Rare Episodes of “Do-It-Yourself Film Animation Show” Rare Episodes of “Do-It-Yourself Film Animation Show”

Rare Episodes of “Do-It-Yourself Film Animation Show”

Here’s some fantastic weekend viewing: episodes of Bob Godfrey’s seminal British TV series Do-It-Yourself Film Animation Show. The episode above, broken into multiple parts, features Richard Williams. The rest of the videos are on Charactermation’s YouTube Channel. A few months ago, we also posted Terry Gilliams’ appearance on the show.

(Thanks, Joel Mayer)

  • Omar Al.

    Richard Williams is too much of a Legend!

    …and wow does he look really young in here! :D

  • Love to see Richard acting! Thanks for sharing!

  • You’re welcome ;) The show is pretty hilarious!

  • Amazing to see both those guys looking so young.
    I saw Bob at the Camden Beer Festival a few years ago, when he was still quite active… more so than the UK animation industry, which was in a steep decline. He said:
    “So how did you get started in Animation , Dennis?”
    “Well, you gave me my first job, Bob.”
    “Did I? Oh – sorry about that.”

    • Tak

      So sad to hear folks like that being somewhat morose about the current funk of the old school animation industry. Hope all us young pups can give them a real reason to smile soon.

  • Brian Meyer

    You couldn’t get away throwing the word “damn” around in a television show aimed at youth today.

    • Ron

      Not only “damn” but it began by showing a pair of tits!

      • Chris Sobieniak

        I miss those days!

  • Sarah J

    Richard Williams? Love him! I gotta check this out!

  • Ron

    I’m also wondering what became of the 10 year old kid whose animation Richard Williams showed. Did he grow up to be a professional animator?

  • Tak

    Richard Freaking Williams!

  • Some nice examples of early animation of the brigands from “Thief”, too

  • Matthew Koh

    I didn’t know who Greg Dufull is, but I gotta say that he did pretty good in animation, even when he was 18.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      I’ve known him for a good number of years myself, he went on to some interesting projects in his career.

  • Thank you for sharing Amid!