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The Art of Harvey Comics, Fleischer and Famous Studios

Starting next week, the touring exhibition From Richie Rich to Wendy, The Art of Harvey Comics will make a stop in L.A. with rare comic book and animation artwork on display (and some for sale) at the Van Eaton Gallery. On view for only one week, Saturday May 8th through Saturday May 15th, Van Eaton will augment the Harvey exhibit with a wealth of rare material from Paramount’s Famous Studios (the creators of Casper the Friendly Ghost, Little Audrey, Baby Huey, Buzzy the Crow and Herman & Katnip) and its predessesor, Fleischer Studios. There will be rare model sheets, pencil animation art, and cel set ups from Casper, Popeye, Superman, Color Classics, Noveltoons, Little Lulu and others.

There’s an opening reception on Saturday night (May 8th, 7pm -10pm) and I wouldn’t miss it. Schedule permitting, veteran Harvey editor Sid Jacobson may be joining us. The reception is open to the public, but they would prefer you RSVP at (818) 788-2357. The Van Eaton Galleries are located at 13613 Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks, CA. For more information on Harvey Comics, check the Facebook page.

  • Sounds interesting. Is this making its way to the East Coast at some point?

    And is that Casper still from the 3D short whose title I am suddenly blanking on?

  • Bill Field

    Jerry, that really is a must see event, I wish I lived closer. It’s been a recent revelation to many how amazing the early Harvey work was, and I know you’re a humble guy, but you certainly are the reason I took a hard second look, through your Harvey- Dark Horse collections- I am still missing the Harvey Girls Volume, but I’ll try to pick one up at ComicCon this year. I hope all that attend enjoy and appreciate this wonderful collection.

  • JP

    @FilmBuffRich I think this exhibit was on the East Coast last summer (with stops in NYC and Pittsburgh). I was hoping it’d make its way to cities in between both coasts!

  • Aww man. Everything cool happens in California. I hope everyone there has a good time. I would love to see rare artwork from the Fleischer and Famous Studios.

  • will they be coming to Michigan

  • Richie Rich comics for my kids! Get them back in print!

  • JP is correct. Over the past two years, I managed to get the show into San Francisco, New York, Pittsburgh and now Sherman Oaks. I really tried to get it closer to the middle of the country, but there were no takers. I can’t FORCE the show onto anyone…LOL.