Magoo’s Christmas Carol Magoo’s Christmas Carol

Magoo’s Christmas Carol


Calling all cartoon historians! Animator Darrell Van Citters is researching and writing a book about the classic UPA TV special Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol. All primary interviews and research have been completed, but Darrell is now looking for anyone who might have additional relevant information, documents, artwork or photos regarding these crew members: Lee Mishkin, Sam Weiss, Steve Clark, Tom McDonald, Hank Smith, Ed Solomon, John Walker, Xenia DeMattia and Earl Jonas.

Anyone who has any information or artwork from either Magoo’s Christmas Carol or The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo is strongly encouraged to contact darrell.vancitters (at)

  • Steve G

    I have nothing in the way of help for Darrell, but I’m looking forward to seeing the results of his efforts. This has always been one of my favorite tellings of the classic. This version really understood the heart of the Scrooge character better than any I’d seen and the music is wonderful. Who cares if they got the spirits out of order.

  • Fantastic! I want a copy now!!!! It would be great if a DVD of the actual special would wind up included with the book, truly making it a total immersive reference and resource experience. Wishful thinking I guess. But I’ll want one as soon as it’s available for sure!

  • Chuck R.

    The father of all TV Christmas specials! I’m pretty sure this was my first intro to Charles Dickens. The book should be a nice companion piece to Rick Goldschmidt’s Rankin Bass book, although I’d be happy with a DVD of the film and a making-of featurette.

  • OM

    …About the only thing I can add is my own special first recollection of seeing this special, and the factoid that might somehow be a data point of use: I first saw this in 1964 at my Grandmother’s house. That particular Chrisnukkah was rather etched in my mind for the fact that it was significantly colder than predicted in the Baytown, TX area, and my Grandfather was pretty sick with his emphysema at that time. In fact, everyone was convinced that he wasn’t going to make it through the holidays, so my mother and all her sisters showed up to be with him. As it turned out, I was th only grandkid who got dragged along – everyone else for some reason left them at home with the husbands – so I got to babysit myself with the TV set, and the Magoo special. My first exposure to Dickens *and* that particular story that I can actually recall.

    …What I do recall that’s not represented in the recent DVD release is the intierstitials – at least for the 1964 showing – featuring what was apparently the show’s only sponsor. A quick pan of a reworking of the title billboards, with the Timex logo on one billboard, and John Cameron Swayze telling the viewers about how Timex watches tale a licking and still keep on ticking(*). It’s not as important an edit as, say, cutting the Coca-Cola ones from A Charlie Brown Chrisnukkah – which explain not only where Linus landed when Snoopy tossed him off the ice pond – but I doubt those interstitials are still around in a trim can somewhere.

    …Either way, I’m looking forward to this book. Try and get it out *before* this holiday season :-)

    (*) Obviously they never tested one with a horny pit bull…:-P

  • Susan

    I am thrilled to hear about this book coming out! This is my family’s very favorite Christmas special. I remember the year it came out–I was simply entranced with the advertisements leading up to the actual airing because the music was so great. I was 10 years old and I have been a huge fan ever since. I was so glad that it finally was released in video and now DVD because it was cut so mercilessly the last few times I saw it on TV. I hope a new generation will get hooked on it–just noticed it is included in a compilation DVD entitled Original Christmas Classics.

  • Ron

    Recently purchased the Limited Edition “Original Christmas Classics”. My memory may be tricking me but it seemed that there were scenes missing from when I first saw it as a child. Is there a version out with all of the original scenes intact?

  • Andrea E Wilson maiden name Mc Donald

    I am so proud that you are putting something together. I do have sveral photo’s I would share,and ofcourse the man Tom McDonald on a personal and professional level, as well . By the way, on his life also -which was wonderful! Please feel fre to contact.
    Thank You,Andrea

  • Andrea E Wilson maiden name Mc Donald

    I would very much be interested in composing a book all about my the man Tom McDonald. Ofcourse from personal to career level. Please contact. Thank Yo, Andrea

  • Andrea McDonald

    Goodmorning….Just thinking about “your” project…regarding my father Tom McDonald. If you should care to contact me…