Monday Morning Inspiration: 4 Great Posts Monday Morning Inspiration: 4 Great Posts

Monday Morning Inspiration: 4 Great Posts

So much valuable educational material is being posted online nowadays. Here are a few newish items that have caught my attention:

Moonbird Animation

Michael Sporn shares a genius walk cycle from Moonbird animated by Bobe Cannon and assisted by Ed Smith.

Will Finn drawing

“Finding My Inner Pintoff” is a thought-provoking post by animator Will Finn (Iago in Aladdin, Cogsworth in Beauty and the Beast) about how animating a scene without inbetweens, squash & stretch, anticipation and follow-through led him to a new understanding of what it means to communicate through animation.

Bill Tytla Drawing

Bill Tytla speaks about Forms vs. Forces: Part I & Part II

Song of the South bg

Hans Bacher’s blog Animation Treasures is a constant stream of inspiration from this comparison of Bambi pencil layouts to the finished backgrounds to fascinating bits of personal history like the early development of Beauty and the Beast to artwork by the likes of Jiří­ Trnka, and my recent personal fave, this Song of the South background analysis.

  • Don’t forget just about any post on Mark Kennedy’s blog.

  • Isaac

    Holy hell, this post’s jam-packed with cartoon goodness.

  • I agree. And, don’t forget to check out Hans Bacher’s blog for some animation insight.

    Bacher is the clearly the best production designer this business has seen in decades.

  • Chuck R.

    I agree. 4 really good ones —thanks!

    I agree with Floyd about Bacher —I love his blog. He’s not alone though. There’s been some really wonderful work going on over the years. Samurai Jack, Coraline, and Kung Fu Panda are a few examples in which the scenery chews up the characters.

  • Trevor

    Thanks a lot for sharing these! I’ve read through a couple of them before, but that’s mostly because I’m a huge nerd. That Bobe Cannon walk cycle certainly makes me feel a lot better about how messy some of my roughs can be.