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SCRAPPYLAND is now a blog!

I’ve previously plugged Harry McCracken’s ongoing efforts to recognize Columbia Picture’s most popular (and now long forgotten) cartoon star of the 1930s – via his outstanding website Scrappyland. Now Harry has revised the site, presenting new material in blog format – and he’s begun posting updates with his latest Scrappy merchandising finds, rare art, reviews, and vintage cartoons. The whole thing is now easier to navigate and more fun than ever. Ahh, if only all classic cartoon characters had champions like McCracken and sites like this, the world would be a better place. For now, we have brilliantly realized Scrappyland: Bookmark this TODAY!.

  • Looks like fun! Now if someone will create Flip the Frog-land…

    (I think Scrappy, Buddy, and Willlie Whopper live in a retirement community outside Boca Raton)

  • Loco the Clown

    The world needs more Scrappy. MUCH more.

  • Okay. Now I have to dig out my DVD of the old Humphrey Bogart classic ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT. Pretty sure this very same Scrappy pull toy (or one very similar) plays a minor role in the Runyonesque action.

  • Yes, Dave, it does. Wrote about it on a few years ago and will do so again on Scrappyland before too long.

  • SCRAPPY figured hugely in my pre-school years. Then it disappeared from TV completely. It was as if Scrappy never existed, except for an article or two in ANIMANIA in 1981. Thank goodness for blawgs.

  • Never heard of ‘Scrappy’ until ‘Totally Tuned In’