cartoons in one place; instead of doled out individually as bonus cartoons on DVD’s of MGM feature films. For that matter, maybe we’ll see some of Jones’s MGM “Tom and Jerry” cartoons included as well…

  • Rocket-By-Baby! Finally! I’ve waited 6 volumes for that one to show up. My son is named after the baby in that cartoon and we’ve never had a decent copy of it.

  • I’ll definitely buy this set when it comes out. You don’t have to tell me twice.

  • Robert Reynolds

    I already pre-ordered this, but if I hadn’t, the bonus features would have me doing so now!

    Five MGM shorts!

    This looks like a great set to me!

    May this find you happy and healthy.

  • Come on… just ONE DISC on WWII cartoons?
    Don’t tickle my ass with a feather, Warners… release a definitive WWII cartoon box set. And include EVERYTHING.

  • Looney Lover

    Thanks for all the hard work Jerry.

    Would have been nice to get the rest of the black and white porky and daffy cartoons on this set though. I Really appreiacate all the great cartons on this final set though. I hope WB isn’t against releasing single or double disc sets of late 30’s cartoons. The fact that the last disc of this LTGC has late 50’s and 60’s cartoons scares me. War and pre-war looney tunes are in my opinion the best the studio made.

    Chuck Jones later cartoons should be on a set all their own so I don’t have to buy them.

  • Martin Juneau

    “Who is this “historian Jerry Beck” guy?”

    It’s the same Jerry Beck, bud! :)

  • “Chuck Jones later cartoons should be on a set all their own so I don’t have to buy them”

    A set solely devoted to the great Chuck Jones’ later cartoons sounds great to me–WHV, bring it on!!!

  • Looking very much forward—but that’s no surprise coming from me, eh? Bosko forever!

  • Matthew K Sharp

    Superb stuff. Thanks Jerry. October cannot come soon enough.

    Splendid to see some pre-1940 MGM shorts finally hitting DVD. If you ever get the chance to some of the Harman-Ising stuff out, please do. You’re guaranteed one buyer!

    Co-incidentally, only the other day I was thinking about “Cryin’ In The Carolines” and for some reason I had it in my head that it had already been released around LTGC Vol 3. Clearly I was imagining that, but I’m glad to learn I don’t have to imagine much longer.

  • Gerard de Souza

    Good news as always.
    Is there an online (or even a small software program) catalog index to all these cartoons on DVD. With all the compilations I have purchased I have trouble remembering which cartoon is on which? I’m think of something in which I would be able to type in a title, year or director and get all the discs on which my request appears.

  • this set has got me stoked! I have a empty spot on the shelf waiting for the already-pre-ordered set, and I sure hope the next phase of looney dvd goodness is a step up, not down…

  • P.C. Unfunny

    “Crying for the Carolines [1930 WB short]
    Haunted Gold Title Sequence
    Schlesinger Productions Christmas Party with Optional Commentary”

    AWESOME ! These are definetly a big surprise. Can’t wait for the set to be released.

  • Michelle

    Another great batch of cartoons!

    I was especially happy to see “Wild Wife” among the titles listed. Even though I haven’t seen this film for over 30 years, its closing line of dialogue has stayed with me all this time (and it’s *so* true): “Little man, I’ve had a *busy* day!”

  • Diana Green

    While I’m delighted to have Rabbit Rampage and the neglected noir masterpiece CHow Hound on this set, I mourn the continued and seemingly eternal absence of the Inki cartoons.
    Whither Inki?

  • Garrett

    While the news of the next Golden Collection is always good, and the word on this year’s set is no less so (especially with the bumper crop of early shorts and war shorts), I can’t help but express concerns that the Golden Collection is ending. Rhino promised fans of G.I. Joe and Jem that they’d squeeze out the final DVD sets in before they lost the right to release Sunbow films, and guess what! I’m still waiting. Other cartoons have had their releases rendered incomplete without even a false promise *cough*Gargoyles*cough*. This track record doesn’t exactly inspire hope.

    Furthermore, it seems like WB might be forcing users to upgrade to Blu Ray with their future plans (which Disney is already beginning to do, what with the Platinum Editions going both DVD and Blu Ray this fall). I’m sorry, but until Sony understands the meaning of the phrase “inexpensive Blu Ray player and/or PlayStation 3”, I’m not upgrading.

    Also, what of the Censored 11, and the raunchier war shorts? If WB goes in another direction with their Golden Age releases, we’re not likely to see these films in a format other than YouTube or Google Video for the foreseeable future.

  • Useless observation: Volume 5 was the only set to not have anyone involved from the cartoons to do any commentaries. I’m glad to see Martha Sigall back.

    If the Looney DVDs continue, and commentaries continue, I’d like to see some of the historians double up and commentary together. I’d love to hear Jerry and Greg Ford converse together over a short. Or hear Eric Goldberg and Mark Kausler discuss a short together.

  • If you have any pull with WB, it would be great if you could get them to start closed-captioning their extras [not just the cartoons, but EVERYTHING]. It is really annoying for those of us who are deaf or hard-of-hearing to purchase DVDs that only have the main features captioned/subtitled. In essence, we are paying full price for only half the material; additionally, we are denied equal access to the material our spouses, parents, children, friends, and acquaintances enjoy.

    I have four of the Golden Collection sets already, but the extras on them are completely useless to me, which is very, very, VERY disappointing.

  • Maybe someone can sneak into the DVD mastering facility and slip Coal Black on there as an easter egg…

  • johnny

    Jerry – if there’s no more Golden Collections in the future, and WB still plans on releasing Looney Tunes, does that mean these future releases will be for the ADULT COLLECTOR ONLY? If so, that’s great news. If not, then what’s the point of changing the title of the box sets???

  • LouiseC

    I’m a bit disappointed that no Censored 11 have made it out yet, but this set looks great news, and I’ll definitely be pre-ordering. I assume that the Region 2 set will be trimmed as volumes 4 and 5 have been – does anyone know? As for Cryin for the Carolines being out before, a bit was in the bonus feature on lost toons in one of the earlier Golden Collections. Will be good to see the whole thing. Hoping WB keep their promise and eventually get all LT/MMs out for our consumption :)

  • Fantastic collection of toons and some great bonus material. I truly hope this will not be the last collection released. The studio created almost 1000 cartoons so many more volumes could be released and should be released.

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