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Popeye Update

Once again, the original title from Popeye The Sailor Meets Ali Baba’s Forty Thieves. This time I was able to grab the frame from the DVD itself. Compare it to the version I posted last week with my cel phone.

I’ve now got the disc in my grubby little hands… and it’s breathtaking. Wanna see a few more frame grabs from some shorts and menus?
Click here and here!

  • Looks really beautiful, Jerry.

    Remind me: weren’t you in Maltin’s New School Cartoon History class, where he showed Popeye meets Ali Baba among a million other rarities(this was before all these things were out, kids)? Weren’t you one of that cadre of noisy troublemakers in the back?

  • Jenny – “Noisy troublemakers”? On the contrary, Will Friedwald and I were the esteemed ticket takers! I sat near the door. Were you there too, Jenny?

  • OHBOYHOBOYBOY! The black and white tunes look wonderful. However, I don’t like it how Popeye V.S. Sinbad The Sailor looks, but I can’t complain. It’s Popeye for cripe sakes. ON DVD! FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME!!!! WHOOPY! :D

  • Now give us the bird, Jerry! (I mean Woody Woodpecker…….)

    And you know which cartoons we want highlighted: You, “The Greatest Animation historian in Siam”, give us some “Boogie” and “Pass the screenshots, Jerry”.

  • If I didn’t know better, I’d think I was looking at the original art for cel and background set-ups. The clarity is really amazing.

  • Christopher Cook

    The screenshots of Popeye are things of pure beauty.

  • No fair! I wanna get my grubby mitts on this set NOW!

    Preview/review copies gladly accepted over here…. :)

  • uncle wayne

    Sweet JEEZUSS that is drop dead jaw-droppingly gorgeous!!

    No, Ms. Jenny…that was ME (& MY noisy troublemakers) in the back of Leonard’s class! Twas I, in fact, that would blurt out Popeye-isms [in my Jack Mercer best!] That is funny what one remembers nearly 3 decades ago!!


  • Dave Levy

    I think it’s more than clear that this will be the DVD release to measure all others against. WOW!

  • Keith Paynter

    Well, blow me down! Money to be well spent! Thx, Jerry!

  • Wow. That’s really all I can think of to say seeing those framegrabs.

  • Marc

    holly cow!! I even like the DVD menus! simple!

    Can’t wait to hear ’em as well! I haven’t heard “We aims ta please” in years!

    Jerry, any plans yet on the horizon for Betty and Grampy getting the likewise treatment?

    (so that was both you and Unca Wayne in Maltin’s class?!? small world indeed!)

  • Larry Levine

    INCREDIBLE!! As Popeye would say, “It’s poy-fect!”. Jerry, I’ll gladly pay you tuesday for a DVD today.

  • Ken Layton

    Oh – My – God!

    Gimme gimme gimme. I want it NOW!

  • Bugsmer

    Your new screengrab looks a lot better than your previous one, Jerry, and yet we were wowing over that. These pictures look amazing! August is going to be a busy time for everybody.

  • wow, full color! The public domain copies out there have so little blue that I had presumed the color popeyes were made in the cheaper two-strip red/green technicolor.

  • Robert Porrazzo


    STOP DIS TEASING–The screencaps and menus–simple yet amazing. The two color toons come out like an artists’ palette and the black and whites as crisp as freshly pressed pants. My eyes popped out of their sockets when I saw these caps–I think this could be hello 5 GOLD stars!

  • The 2-reelers look better than I could have ever possibly imagined. They might looks like “Pink, Purple and Turquoise” and “Popeye meets My Little Pony” to some because they’re that much better than the PD tape copies we’ve been seeing for God knows how long.

    Also, I don’t think i’ve ever seen that old-time B/W paramount Logo withouth a Cartoon Netowrk bug attached to it. Another surprise

  • Finally ! It’s really happening and it looks beautiful . I like the DVD menu designs (who did those ?) and the image quality of those frame grabs is astounding. And the original title cards ! Can hardly wait to watch them all.

    Christmas in July ! Thanks to all who made this happen .

