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Popeye Vol. 3


Good news: Popeye Vol. 3 goes on sale September 30th. Will contain all the rest of the black and white Popeye cartoons including all the wartime cartoons uncut, uncensored.

  • The cover is fantastic. I love the poses and limited colour scheme.

  • The Vok

    Amazing! I only just pre-ordered Vol. 2 yesterday … nice to know the wait afterwards won’t be long.

  • Sean

    Hooray! Thanks again, Jerry and all those behind the scenes, for these awesome sets! I look forward to seeing many of these for the first time.

  • Jerry, you ol’ swab–that’s great news!!!

  • Urray!!! This is really good news!

  • Bob Porrazzo

    Jerry, if this is true (re: the wartime cartoons), well BLAST ME BARNICLES! Volume 2 has yet to come out, now we hear vol. 3 comes in September. You’re good at this stuff Jerry.

  • Keith Paynter

    Please, please, puh-lease, be intact. I couldn’t stand the thought of another T&J-style incomplete release. Thanks in advance to everyone who helped create this series of releases.

  • Aaron Schneiderman

    Jerry, prior to the release of the second volume, you stated that Warner had initially planned to include Gulliver’s Travels in that set’s bonus features. Since they abandoned that idea, is there any hope that Warner will treat that film to it’s own disc along with the “Gabby” animated shorts or other Fleischer material? Thank you for helping to make sure these films get the respect they deserve.

  • That is heavenly nooz!!

  • Is that another Destefano ink? Man, he rocks!

    My money is already on the table for this one. Popeyes always deliver, and I can’t wait to see the wartime toons.

  • After a comparatively charming and gentle cover drawing for Vol 2, the Vol 3 design delivers with some more of the dynamic action that Popeye is known for. Great, great stuff (and thanks, Jerry, for making it happen—would that Sony and Viacom saw the financial benefit of enlisting you on similar projects!).

  • Dave Levy

    These are the best sets of their kind. The cover art alone (DeStefano rocks!) is amazing! I work at home these days and sometimes I let the cartoons and bonus features play in the background as I work. What a treat! Can’t wait for vol.3.

  • BigHorse

    Well blow me down, that’s fantastic news! I’ve been worried that they weren’t going to do the censored episodes, based on the rumors that I’d been hearing.

    I hope they are still planning to release all the color post-Fleischer works as well.

  • Jerry- would you ask the people who do the bonus material to put some non-Popeye cartoons on this and Volume 4!

  • joecab

    Uncut and uncensored. WOW. That’s great Jerry. I think it also proves that the audience for these Popeye collections isn’t quite the same as the one buying those crummy cartoon collection DVDs for $4.99.

  • Bugsmer

    That’s great news, Jerry. We can’t wait.

  • I talked to Bob Jacques about this set. He was very excited about the contents. He had an advanced copy and said it was chocked full of goodness.
    Hey its coming out on my birthday(hint hint) No I kid, its already on order.

  • Kevin Wollenweber

    Oh, I’m truly anxious to get this. I have POPEYE, VOL. 2 on order and am desperately looking, each day, on amazon.com, for the notice of the third volume!! It is going to truly be a banner year for the Fleischers because of these two sets and, like an earlier post, I’d love to see non-POPEYE Fleischer cartoons added as special features just to show what the Fleischers could do with other series, and a GULLIVER’S TRAVELS disk would be nice with *ALL* the GABBY cartoons, as little as that character is liked among Fleischerfiles; hey, it’s all interesting history, and those in the public domain are treating most things Fleischer as garbage.

    I’d say the same for the Famous Studios years; it sure would be nice to see examples, among the special features of later POPEYE sets, of other interesting Famous Studios toons that do not have the spinach-eating sailor as star. But, hey, it is just nice to see these intact, using the best quality source material that can be found…and, boy, do I hope that all or most titles here still have good source material!!

  • Michael Grabowski

    Could someone please define “wartime” in this context? Were there no other Popeye shorts made in 1944-45? Or does it relate to a wartime theme that was abandoned in those later years? I’m no expert on the whens and whats of Popeye shorts, so “including all the wartime shorts” seems confusing to me given the years covered. Not a criticism, just a curiosity.

    I’m looking forward to the sooner than expected arrival of this set but I’m almost certainly not going to be done with V. 2 by then due to an extended summer vacation. Both sets will ease the anxious wait for the next Looney Tunes box. Thanks, Jerry, to you and all who work with you to make these (and the Woody Woodpecker sets) possible. Even where there are flaws, this is still a golden age for theatrical shorts on home video.

  • This is awesome, even better than I ever expected.

    And hopefully the inclusion of the wartime Popeyes can convince Warners that a similar release of the wartime Looney Tunes won’t result in Armageddon.


    “YOU’RE A SAP MR. JAP” will definately be on it ? For real ??? I was soooo sure they’d leave it out . This is wonderful news – NOTHING CENSORED !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Great Jeff, now I’m going to have the theme song from that cartoon stuck in my head all day.

    “…you make the Yankee cranky…”

  • I see that You’re a Sap was the first of the Famous-produced shorts, does anyone know if Vol. 3 takes us all the way up to Happy Birthdaze?

  • Dustin

    I had NO idea that there was more than one volume. There’s too much crap to buy these days.

  • YES!

    I am really looking forward to this set (as well as volume 2 of course)

  • Christopher Cook

    Splendid news. I have a public domain copy of YOU’RE A SAP, MR. JAP and SEEIN’ RED, WHITE & BLUE, both kinda grainy and with truncated opening titles but still watchable.

