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Looney Tunes fans rejoice! Jon Cooke and Matthew Hunter have joined forces to start a new blog to collect and showcase Warner Bros. cartoon odds and ends, trivia and minutia. Initial offerings include a rare Mel Blanc Tweety and Sylvester test recording, an ABC promo for The Bugs Bunny Show, a Bugs Bunny Kool-Aid commercial and a comic book page that explains what the “E” in Wile E. Coyote stands for. If you love Warner cartoons, you’ll love this stuff! Visit Misce-Looney-ous!

  • What an ABsolute joy!! Just the ABC-show blurb alone! And to think that that tv show stayed on the network[s] for decades after!!

    Blog is super-terriff! Looking forward to MANY more “hits!”

  • Christopher Cook

    Mark Evanier has stepped up on his blog and says he wrote the comic book story where Wile E.’s middle name is disclosed as Ethelbert. But he advises not to take it as pure gospel, even if the book was authorized by Warners.

  • Thanks for the plug, Jerry!

  • Steve Waller

    I love hearing the background music from the The Bugs Bunny Show’s opening without the vocals. It allows us to appreciate Milt Franklyn’s arrangement; he had such an incredibly light touch. If only someone could find this track in the vault and release it to us hungry fans. For that matter, we need a Bugs Bunny Show season 1 and season 2 DVD box set, with all material restored to color. (Where color footage is lost, then B&W could be colorized to approximate the original.) It can be done, if only there was the will.