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String Holders


That’s what I love about Cartoon Brew, I learn something new everyday!

I never knew anything about string holders. The Bosko and Honey pieces I posted yesterday turned out to be string holders from the collection of Eric from Warnerart. Says Eric:

I actually have two sets of these and I’m looking to sell one. I understand they are the only sets in existence. String holders themselves are not unusual collectibles. There’s quite a large market for them. Hakes has several vintage character based string holders currently on auction. As we know, Bokso collectibles are extremely rare (Honey maybe even more so) so seeing Bosko and Honey depicted in 3D plaster relief was a stunner! They apparently date to the 30’s and were acquired from an elderly couple who collected string holders.

Check out other cartoon character string holders on this Hakes auction page.

  • Emily

    But I don’t understand, what are they? What were they for?

  • Very cool… but what is the purpose of a string holder? Holding string? Were these just made to hang on a wall?

  • Joe Busam

    Those are great. The Bosko & Honey are my favorite. I’m astounded to see a Herman the Mouse version. Can’t imagine many of those were sold. I’m fortunate enough to have an original Betty Boop one that was given to me as a wedding present from the original owner who bought it new back in the 30’s. ‘Love to know what it’s worth.

  • FP

    All these years my string has gone unheld. No one told me!

  • Joe Busam

    I believe the purpose of string holders was primarily for kitchen use. The one’s I’ve seen are made of plaster and have a hollowed out area in back to hold the string and generally the hole the string feed through is the mouth of the character. We currently have a contemporary string holder in our kitchen but it’s a simple clear plastic cylinder that mounts on the wall.

  • Joe has it right. The string holders were usually made to either hang on a wall or sit on a table top. The string was coiled and hidden behind or beneath in a hollow of the string holder. While there are contemporary string holders, I suspect these were more common before “tape” became commonplace (Scotch tape wasn’t invented by 3M until 1930) Based on my research, it looks like some string holders were produced purely as promotional items. No telling how many of these character based holders exist but they do seem to be quite rare.

  • Keith Paynter

    “Pull de stringk!! Pull de stringk!!” ;)

  • joe s

    good one keith. maybe someone made bella string holders.