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Today’s the Day…

Unabashed plug #2: Popeye DVD. Post your comments below.

  • Chuck R.

    Yes!…that is an unabashed plug.
    seriously, Amazon tells me it’s shipped already —I can’t wait.

  • E

    I guess it’s better than being “abashed.” BRAVO! Ordered mine a bit ago…hopefully it’ll arrive today and I’ll be up all night savoring it!

  • Gummo

    I’ll keep this simple:

    I. Want.

  • Charlie

    My newspaper has a little section (only on Tuesdays and Fridays) to DVDs that come out that day. I saw Woody on Friday but not on Tuesday, but they did get Popeye today. Also they got the full titles down!

    Side note: There was also an article for Larry Doyle.

  • There are some reports that the opening to the first Popeye with Betty Boop hasn’t been properly restored and that for a few cartoons, Cartoon Network prints were used. Can anyone confirm this?

  • Bill Field

    Hey, Jerry- where’d THAT Popeye logo above come from? I love the font texture– I’ve never noticed it looking that cool! Well– let the “is there any DVNR?” discussion begin– it seems to be the only thing folks care about these days. Sorry, but I think it’s the most nit-pickingnest thing I’ve heard since I read Overstreet’s comicbook grading criteria. DVNR will not effect my enjoyment of this collection!

  • Can’t wait — Pre-Ordered mine a month ago but I’m actually kind of regretting it now because it probably won’t arrive before Thursday. Every review that I have read says that this set is breathtaking!

  • I got mine on Friday, from the same internet retailer that was sending out the Harry Potter book too early (I think they try to account for the Standard Shipping time of 5-10 business days, but sometimes the USPS is actually efficient!). Wotta treat! All I’ll say for now is, be sure to listen to the commentary on “Blow Me Down!”

  • Paul

    I will not sit on the porch waiting for the UPS guy, I will not sit on the porch waiting for the UPS guy, I will not sit on the porch waiting for the UPS guy….

  • Joe Busam

    Mine arrived yesterday courtesy of Deep Discount. I was only able to preview about four cartoons including the credit sequence to SINBAD. Everything looks beautiful. The announcement that we’ve never seen them looking like this is true. Despite all the advance word about the quality, seeing them like this is still startling. I’m sure Jerry will confirm this but I detect no DVNR. There’s just an occasional bit of dirt or cel flare but these are inherent in the original art and proves to me that if any DVNR was used it was minimal. It’s unfortunate that the original Paramount logo for POPEYE THE SAILOR is a causality, (Thanks AAP!!!) but I haven’t detected ANY CN prints so far.

    And Bill, that piece of art that Jerry posted IS the opening titles. Like so much of this, it looks like new art. I never really noticed that texture in the type looking so clear before either. The experience IS like seeing them for the first time. I think 20 seconds went by on the beginning of SINBAD before I saw a frame I’d seen before. Love those cotton candy clouds around the Paramount mountain!! And Popeye’s name on the title now appears edged in gold. An effect invisible in every print I’ve ever seen. Despite hours of viewing and re-viewing I’m still nowhere through the Woody set yet but I’m definitely taking a break to bask in the glow of my all time favorite cartoons and experience them like I never have before! Thanks Warners, KFS and especially you Jerry!

  • Adam
  • John Tebbel

    Brisk sales in the Big Apple. Sold out at Broadway Best Buy halfway through All My Children (when I shop). At least one other disappointed customer in store when I was. Still in stock in Chelsea. Am writing this instead of shopping. Am blown down.

  • JERRY!

    your popeye panel at comic con was awesome! i was REALLY disappointed that there weren’t dvds for sale at the con!

    i tried to hang back and talk to you and stephen after the panel but you were being spirited away by people concerned with scheduling…and i couldn’t figure out where the poster signing was!

    in any event i’m incredibly excited and thank you so much for all your shameless promotion!

    and hey…what the heck was going on with that 3d popeye? despite what the host was saying i’d much rather see robin williams as popeye than look at that 3d business…

    jeep jeep

  • john grant

    they are beautiful prints—the extras are wonderful
    this is GOLD-i cant wait for the rest—the Famous Studios too…

  • It’s been said that several 16mms of the first Popeye with original titles are owned by various sources (Someone on another forum has said that Jerry has one, as does La Cinemateque Quebecois and a few other places). Sounds like either Warner didn’t get a hold of one of these for their restoration, or flubbed the reconstruction (This short was also recontructed for an episode of the Popeye Show, but was not actually aired due to PC concerns).

    Severeal Shorts are also reproted to not have Stereoptical captions on the openings. This does not bode well for future sets.

  • Mort

    Thanks to your diligent efforts, Jerry, viewing these restored treasures is like seeing them with seventy years of cataracts freshly removed.

  • Mr. P

    Copies were flying off the shelves at Best Buy this morning. I talked a bit with several other ‘Popeye’ customers there, some buying more than one copy. (Ebay or Xmas presents!??)

    I don’t mean to plug buying it there, but they have the set as an exclusive available in a collectible deeply embossed tin case. It goes on the shelf real nice next to the Disney Treasures tin cases. Beyond sweet!! I didn’t see any there in the regular packaging, however.

    This release has been given plenty of TLC and lots of respect that has been long overdue for these milestones of American animation.

  • Russell H

    “Strike up the bee-and for Paw-poy the Sai-lah!”
    –Mae Questel

  • Just picked up my POPEYE DVD set at Best Buy. The set comes in a tin case (like the WALT DISNEY TREASURES sets) with an embossed POPEYE logo and image on the front. It’s an exclusive for Best Buy. I haven’t watched any of it yet, but the packaging art and design is sensational! All looks GREAT!

  • Amazon shipped it to me this morning! It should be between my hairy little knuckles by the end of the week!

