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“The Film Daily” 1922-1929 archives

Good news, animation historians! The complete 1922 through 1929 run, 22,000 pages, of industry trade paper The Film Daily has just been posted online at Reviews of rare and now-lost silent cartoon shorts, trade advertising (like the Krazy Kat ad above) and articles of historic interest are here – but you’ll have to diligent and scour each and every page to find nuggets like this ad for Winkler Felix the Cat and Disney’s Alice Comedies or this review of the second Mickey Mouse cartoon, Gallopin’ Gaucho. This is truly a gold mine for researchers like myself.

(Thanks, Leonard Maltin)

  • This is an excellent find. But you don’t have to be as diligent as you indicated. This site is all the more impressive that even though these are scanned pages it’s SEARCHABLE. And the search results are displayed as computer text with an icon to direct to the actual page. A double treat. Thank you Jerry and thank you Film Daily.

  • Tennessee

    How great to see the ANIMATORS not just listed – but given Top billing!!!… wish that was still the trend.

  • Amazing. Thank you!

    A cool window into the past.

    Search is spotty. Just as a quick test I tried searching for a word in a headline I was looking at and it missed it. But amazing that it works at all.

    “Steamboat Willie” got me a full page ad:

  • Luke

    “There is no program so GOOD… that a KRAZY KAT won’t make it BETTER!”

    Pfft, as if. The Krazy Kat cartoons sucked.