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Own a piece of Pal

Auctioneers Profiles In History are currently having an incredible entertainment memorabilia sale which is including a Lot of 100 puppets and pieces-of-puppets from the George Pal’s Jasper Puppetoons. The bids start at $8000. Here’s the link. There are also separate lots for puppets from individual non-Jasper films such as The Gay Knighties, Rhythm In The Ranks, Two-Gun Rusty, John Henry, Tubby The Tuba and on and on! This lot was part of the estate of William Nassour who, with his brother, produced several Hollywood movies and experimented in stop motion animation. Apparently they took over the Puppetoon shop when Pal moved on into feature production – and held onto these puppets until now!

If those prices are too steep, you can own one of Pal’s most iconic movie models for a more modest $35. Pegasus Hobbies, under license from Paramount Pictures, is exclusively selling reproductions of the Martian War Machines from War Of The Worlds. They sell them as either plastic model kits or pre-built and plated. I actually have one of the pre-built ones and it’s quite beautiful.

Mark Evanier also points out that the Hollywood auction above is also selling an astonishing collection of Walker Edminston’s Time For Beany Beany & Cecil puppets and memorabilia. Lot’s of jaw-dropping Clampett puppets and ephemera here.

  • That would be cool to get a set of figures that made a complete walk cycle.

    I hope some thoughtful collector or museum ends up with those.

  • What! No puppets from “Jasper and the Haunted House”? I’ve seen several of George Pal’s Puppetoons, but it was the first I’d seen and the easiest to find. It is also an animator’s favorite, as said on the “Puppetoon Movie” DVD!

  • optimist

    It would be nice for the Academy Library to get these-or the BFI. It would be crummy for the collection to be split up(even if I want a figure myself).

  • Ted

    I like the price I paid for some Pal related paper items better, tho the puppets are wondrous things.
    (I have a couple of the dialog pages without thumbnails from the actual Puppetoon part of Variety Girl, too…)

  • Woooowwww…….

    I hope these go to a safe place where they may be seen and cared for. Are there such places for any other existing Pal collections? And are there any dvd recommendations for puppetoons not part of “the puppetoon movie” dvd?

  • The John Henry and Tubby The Tuba puppets were made by Wah Chang, who worked for George Pal from around 1941-46. He may have worked on some of the other shorts as well. For some of that time Ray Harryhausen was also working at Pal’s. Wah Chang was eventually made head of the puppet dept there.

  • *checks bank account*


  • Rob

    I wish I was rich.

  • Wow, great stuff.

    That Jolly Green Giant puppet is pretty creepy, though not as creepy as the original Kineman one that was too scary for TV. I wonder if that one got thrown out along with the other Kinemans that were stolen by vandals.