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Preston Blair estate sale

Sorry for the late notice. There is a sale today at Clars Auction Gallery that is offering several lots from the estate of Preston Blair. Among the material being offered is (click thumbnails below to see enlarged image): original art to pages of his essential Walter Foster Animation book, several autographed copies of the same, the storyboards for Journey Back To Oz, rare magazine articles on Red Hot Riding Hood, cels and production art from his commercial films, as well as this transparancy negative (pictured above, flipped to positive) for the rare original titles of Columbia’s 1930s Krazy Kat cartoons. If you act fast you may still be able to place a bid on some of these items. If not you can, like me, simply enjoy some of these images online.

(Thanks, Robert Forman)

  • owen

    holy moly.

  • oh! i love her…these would be treasures to own.

  • Gosh, this is insane. What wonderful treasures.

  • Tim

    I picked a great time to be broke!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    The things I can’t get because I’m not there!

  • David Cuny

    I loved the comment in the “A Tribute to the Pioneers of Animation” booklet:

    Likewise, Preston’s Red Hot was so real, so sexy, that many believed (wrongly) that her sequences were rotoscoped. Preston recalls that someone stole several of the “Red” cels right off the camera before the cameraman had a chance to photograph them. “It had to be one of the biggest compliments I ever received.”

  • Trevor

    Is the Blair estate running into tough financial problems?

  • Kirb

    Augh, those pencils are wonderful. And the auction is right here in Oakland. If only I had money.

  • George

    These did not come from Preston Blair’s estate. I’m not sure why the auction house says that, perhaps for authentication purposes? The person who made this lot available was selling on eBay about a month ago, and I bought an original “The Shooting of Dan McGroo” Poster from her for $135 (you can still view the ended listing on eBay). At that time she was also selling the Krazy Kat negative, and the Barney Bear storyboard/storybook. I emailed her to aks what else she might have, and she mentioned the signed copies of Advanced Animation, and the Return to Oz art, and asked me to call her. I called, and she told me that she and her husband bought a storage locker in Las Vegas, and that this stuff was inside! Talk about an incredible amount of luck, so much gorgeous history!

  • As an archivist, it saddens me to see this marvelous collection about to be dispersed to the four winds. Though I have no worries about Mr. Blair’s legacy or reputation being diminished, since the films live on, the damage to scholarship is hard to calculate. It is a pity that the estate either can’t or won’t donate these materials to a suitable institution which could make them accessible to scholars, artists and aficionados like myself for generations to come. Once split up among the purchasers, these materials will lose what they say about the totality of Blair’s work. Depressing…