The Pop The Pop

The Pop

Episode 1 of a new live action take on Popeye, by filmmaker Abed Gheith and animator Sevan Najarian, posted on Channel 101.

Episode 2 is even more perverse.

(Thanks, Mike Hollingsworth)

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Alright, this was good.

  • “Perverse” is not the word. Thank Gawrshk we DON’T havta see “Episode 2!”

  • Shawn Jackson

    That was horrible and just a little offensive, if you happen to like Popeye. Wow. Sorry to say, but some folks need to leave the camera off.

  • FP

    I like the style, but that guy does a lousy Popeye. The music is a little weak.

  • OMFG! My childhood has been CRUSHED!! THAT WAS HILARIOUSLY WELL-DONE!!! This is ALOT better than the movie from 30 years ago.

  • Saturnome

    Episode 2 is better. The main actor is no Popeye, but there’s fun ideas.

  • Fuzzy Dunlop

    Eh. If it’s going to show real-world Popeye, go all out. The cartoony CG effects and art direction detract from finding a gritty real-world feel, which would have been funnier.

  • Heh, Olive is actually kind of cute here…I agree Popeye is the worst option in the casting. That version of Wimpy is funny, even though he looks quite different.

  • fishmorgjp

    Now this is actually funny; it’s a great satire of both Popeye and action TV shows. And, like a cartoon, it’s short, keeps to the point, and doesn’t overstay its welcome. (Imagine if somebody tried to make a 2-hour blockbuster in this style.)

  • Very imaginative! :)

  • Aleksandar Vujovic

    Thanks for the post Jerry, that was really enjoyable. If it was done just right, it would make an excellent movie, but the production of these is coming up a bit short.

  • Wow. That was great.

    I don’t see why anyone would be offended. It’s an obvious satire of both Popeye cartoons and action movies all wrapped into one.

  • Paul

    Nice Fleischer-esque, urban-tenement-grubby backgrounds in Bluto’s lair.

  • Haha! I love this! It was damn better than Robin Williams. I liked how it was pseudo-real. And Betty Boop in Ep two? LOL! Even better! I don’t know why you’d be offended by this. It’s supposed to be silly!

  • zavkram

    Why does “Popeye” have a beard? Sure, maybe it makes him look tougher… but it weakens the distinction between him and Bluto (who also has a beard). In this adaptation, Popeye comes across as much of a thug as Bluto.

  • I think Robin Williams played a better live action Popeye.

  • Brannigan’s Law

    ….ahhh, just like I remembered it

  • Rio

    One of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t make through 1 minute.

  • I like it!! It’s imaginitive (Thimble Theatre meets The Sopranos), funny, and no where near as bizzare as that “Sailor Man” thing they were going to do a few months back, plus “The Pop” is probably closer to Segar’s stories than the cartoons ever were (after all, Bluto WAS a murderous S.O.B. in the strip, and Wimpy does come off as a shady so ‘n’ so who’d sell out his best friend for a hamburger…).

  • Channel101 make a whole lot of funny weird shorts and satires. My particular favorite being their Mr.Glasses series.

  • Dan

    Reluctantly good. I watched the whole thing. That little skip did it for me (it was in character).

  • I dug it. I thought I wouldn’t, but I did. I think some people won’t like it because they want a hilarious self-parody or some kind of perfect live action recreation, and it’s neither. But I liked it for what it was.

  • TJR

    To be honest, I thought it was just…..OK.

    I like the concept. But I don’t think it’s full potential was achieved.

    The only real laugh out loud funny part for me was in episode 2 with Betty Boops brief appearance.

    …..and Popeye shouldn’t have a beard. I liked Wimpy and Bluto though.

  • Kevin Butler

    This is by far..the worst piece of obscene and

    unfunny stupid crap that I’ve ever seen.

    It’s like an unfunny and vulgar skit from “Saturday Night

    Live!”..God Help Us All!

    Please..Mr.Beck.. if these same people decided to make

    another film like this..which destroys our image of “Popeye”?

    Please don’t put it onto your website.