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New Van Beuren DVDs

Animation historian and cartoon archeologist Steve Stanchfield is back with another double header of rare 1930s cartoons from the long-forgotten Fleischer-rival, Van Beuren Studios. His latest Thunderbean DVDs are The Complete Animated Adventures of Van Beuren’s Tom and Jerry and Aesop’s Fables Vol. 2 – and again, I recommend these highly to anyone – especially those who love 1930s-style rubber-hose animation.

The Tom & Jerry set (with gorgeous Milton Knight cover art) is particularly amazing. These hilarious cartoons are obscure to begin with, so a real treat is the fabulous film prints Stanchfield digs up and lovingly restores. Many of the cartoons look really great, especially A Swiss Trick (1931) from a 35mm nitrate sepia-tinted, spliceless print, with its original titles intact. This is as close as we’ll ever get to experiencing one of these cartoons the way audiences saw them in the early 30s. It really makes a difference.

Also on the T&J set, galleries of original trade ads, posters, home movie boxes, picture books, and four additional cartoons starring Tom & Jerry precursors, Waffles and Don. Stanchfield goes an extra five miles here, with the inclusion of a comparison reel of Tom & Jerry animation against a rare Egyptian knock-off by the Frenkel Brothers. Priceless stuff.

For more information on Thunderbean’s complete line of animation rarities, click here.

  • Steve Stanchfield’s Animation DVDs are the best!!!

  • William

    Are these discs DVDs or DVD-Rs?

  • No lie: Steve Stanchfield makes the funnest DVDs on the market.

  • Roger

    I thought it was amusing that there are 666 pages of Cartoon Brew to read. How fitting, seeing as it’s Hallowe’en!


  • Ordered and waiting to get my mitts on this set.

    Looks like another winner from Steve.

  • Bill Cross

    Highly recommended! Steve puts extra care into assembling these DVDs. He could teach the major studios thing or two.

  • Chris

    That Milton Knight cover art is fantastic!!!

  • Kevin Wollenweber

    I echo everyone else’s comments on the new Steve Stanchfield sets, adding to that the fact that the TOM & JERRY cartoons have some of the funnest musical moments, too, which is why it is doubly nice to hear the soundtracks as nicely restored as humanly possible on a limited budget! Maybe Steve will one day tackle the complete FLIP THE FROG or WILLY WHOPPER library? Sure hoping, but, in the meantime, these are truly astounding.

  • FP

    Are all these works public domain? I’m pretty sure the Tom And Jerrys are.

  • FP, yeah there all public domain, but Steve Stanchfield takes the time to find original prints in the best possible condition (sometimes combining multiple prints to make this possible.). I mean, you can always go buy these cartoons in the $1 bin at like Walmart or something, but you’ll never get to see the cartoons as close as possible to their original quality, these other companies just take whatever version of these 70 plus year old cartoons they can find, often in poor quality and just sell them real cheap. If you’re going to buy poor quality cartoons like that, you might as well save your dollar, and look up the cartoons on Youtube.


  • Andrew Kieswetter

    The Van Bueren Tom & Jerry cartoons are highly reccomended for fans of the Fleischer cartoons of the early Thirties. They are every bit as surreal and zany as anything that came out of the Fleischer studio
    at the time.

  • I’m working on hopefully building a collection of these Thunderbean DVDs, need to import them at some point. I love me some silly rubber hose cartoons!

  • Brad

    I support all of Steve’s Thunderbean releases, they’re really special. I always get them as “pre-releases” burned to DVD-R, but I believe they are DVD-R if you order through Amazon, since the order actually goes direct to Steve at Thunderbean. Most Thunderbean releases are a single disc, but the new Tom and Jerry set is on two discs and the care taken to restore these as much as possible is excellent.

    Other recent releases that I highly recommend would be the Van Beuren “Toddle Tales and Rainbow Parade Cartoons” set and the “Uncensored Animation from the Van Beuren Studio” set, which is mostly un-PC Van Beuren cartoons.