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Milt Gross meets Bob Clampett

One more plug for Craig Yoe’s Milt Gross book (it deserves it) now that you can order it on Amazon (for $29.19). Craig searched high and low for unseen Gross art to illustrate his 40-page introduction. I told him I had an unpublished Gross sketch given to me by Bob Clampett, but unfortunately I could not find it in time for inclusion in the book. I just found it yesterday.

So here it is – Gross caricatures Clampett (and himself?), with Clampett as a director yelling “Cut!”. Gross asks “With what?” What is Gross about to eat? A sausage covered with ketchup? A drippy eclair? It’s autographed to “Battling” Bob Clampett – what does that refer to? Lots to read into here. Enjoy!

  • jordan reichek

    my lord, that’s cool!

  • Bob Clampett and Milt Gross…together at last.

  • Brendan Spillane

    Some of the fantastical creatures in “Porky in Wackyland” look not unlike those envisioned by Milt Gross!

  • Rooniman

    Words can not discribe the overload of awesome-ness of the book AND that fantastic drawing from Gross given to Clampett given to YOU!
    (Holy F***ing S***!)

  • Mike Fontanelli

    When geniuses collide. Yeah, that’s an eclair alright. Gross used the little character with the glasses to illustrate his cartoon book, I Shoulda Ate the Eclair (1946).

  • duh, mike, i don’t think of that–you are a smart boy! thanks to all the fellow cartoon brew fans who ordered “the complete milt gross comic books and life story” today making the book 1,972 in the sales rank out of one-gazillion amazon books. none of my books ever got that incredibly high. and shane at cartoon retro today called it “the book of the year!”–hey, shane, dog-gone-it it’s only march and i have other books coming out! kidding aside, thanks all, i’m most grateful!

  • jordan reichek

    craig- just got it delivered. masterpiece! well done, sir!

  • Shmorky

    This book is MASSIVE! Not just in size and weight either! You’re getting so much for under $40! I’ll probably write up a full review sometime and get more people interested.

  • Mike Fontanelli

    I just realized my comment sounded sarcastic, but it wasn’t meant to. The word “geniuses” referred to Bob Clampett and Milt Gross – two genuine, honest-to-goodness cartoon geniuses if ever there was. No disrespect was intended or inferred…

  • mike, i don’t think anyone thot u were being sarcastic–certainly not me. i was saying “duh” to MYSELF, i was blinded by the coolness of jerry’s drawing and didn’t even realize it was the eclair guy but you smartly did, that’s all. there’s probably not a person that reads cartoon brew that doesn’t feel both gross and clampett are geniuses. genius is a word thrown around too much, but if those two aren’t then who is?!? you spoke the sincere truth!

  • Mike Fontanelli

    Hey Craig! Oh yeah, I knew you knew what I meant. I’m really, REALLY happy to hear the book is going through the roof, as it should. BTW, I showed my copy to John K., who is a BIGTIME Gross fan. He’s writing up a review on his popular cartoon blog, with an Amazon link. Look for it to spike again soon…

  • God

    Just for Bob Clampett fans out there, He is not only the
    John Kricfalusi of his era his also perhaps the best wacky cartoonist ever in Looney Tunes history who will be best remembered and not forgotten, I just don’t think everyone can never top like Clampett he was considered the original creator of the protype rabbit that would become Bugs Bunny so he should stayed at Warner Bros and could have continued up till 1969 would be great to see him continued making better and funnier latter cartoons than Chuck Jones’ work, Jones ruined Daffy Duck and turned him into the Donald Duck to Bugs Bunny’ Mickey Mouse with one swice twist I’m afraid.