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New Fleischer Studios website

The family of Max Fleischer has set up an attractive new website devoted to the characters and legacy of Fleischer Studios — or at least the parts of it they still own the rights to. Max’s granddaughter, Ginny Mahoney, and Max’s lawyer Stanley Handeman are behind this site, which is clearly geared toward attracting potential licensees. Is there anything for the fans? Yes – a three page photo gallery of personal photos, clippings and studio memorabilia. More please!

  • The photo gallery is great, but the pictures should be bigger.

  • The Gee

    hooray for Santa Claus!

    innovative, inventive

    It would be cool if some of those technical achievements get some detailed focus on that site. It surely must be tough to document it even lightly without mentioning something advancement they made back in those days.

  • Wow, could a whole slew of Grampy merchandise be coming in time for Christmas?

  • Baby Boop?

  • FleischerFan

    Glad they have the site – but why is the version of Bimbo they are using NOT the classic design of the character from his peak co-starring with Betty Boop?

    You know, the version of the character that has been used on so much Boop merchandise since the 1970’s?

  • Rooniman


  • John A

    Bring back Bimbo, Fritz, and Especially Koko! Start Licensing Koko stuff!

  • JV


  • I liked the site design! It’s simple and informative.

  • Wow, not one mention of the Bray studios.

    • Ghost of J.R. Bray

      Thomas, you are a true patriot. It is you who helps my spirit live on. Godspeed.

      • I highly appreciate your supportive words, J.R. Thank you for helping me to find so much of your history.

  • Russell H

    One can only hope that this site will inspire enough of a groundswell to persuade the rightsholders of the Betty Boop cartoons to issue the DVD set we’ve all been longing for.

  • Ken Layton

    I like the site!

  • Stephen DeStefano

    It is a slick looking site, designed, incidentally, by Command-Z Studios. The same studio that so handsomely designed the WB Home Video POPEYE DVD’s.

  • I like they’re using the older Bimbo designs, but I wondered why they show the current Bimbo in the video but don’t show the different designs he’s had over his life. The Licensing issue makes scene.

  • I hate to say it, but I doubt new licensing opportunities will do much to increase the current popularity level of the characters.

    Having said that, its great to see the studio get a decent looking website with enough appropriate information that prospective new fans can learn about some really great old cartoons.

  • Ron

    I think they Fleischer characters and style are due for a come back. Their ultra clean lines, with thick and thin inking style could adapt very well to flash. Anime and anime influenced cartoons are popular now. That style is still heavliy influenced by Tezuka who made no secret of the heavy Fleischer influence in his own work. Betty Boop is still an iconic character. I could see it happening. I hope they do something with it.

  • Wonderful-looking site—and the 1931-style new artwork catches the characters at their most appealing.

    They can’t decide which Bimbo design to use; has anything changed in 80 years?

  • Since this is a new site I’m sure they’ll be updating it as feedback comes in. With so much of the studio history lost after the Paramount takeover in the early 1940’s, I hope the folks involved with the site will be posting a lot of information that will clarify and correct many misconceptions that have accumulated over the years. Like who was and whatever became of GUS WICKIE?

  • I love Betty’s face in this art, btw does anyone know where can I see a video or at least an image from a Koko The Clown color cartoon? I’m writing some trivia and I need the visual clue

    • David Breneman

      That’s funny, I was about to post that their modern Betty renditions look off-model.

  • GhaleonQ

    It’s so appealing.

  • Wow, thank you Jerry. Fleischer needs a website for us Paramount cartoon fans!

    Perhaps this will get the attention of Paramount and Lionsgate!

  • John

    This is awesome, now all we need is a Terry Toons website!

  • Jorge Garrido

    I think it’s terrific how the site design shows the video player showing the ACTUAL CARTOONS front and centre!

  • Steve Menke

    Yes, I wanna be a MemBER, wanna be a MemBER…

    Kudos to the Fleischer family for taking matters into their own hands.

  • Fleischer Fan

    Ugh the new Bimbo design is horrible compared to the original in my oppinion but I’m glad he still exists in some form.

  • David Breneman: I’ve no idea whose decision it was, but the “new” Betty design is a deliberate effort to capture elements of the way she was drawn in a couple of late-1931, early-1932 shorts. The eyes and figure match CHESS-NUTS, and the slight shadow under the nose matches certain scenes in MASK-A-RAID (watch at 1:18).

    FleischerFan: The “new” Bimbo design is the original, insofar as the white version of Bimbo—starting in early 1930—actually preceded the black one. The “new” design matches the model in HIDE AND SEEK (1931) most closely.
    (Being anal, I have to note that the white Bimbo was only used with Betty a handful of times—so it’s unusual to see the pairing today.)

  • Stephen DeStefano

    With regards to the models of Betty and Bimbo, I’d like to weigh in here, cuz I’m the one that drew them for King Features licensing department several years ago.
    And David Gerstein is right, they were based on a specific, cruder look than the usual, better formed models from Betty’s later cartoons. King Features wanted a new style guide, something a little different from what they usually do, and decided they’d like to try going “retro”. If that makes sense. I don’t recall who chose what specific models to work from, but it was a deliberate choice. And I, like David, am anal, so I probably pointed out to King execs that there was no history between these different versions of Betty and Bimbo, respectively, but the choice was more aesthetic than historical. And, y’know, how often do you get to see the white faced Bimbo?
    I did my best. They’re still probably off model, but then, few Fleischer cartoons stay on model for very long.

  • Very nice site! They should stream more of the old cartoons and sprinkle in some merch ads, the Fleischer Station. Just in time for Google TV this Christmas…