Mimiche Mimiche


Here’s a rare treat—thanks to YouTube. Milton Knight discovered this upload of a rare 9.5mm silent home movie film featuring Mimiche (a character previously known as Mish-Mish). About the animators, Milton says:

The Frenkel Brothers (Hershel, Salomon and David Frenkel) were pioneer animators in Egypt. Moving to France after WWII, one brother continued the series for home movie consumption. Here it is, proving himself still under the spell of John Foster and George Rufle’s TOM AND JERRY cartoons!

While we are on the subject, here’s another animated rarity on YouTube, from France — a cartoon by Andre Rigal about the prevention of accidents at work, Monstres Museles .

  • Wow! Now that IS a fun & rare treat! Thank YOO, Milton!!

  • Clover

    Random fact of the day: “Mish mish” in arabic means “apricots” lol

    Thanks for posting this! I had no idea there were animators from Egypt.

  • Here is a link to a history of the Frenkels, the sort of animation history that inspires me…under adversity and by the skin of the creators’ teeth!

  • The full story is available on PDF Format at:

  • doug holverson

    A lot of a Boris Artzybasheff feel to the anthropomorphic machinery in Montres Museles.

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