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On Sale Today


It’s a good day for DVD collectors: Looney Tunes Golden Collection Vol. 5 and The Three Stooges Collection Vol. 1 have been released.

  • Ed


  • And today’s the day “A Tale of Two Kitties”- Tweety’s offical debut- is coming out on DVD. I have this on a PD video from Kids Klassics called “Tweety and Friends”. I also taped it from TCM’s Cartoon Alley once, but it’s no longer stored on my DVR.

    I think that I was also anticipated for “Porky’s Preview” (sorry amazon customers- it’s Porky’s Preview, not Porky’s Review).

    Jerry- can I have a comparasion of a PD copy to the restored version now on DVD?

  • Hey- I have found another Clampett classic I just looked at that is on the list.

    “Farm Frolics” (Not “Old MacDonald Had A Farm”). Was depressing to watch- but at least it’s on DVD. Does it have the original titles and not the Blue Ribbon?

  • i managed to get the dvd last friday here in new york, and it’s totally sweet! there’s some great commentaries by jerry, michael barrier has some great audio clips of clampett [that i don’t think are on the beany and cecil dvd] and john k returns with his laughtrack. good times.
    i was a little disappointed horton wasn’t on the clampett disk, but at least they mentioned it in the one off’s featurette!

  • Keith Paynter

    Actually, Luke, Two Kitties was a bonus cartoon on one of Warner’s classic film re-issues, and so was Scrap Happy Daffy (on Air Force). These are the second go-arounds, but may or may not be the first time with DVNR. Along with The Wacky Wabbit, you can now consider those PD tape or DVD versions obsolete. Looking forward to What Price Porky?, though.

  • Joe

    >>Does it have the original titles and not the Blue Ribbon?

    “Farm Frolics” just has the blue ribbon title reissue.

  • Paul Mular

    Comparing a PD DVD/Tape to this WB DVD release would depend on which PD company made your DVD. PD companies are unreliable on their source material, one cartoon may be from a 35mm print transfered onto broadcast tape while another would be from a 16mm dupe print transfered to 3/4 tape. In either case, neither would come close to this new restoration.

    On a note about the Three Stooges, I am a big fan & have been eager to get this DVD. The trouble is, no store in my area is stocking it! I did order it from before they raised their price.

  • Casual Cartoon Fan

    Good mix of cartoons from the 1930s to 1960s.

    Just watched a few cartoons on each discs, which were great, and some of the extra material, which I noticed a short clip of “Coal Black” on the short featurette on fairy tale parodies, though only time will tell of the cartoon to be actually released…

    Some classic commercials were great, but the person who did Elmer’s voice was way off. Like that Tang Commercial with Bugs & Daffy at a carnival was included, though noticed Bugs didn’t say “Tangeriffic” (have to check that “Classic Commercials” DVD to make sure if I’m right or not)

    “Carnival of the Animals”, which I’ve never seen before, was mostly boring with a very few laughs.

    Have seen the other specials before, which “Freeze Frame” is probably the best made for tv Looney Tunes from the 1970’s/1980’s.

    The Lantz Hook cartoon might appear on the next Lantz DVD set, which I heard a second volume will be released… (trying not to go off topic)

  • Evan Hughes

    I looked at my local Target, Best Buy and Wal-Mart the week Volume 5 was released. NOT on the shelves, anywhere, and it’s not because they were sold out. Hell of a bang up job Warners is doing, getting its stuff out there and on the market! Either you order it online or you never find it. I guess they’re gonna blame their poor marketing on ‘changing economic models’ since they can’t be expected to think.

  • Joe

    Strange, because my Best Buy (in Duluth, MN) had over 20 copies available on the shelf at the launch date.

    Also, other retailers like Barnes & Noble carry it, though it tend to charge full price.

  • Nicolas Orizaga

    Target has LTGC5 on the top shelf of their front endcap…unfortunately its the family new releases endcap but still prominently displayed…and the best buy website says the 3 stooges dvd is on backorder already!!

  • BJ Wanlund

    Jerry– It occurs to me that certain cartoon stars (Foghorn Leghorn, Pepe Le Pew, Sam Sheepdog/Ralph Wolf) have not received their own discs yet. Most of the “saturday morning crowd” grew up with these characters, so since the classic Bugs & Daffy stuff is dying quickly, maybe we could get a disc with one of these characters next, and leave the rest of the wimpy Bugs-Daffy cartoons (except for Hare-Way to the Stars…I’ve been waiting for that one…) to be scattered among the various discs in subsequent sets. Just my opinion.

  • Really enjoying the set…I’ve Got To Sing a Torch Song is a heck of a find! Jack King loved his caricatures…and What Price Porky is a stunner. Don’t know what to say after that one.

    But can we get a moritorium on commentaries with John K. and his giggling guffawing sidekicks? They add absolutely NOTHING to the proceedings. I’m still cranky about their inclusion on the Popeye set…I’ve enjoyed John K. solo, but this is proof that the more does not necessarily the merrier melodies make.

  • Stephen Cooke, gotta say, and i feel like a jerk for it, but i totally agree with ya. i guess i already hinted at it above but geez. the commentaries on set 2 where john k talked about hanging out with clampett and talked TO bill melendez were really awesome, but the more recent ones are like…listening to people watch cartoons? that’s what i have my friends over for, not why i listen to commentaries.

    That said, Jerry thank you for your incredible commentaries! Your work and insight on this set [and the poppeye set] is awesome and always on point! i just got done watching the bob mckimson featurette and it was really great! thanks much, it’s one of the reasons i keep buying these up right away!

    i’ll definitely have to check out your written work too!

  • Maggie Simpson

    Is that Miss Glory on the second one?