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SCRAPPY Research Continues


What does this Scrappy toy (pictured above) have to do Humphrey Bogart?

Harry McCracken, the mastermind behind the much acclaimed Scrappyland website – and the expert on all things concerning this forgotten 1930s cartoon character – continues his extensive research on his blog. Recent updates include these incredible finds: Scrappy comics, French strips, U.S. panels and a theory linking them to Will Eisner(!); and Scrappy’s cameo appearence in Bogart’s 1942 film All Through The Night(!!)

All this and more at Harry-Go-Round.

  • Jenny Lerew

    I love this-wonderful toy…and “All Through The Night” is a tremendously fun film, full of action and great bits.

    Speaking of vintage toys in contemporaneous movies: I’ve always looked for an example of the very same Donald Duck windup model that Ginger Rogers demonstrates in “Bachelor Mother”, though (so far) I’ve never seen one. Of course, based on what they used in the film scenes there must have been masses of them. I wonder if the reason it was a DD toy was the Disney-RKO connection? Product placement indeed!