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Rare Color Film of 1941 Disney Strike

Disney Strike of 1941

I was organizing some dvds tonight and stumbled upon this rare color footage from the 1941 Disney strike. If I recall correctly, it’s from the collection of Tee Bosustow, who I’m currently collaborating with on a very cool project. His father, UPA co-founder Steve Bosustow, can be seen clapping his hands in the video at about 1:22. The footage also includes strike leaders like the recently departed David Hilberman (above photo, right) and Art Babbitt (above, left). The Fats Domino song isn’t part of the original footage obviously, just something I added to break the silence.

  • I have some of the same footage in 16mm. I believe it was shot by John Hubley.

  • uncle wayne

    Wow! What a find!! What a time capsule!!

  • doug holverson

    Was that Walt driving by in his big luxury Packard?

  • Chuck R.

    Best-looking picket-signs —ever!

  • Cool! Of course if a strike this happened today Disney Corp would sue the picketing workers for unauthorized use of their copyrighted characters.


  • Is that Cy Young showing up around :38?

  • Brad Constantine

    Best strike signs ever!!
    You just can’t beat The “got no strings on me “line
    awesome footage…
    thanx for sharing…

  • George

    That was absolutely Walt, looking pissed.

  • Claudia LL

    Dude, check out those picket signs! Now that’s dedication. Artists, through and through.

  • Kip W

    Too cool; really brings it to life. The music is hot, too. Thanks, Amid!

  • Keith Paynter

    Alternate FD music choice – “I’m Walking”…

  • Maddie Pavek

    it says due to copyright issues, I cannot view it in my country… any ways around this??