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Radio Barrier

Animation historian Michael Barrier spent 40 minutes today discussing classic cartoons on the radio show RadioWest, originating from The University of Utah in Salt Lake City, on NPR’s KUER 90.1. It was a lively conversation that centered on the Warner Bros. cartoons and discussed their adult appeal, the comics, the music, wartime cartoons, cartoon stereotypes, Bob Clampett, Chuck Jones, What’s Opera Doc?, as well as South Park and other fun topics.

It’ll be available online for only three weeks, so I’d recommend listening in soon. Here’s the link.

  • KUER was my home NPR station before heading off for graduate school, so it’s nice to see this link. Thank you for the information!

  • corey

    This is great stuff.

  • Pedro Nakama

    That was a good discussion. I was told by an instructor in school years ago that the Warner Bros. cartoons were a little more edgy and violent because Warner Bros. made a lot of gangster films and these cartoons played in front of the gangster films. You couldn’t play a short with Mickey Mouse going fishing in front of a gangster film.

  • Mer

    If you subscribe to the Radio West podcast, which is linked to on that page, the show will be available for significantly longer. It has shows as far back as the beginning of february.