On Sale Tuesday: Woody Woodpecker Volume 2 On Sale Tuesday: Woody Woodpecker Volume 2

On Sale Tuesday: Woody Woodpecker Volume 2


I’m obviously excited about the release next Tuesday of Woody Woodpecker and Friends Classic Cartoon Collection Vol. 2. It’s an excellent companion to the first volume with 75 restored cartoons including classic Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Andy Panda and Swing Symphonies cartoons, and well as a dozen of those Walter Lantz behind-the-scenes films demonstrating how his studio made cartoons in 1957 — and much much more. Hours of fun. Best Buy will be selling it for $29.99 with an exclusive 4×6 inch limited edition “cel” from Wet Blanket Policy (above). A bargain! (Oldtimers, remember when Castle Films sold only one color Woody Woodpecker cartoon (with magnetic sound) on Super 8 for $22.95 and in 16mm (optical sound) for $49.95?).

Here are a few frame grabs from this set to whet your appetite (click to enlarge).

  • Reg Hartt

    JUKEBOX JAMBOREE is a favorite of mine that I had in black and white for years. Finally I got a color 16mm print but the scene where the mouse flies into a bottle of booze and gets drunk had been censored out.

    What to do? I spliced in the missing footage from the black and white print. That turned out to be a bonus because now I could use the film to illustrate cartoon censorship. The audience could literally see what they were not supposed to see. The film is a gem.

    On BOOGIE WOOGIE MAN Shamus Culhane, in his book TALKING ANIMALS, writes, “We related the colors of the backgrounds to the structure of the music. The picture was basically painted in cold colors, until there was a riff in the music. When that happened I cut, in sync, to a scene painted with vivid orange, red, or yellow. After the riff I cut back to a series of scenes painted with cold colors, then repeating this process on the following riff.

    “Some years after BOOGIE WOOGIE MAN was released, I came upon an article in S. I. Hayakawa’s magazine, ETC., a periodical devoted to semantics. The writer analyzed in scholarly terms our use of color to interpret music in the film. Our experiment did not go unnoticed.”–TALKING ANIMALS pg. 255.

    Each of these films alone is worth the price of this set. Kudos to Jerry and to Universal for delivering such superlative material.

  • I’ve pre-ordered my copy long time ago and maybe I will get it next monday.
    Can you post shots from “The Hams that couldn’t be cured” if you find the time?
    One of the best Lantz’ ever!

  • Yes, I used to purchase Castle Films prints of Lantz cartoons. Jerry has the prices right. That’s just one reason why I’ll be buying Woody Woodpecker Vol. 2. The other reason is that I probably can’t live without it.

  • I’d love to know who’s responsible for the cutouts Chilly Willy uses to bilk Wally out of fish in Clash and Carry.

  • The ghosts in the last screen grab look like they were lifted from Mickey Mouse’s Lonesome Ghosts (derby hats included).

  • Larry Levine – Disney’s Lonesome Ghosts and Lantz’s A Haunting We Will Go (from which that frame grab comes) were both directed by Burt Gillette.

  • Ahha! Thanks, Jerry.

  • Kevin Wollenweber

    Excited? Yes, indeed you should be! I’ve ordered my copy months ago and, yes, I, too, hope to get my copy on Monday as i got the usual confirmation that it is on its way!!

    I owned silent Castle Films black and whites on “LEGEND OF ROCK-A-BYE POINT” and “THE UNBEARABLE SALESMAN” and literally almost burned holes in the film trying to examine some of those great bits of animation, frame by frame; too bad I didn’t own a movieola, but oh well. It is tremendous to check out Lantz cartoons again.

    Isn’t “THE HAMS THAT COULDN’T BE CURED” the cartoon in which the wolf is telling *HIS* side of the three little pigs story, that the pigs came by to get music lessons but they wanted to swing out where the wolf wanted them to play serious classical music? It appeared on one of the Columbia House volumes, but it will be oh, so nice to see it as a theatrical uncut print. I cannot wait!!

  • Looking forward to getting my copy in the next couple of weeks.

    Seems Universal Australia is about to release Volume 1 here, but the sets seem a little cheap

    Volume 1 Disc 1: http://www.ezydvd.com.au/item.zml/799694
    Volume 1 Disc 2: http://www.ezydvd.com.au/item.zml/799695

  • Keith Paynter

    Well. it appears my local TRAM-LAW broke street date, because I picked it up today, 2 days ahead of street.

    Interesting thing, it comes with a complete episode of the Woody Woodpecker Show, including (according to the slipcase) a cartoon from “The Bary Family”. I hope it’s funnier than those cartoons from The BEARY Family!

  • Joe Busam

    My copy arrived yesterday. While I haven’t had an opportunity to really dig in yet, I unearthed the mystery of a cartoon I saw as a kid and have been trying to find for decades. The Oswald cartoon Wax Works contains a scene where an orphan is confronted by a number of classic movie monsters in Oswald’s wax museum. I came in mid way to this cartoon in the very early 60’s where it was airing on local TV and never knew the title or studio. I’m now wondering if the BW Oswald’s were syndicated back then or if they were included in the early BW years of the Woody Woodpecker Show.