The Twelve Animated Days of Christmas, #6 The Twelve Animated Days of Christmas, #6

The Twelve Animated Days of Christmas, #6

We’re looking back all the way to 1932 today to see Santa’s Workshop, a Disney “Silly Symphony” directed by Wilfred Jackson. It’s lighthearted Disney fluff at its best–charming, entertaining and lots of fun to look at.

  • I like it when the little elf runs away whispering “a cake of soap, a cake of soap, a cake of soap…” There’s something creepy and fantastic about it that sticks with me. It’s a great short, fluffy indeed!

  • Charlie

    The part that sticks out with me is when Santa is checking “OK” with the stamps. Especially the chatter he exchanges with the first doll. Just something about that makes me laugh.

  • What jolly and fun Santa Claus! Haven’t seen one of those in quite a while.

  • Cool. I notice Santa Claus in this film bears quite a striking resemblance to Noah from the first short at the end of Dumbo.

  • That brought back memories. Haven’t seen it since I was about 5.

  • At Egmont, we adapted this as a comic book story for a Disney Christmas album in 2001. Some of the lyrics in Billy Brown’s list were mighty hard to decipher. We had to listen about twenty-five times to “I want a baboon, a dog that’ll bark…” before we understood the second half.

  • Mac

    I love this one! It’s so full of little touches, details and pieces of action that make it fun to watch over and over again. I like the shot early on where the elves (or gnomes as Santa calls them) are tending to the reindeer – one brushes a reindeer’s teeth, another washes a reindeer’s face, one provides the food and another shovels the crap! Another neat touch is how Santa says he’ll give Billy Brown Noah’s Ark and later on a Noah’s Ark toy is included in the procession of toys. I remember watching this with my sister as a kid and her pointing and calling out “That’s what that kid wanted”!

    One question I wonder if anyone can answer – are the titles on this version the original ones or were they recreated for the DVD release?