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The Seymour Kneitel Blog

To heck with the Chuck Jones and Tex Avery blogs, and forget about all the Disney sites… Here’s what I wanted and now I got my wish: The Seymour Kneitel blog.

Seymour who? Kneitel was head animator at the Fleischer Studios during its hey day and became a director and partner in Paramount’s Famous Studios after the Fleischer brother’s ouster. His being Max’s son-in-law didn’t hurt. Kneitel was responsible for bringing Casper The Friendly Ghost, Little Audrey, Herman and Katip and Baby Huey to the screen – in addition to stewarding Popeye and Little Lulu cartoons to the Technicolor screen.

The site is now online with its first posts including rare images, behind the scenes info, including a page from Seymour’s original Famous Studios contract with Paramount. Ginny Mahoney, Seymour’s daughter, is moderating the site. Bookmark it.

  • eeteed

    this is terrific! i’ll be a regular visitor there!

    don’t forget that famous studios also made raggedy anne and superman cartoons (which were first made at the fleischer studio).

  • Seymour Knetiel directed animation and supervised produced (as credited director) some of the best Paramount cartoons I’ve remembered seeing.

    I wonder how I can get in touch by e-mail with Ginny Mahoney, I might want to do some behind-the-scenes stuff for my dying blog.

  • “Kneitel was responsible for bringing Casper The Friendly Ghost, Little Audrey, Herman and Katip and Baby Huey to the screen”

    Ugh… not exactly a ringing endorsement. He sure was a great animator when working under Dave Fleischer, though.

    • David Breneman

      Well, at least we can take solace in the fact that if there was no “Herman and Catnip” there’d be no “Itchy and Scratchy.” As loathsome as H&C was, at least it provided good parody fodder.

    • Raf

      Yeesh. Why don’t you just be honest and say “I hate this man’s work?”

  • Chris Sobieniak

    At least Jerry’s finally happy! I probably had a wish for something like this for such a long time as well!

  • That’s a great site. I will visit there often! We know plenty about Disney and Warner Bros., but so little about the other major studios.

  • xevo

    What is it about sons-in-law and animation studios (Knietel, Paul Smith, Ron Miller)…?

  • Jeff Kurtti

    Please remember it was Ron Miller who championed keeping the Disney Animation division at the Studio in business (even when confronted with a Board that wanted to shut it down and focus on the Theme Park business), he supported the ongoing Studio-subsidized training of new animation talent, funded the films of Tim Burton (“Vincent” and “Frankenweenie”), acquired the film rights for “Who Censored Roger Rabbit?” and put it into its initial development, and initiated Disney’s first attempts at computer animation in films such as “Tron” and the famous John Lasseter/Glen Keane test of “Where the Wild Things Are.”

  • Great new blog. Those portraits are fantastic. Thanks for the tip, Jerry.