    Related note: Boomerang’s POPEYE show is now focusing mainly on the color Famous Studio line of cartoons. The redrawn Fleischer and Famous shorts are nowhere to be seen.

  • Well Blow me down! Release date info. on Vol. 3 already!? Either you’re paying an informant at WARNER BROS. handsomely or getting free updates because you know where the bodies are buried! LOL. Who says Christmas only comes once a year?! Thanks, Jerry.

  • Sgt King

    Just checked Best Buy for Popeye Vol 2 and they don’t mention it coming in a tin box like Vol 1 did.
    If anyone knows of any Popeye Vol 2 offers of anything like the beautiful Vol 1 tin box – please post info here.

  • Mitch Kennedy

    You know, it would be really great if the dates (the years) were beside the cartoon titles in the DVD menus! The first set was awesome, but I think it would have been that much better if the years were beside the titles. Unless that’s been added in the second volume, which I have not yet seen……

    I can’t wait for volume three!!

  • classicparamountcartoons,

    even if Viacom has (at least to my knowledge) no plans to release on DVD their animated classics, when some other companies ask about the possibility to include them as bonus in their own DVD releases, Viacom always demands TOO MUCH money in return.

  • Stephen DeStefano

    I believe both volumes will be offered in a tin box.

  • goofy with an afro !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I really love the 1940s color Popeye cartoons. I will be heartbroken if Warner doesn’t continue the series in 2009. Jerry, are there plans to do the 40s color popeyes for volume 4 ????????

  • Goofy – Rest assured Warner Bros. plans to release all the 1940s (and 50s) color Popeye cartoons.

  • goofy with an afro !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks Jerry, you have made me very happy !!

  • GhaleonQ

    I know some think that it’s overdone, but I adore the series’ cover styles. It’s immensely and immediately appealing.

  • About the color Popeyes, TVShowsonDVD.com was pretty cryptically doubtful that Warner would even get to them and finish them.


    “On the other hand, there is no guarantee at this time that they will manage to finish the entire run of Famous Studios-produced cartoons, all the way through to 1957 (as previously planned).”

  • Will there be a similar treatment of the Betty Boop cartoons? Republic Pictures FUBARed the last attempt…I’m hoping that WHV’s magic touch will be able to erase that unpleasant memory.

    Actually, if they just did a set of Pre-Code Betty Boops I’d be happy. Along with a version of “A Language All My Own” which has the Nihongo translated. The rumor is that the lyrics are slightly lusty, shall we say, in the Japanese version.

  • I just got a review copy of Volume 2, and it’s as excellent as I’ve heard. These sets are wonderful, I can’t wait for this next installment!

  • Zavkram

    Does anyone know what bonus features (if any) will be included in Volume 3?

    If Warner Home Video decides to continue releasing the remaining cartoons as 2-DVD sets, then it looks like the entire series will comprise seven individual volumes; instead of the four that were originally planned. But, I’m not complaining… I’m personally glad that WHV is giving these cartoons the treatment they deserve.

    I agree, the poses on Popeye and Bluto in the cover art are great!

  • Paul Mular

    Best Buy’s weekly ad erroniously pictures the tin for Popeye Volume 1 instead of the box for Popeye Volume 2. I was hoping the ad would shed light on the question of a volume 2 tin. A phone call to their customer service did not help any either. All they could say is that they show no special editions on their computers.

    To add to the confusion, Best Buy’s weekly ad also states Volume 1 will be sold for $9.99. But this is in reference to the TV “Popeye & Freinds Volume 1″ DVD coming out this week. Without the ” & Friends” stated and the wrong picture used, Best Buy could have some angry customers expecting to find the classic Popeye Volume 1 on sale for $9.99.


    The listing is in and it UNCENSORED – I intend to buy at least 4 or 5 copies the day it comes out because, mark my words, enough holier than thou dirtbags will complain about “racism” and it will be withdrawn and re-released without the Jap cartoons.

    Problem Pappy
    Quiet! Pleeze
    Olive’s Sweepstakes Ticket
    Flies Ain’t Human
    Popeye Meets Rip Van Winkle
    Olive’s Boithday Presink
    Child Psykolojiky
    Pest Pilot
    I’ll Never Crow Again
    The Mighty Navy
    Nix on Hypnotricks
    Kickin’ the Conga ‘Round
    Blunder Below
    Fleets Of Stren’th
    Pip-eye, Pup-eye, Poop-eye and Peep-eye
    Olive Oyl And Water Don’t Mix
    Many Tanks
    Baby Wants a Bottleship
    You’re a Sap, Mr. Jap (Dan Gordon)
    Alona on the Sarong Seas (Isadore Sparber)
    A Hull of a Mess (Sparber)
    Scrap The Japs (Seymour Kneitel)
    Me Musical Nephews (Kneitel)
    Spinach Fer Britain (Sparber)
    Seein’ Red, White ‘N’ Blue
    Too Weak to Work (Sparber)
    A Jolly Good Furlough (Gordon)
    Ration Fer The Duration (Kneitel)
    The Hungry Goat (Gordon)
    Happy Birthdaze (Gordon)
    Wood-Peckin’ (Sparber)
    Cartoons Ain’t Human (Kneitel)

  • Fan of These Releases

    Question for Jerry: With the Fleischer cartoons ending their run on this upcoming third set, is this the last set you would consider a “must-have?”

    I have vols 1 and 2 and they are expertly produced and so enjoyable and impressive, but I know that at some point the cartoons become mundane and forgetable. With vol. 4 moving into the color-Famous era, will these sets still be worth forking out the cash for?