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“Modern Art of Gene Deitch” Coming To Cartoon Brew TV

Howdy Doody and His Magic Hat

Beginning next week, join us at Cartoon Brew TV for a special film series celebrating the “Modern Art of Gene Deitch.” If you think you’re familiar with the animated works of the legendary Gene Deitch, think again. We’ve been collaborating with the master himself to dig out his rarest and most obscure modernist shorts. We even found one film that Gene hadn’t seen in fifty-five years! Many of the films in our line-up are industrial and educational shorts which were never intended to last more than a few years, much less into the 21st century. But the artistry and craftsmanship that Gene and his crew put into the films have given them a far longer shelf-life than anybody anticipated–and soon audiences will be enjoying them again.

  • Love his work!

  • uncle wayne

    how MUCH fun!! Damn, i hate that none of this is in N.O.!!

  • Ben K.

    Woah! I take it this means you somehow managed to locate a copy of Howdy Doody and his Magic Hat?

  • Looking forward to it! Gene is a vastly underrated animation artist and director, and any attention given to his obscure works is greatly appreciated.

    And hurray on finding the lost “Howdy Doody” short!

  • Very much looking forward to this! Glad you found the Howdy Doody piece.

  • George

    I simply cannot wait! Thanks for all the hard work guys!

  • amid

    Uncle Wayne: If the Internet exists in your part of the country, then you’ll be to experience the “Modern Art of Gene Deitch.” This is a film series on Cartoon Brew TV, not in a specific city.

  • Kristjan

    Look forward to this “airing”.

  • Oh man, this will be awesome. I’m a BIG fan of Gene’s work!

  • uncle wayne

    Amid…you are GRRRREAT!!

  • Robert Schaad

    This is very cool news.

  • Gene Deitch understands how to be arty AND entertaining. I’m VERY excited to see his “lost” material!

  • weren’t you asking for a copy for that film less than a year ago?

  • You FOUND “Howdy Doody and His Magic Hat”?!?


  • Glad to hear the film turned up. This does happen, folks! :-P

  • s.w.a.c.

    Loved the film! Probably too “artsy fartsy” for Buffalo Bob, not enough seltzer gags I guess, but I thoroughly enjoyed the design and the music. Too bad there weren’t more made, I’d love to see a short with Flub-a-Dub.