  • 30?! More like 27. And I wasn’t yet legal. But yes, I was there. I didn’t know anyone (having walked over from 10TH st and NYU) so I’d sit like a mouse by myself, but it was a couple of hours of cartoon bliss in the dark there. VERY rare cartoons.
    So, Jerry, I guess you were quiet enough that I don’t remember you…but who is this ‘Uncle Wayne’? Him I can remember, sort of.
    Those guys in the back were kind of like Sturges’ “Ale & Quail Club” from the Palm Beach Story…harmless fun but LOUD! ; )
    Anyway, going to have to get this DVD set.

  • Which languages are included?

  • Rod Bennett

    This is stunning, Jerry. I haven’t followed the story on how we got such a quantum leap in quality on Ali Baba. Any chance we might see an improvement like this on Gulliver or Hoppity (within our lifetimes?).

  • Christopher Peterson

    Oh my. My oh my. They’re beee-ooo-tiful!

    Jerry, is there a possibility that we could ever have the rest of the Fleischer output looking as lovely as this on DVD? If there is, just tell us who to blackmail…

  • Holy crap! The grabs from the color cartoons are amazing! And the black and whites look better than they ever did on Cartoon Network! WOW.

  • Impressive … simply impressive. First Warner gives us excellent transfers of the Fleischer Superman cartoons, now we get a fantastic Fleischer Popeye set. A big thanks to all the people involved with realizing these beautifull sets.

  • Blaine

    Um, wow?

    I didn’t know they looked like that.

  • I only wish that the people who had made these cartoons were alive today to see their revivial. When you’ve done the number of interviews I’ve done of Fleischer people and tried for years to interest people in the Fleischer story (whose only knowledge in animation is Disney or Hanna Barbera), this DVD release becomes a very personal matter

  • Merrill Bagwell

    WOW! Thanks for all who had a hand in finally bringing this off! Of course you know, jerry, that as soon as we get our grubby little hands on Popeye set #1, we’re gonna start eagerly anticipating Popeye set #2. Can you give us a date for the release of the second set? (or have I missed a previous post?)

    Will July NEVER end?

  • Joe Busam

    I’m almost afraid to ask this but is there a Paramount logo on the first cartoon, POPEYE THE SAILOR. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to see the Paramount typography and circle of stars on that mountain behind the proscenium arch on the Betty Boop cartoons. Unlike the Popeyes, presumably all the original negatives on the Boop titles have been butchered beyond restoration and this particular Popeye/Boop cartoon could be my only chance to see this. I know it’s a minor thing but important to me and hopefully other film purists. It would be such an unusual thing to see today and as such I thought it would have been an excellent choice as one of the screen grabs. It’s exclusion in the selections worries me.

  • Dave

    Amazing clarity and sharpness … even if they’re only screen caps!
    I can’t wait to gitts me mitts on this classic Popeye collection!
    Abu Hassan got ’em any more, indeed!

  • Jonathan G.

    “grab the frame from the DVD itself”

    How do you do that? I have a Mac. We have all the graphic apps as my wife is a graphic designer. But I remain baffled as to how I can grab a frame from a DVD. And it’s something I need to to do. Help me Cartoon Brew, you’re my only hope.

  • Henry G

    “How do you do that? I have a Mac.”

    Dunno about Macs, but on Windows it’s normally a feature of the player software. It’s certainly present in the player applications that you purchase, and I’ve seen it in the freebies as well. It’s one of the reasons some of us use PCs instead of standalone players in home theater setups. The ubiquitous bookmark feature is also useful for bypassing legal notices and overly ornate menu designs.

    I imagine it would be the same on Macs.

  • matt

    A good Mac app for capturing DVD images or movies (as opposed to the regular screendump which you can do with a keyboard shortcut but won’t work on copy-protected stuff) is Snapz pro x.

    I like it just to capture colour palettes, as I’m not a natural with that and God knows there are some great flicks with gorgeous cinematography.

    Anyway hope that helped.

  • lady in black

    Wayne!! This is hilarious. I miss those days….