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Milt Kahl Fan Art

It used to be that artists drew fan art of cartoon characters. Nowadays, they draw fan art of the animators themselves, like this tribute to Milt Kahl drawn by Misty Tang. I approve of this trend.

Milt Kahl and his Tiger

  • Trevor

    I wish Milt were still alive to see him scream about this.

    • NC

      Agreed, Milt is not scowling enough in this picture.

  • Derik

    Great stuff! All of her drawings are really fun to look at!

    …and she’s 21 ;___; -cries-

  • Why are neither of them snarling.

  • Milt Kahl was born without the muscles required to smile.

  • Skip

    It’s always nice to see someone paying their respect to the King, but she should get a copy of the Animators Survival Kit, and look at the double page spread drawing of Milt Kahl on pages 42-43, than make another attempt at this drawing.

  • I’m sure Milt Kahl would be very pleased if he were still around to see this.

  • I think I was born in the wrong era. I keep looking Shere Khan and wondering why he’s not wearing his business suit.

  • Trust me. On occasion Milt did smile and even laugh.

  • A candid snap caught the pair vacationing in miami. ‘It’s not serious, they’re just having fun’ said a source


    Here’s a caricature I did of a few of my favorites a few months back…