  • Darryl Hirschler

    Just want to say the Best Buy collector’s tin was a complete surprise to me and I am delighted with it! It looks and feels very rich. Inside the tin is the standard cardboard box too, in case you wanted to put the tin away for safekeeping. However, I will be proudly displaying this one on my shelf! Can’t wait to get home to watch it.

  • I did a little stakeout at Best Buy this morning before they opened to make sure I got the tin. At first I was concerned about the two dozen or so other people already waiting at the door when I arrived, but then my worries subsided when I saw that they were all instead fighting each other for that stupid “300” boxed set.

    Anyway, I dove into all the bonus materials first and then treated myself to a sample of the shorts on the various discs, including both two-reelers. Everything looks great, and I love the attention that non-Popeye early animation in general is getting. I was also glad to see the Popeye documentaries not ignoring the other aspects of the character’s history, such as the feature film and the later television animation. Come on, not even Paramount’s “Popeye” movie DVD had Paul Dooley talking about Wimpy, for cryin’ out loud! It’s little touches like those (not to mention the restoration work on the shorts themselves, of course!) that really make it clear that this set was put together by people with a deep love and appreciation for the history and legacy of the Popeye world.

    An official home video release has been twenty-four years in the making, and it has been well worth the wait.

  • Argus

    Will the original Paramount opening to the first Popeye cartoon be a bonus feature on a future release?

  • bman

    I got the woody dvd and it was great. no disappointment. I’m sure this will be just as good. I am sure this will be an immaculate collection, but please settle down people, thier just cartoons. Lets just relax and enjoy it. Everyone here is acting as if this is thier first time getting layed.

  • Mike Fontanelli

    I’m just about to walk across the street to the WB Store, where they’re holding 3 of ’em for me!

    Thanks, Jerry – for helping this happen. You’re doing the Lord’s work. (He’s a Fleischer fan, y’know…)

  • Bill Field

    Hey, Mike Fontanelli—WB Store? I thought they all closed in 2001– where is the one you mentioned? I really miss those stores.

  • Love it, love it, love it. I’ve been waiting for a collection like this ever since I’ve enjoyed those 5 dollar VHS tapes of public domain cartoon classics.

    Not too keen on some of the commentaries though, I love the historian ones that actually comment on historical facts about the cartoons, but do we really need to hear the animators about how much they love certain gags and blatently plug the cartoons they’re working on right now? Have people today become so dense about humor that it has to be explained to us?

    By the way folks, watch my cartoon; Ivan the Unbearable, coming soon to Nickelodeon

  • “Will the original Paramount opening to the first Popeye cartoon be a bonus feature on a future release?”

    Wait, they didn’t use the original in some way? What’s up with that.

  • Bill Field

    AWD!– Can you EXPLAIN your cartoon to me??? And, what were your favorite gags– or are you gonna make us wait ’til the DVD w/ commentaries comes out?—
    – I’m kidding you-nice plug, you just gave, here in COMMENTS, Isn’t that the root word for commentary? HAHAHA

    But, most of all, I hope you all watch my new show, The Bill Field Trip- featuring my cartoons and characters, all wrapped up in a live action, almost-reality show.

  • My brother and I unashamedly marched into our local Best Buy wearing our Comic-Con Popeye hats. To his horror the shelf was empty but I hijacked a salesperson and found they hadn’t even put them out yet (it was almost noon then). Haven’t watched it yet but the tin is beautiful! Love the happy burger-munching Wimpy on one of the discs especially. ;)

  • Long time reader, first time caller…er, commenter.

    I don’t know how many gamers are in the group, but for those with Xbox Live access, they have put some videos up in the Marketplace from ComicCon. Of particular note are “Hanna Barbera/Popeye Panel Coverage”, and “Sailor’s Horn Pipes.” I believe Mr. Beck appears in both videos.

    DISCLAIMER: I am not associated with Xbox, Cartoon Brew, Popeye, or the State of Texas and can’t draw to save my life…just a fan saying howdy and looking forward to the DVD.

  • vince

    i just got my copy today at best buy. best buy is offering an exclusive tin with the dvd set it really looks nice. as far as the quality of the shorts i watched disc 1 and 2 today i was amazed at the quality of the cartoons in this set its well worth the money spent now if only warner would have done this well with space ghost and the birdman sets.

  • Shmorky

    This is effing AWESOME! Everything about this set is perfect except one tiny little thing. The DVDs are in that “stacked” pattern with the discs overlapping eachother so you have to pull out one to get to the other. This is so forgivable though. I’m really happy about this set!

  • umbriago

    Costco had a few. Not many, but a few. They really look gorgeous. Actually I just put it in and played “The Man on the Flying Trapese,” and I don’t think I’ve ever seen them with such clarity and good sound before, and I’ve been watching them since as far back as I can remember.


    There are a large number of extras on these four disks, Out of the Inkwell cartoons and so forth, so if you’re holding off, don’t.

  • J Lee

    OK, my only real complaint is they changed the animators credits on “The Organ Grinder’s Swing” for some reason, switching it from Dave Tendlar and William Sturm to Willard Bowsky and George Germanetti. Anyone have any idea what that was all about?

  • umbriago

    Also, Greg Ford’s commentaries are hilarious so far (Can You Take It?). And it’s Trapeze, I know.

  • Wiffle Piffle

    The print of ‘Morning, Noon and Nightclub’ is definately from the AAP print which is controlled by Turner. The gouge is there at the side where it’s always been. However, I think it’s pretty unresonable to expect Warners to turn up every 70 year old master element. What they have done here is a wonderful contribution to the understanding of animation for those who might not be able to otherwise have access to these films. Sinbad is as said here: breath taking. The first half dozen or so on disc one are also better than anything peviously aired or released – and finally we get to see the inkwell right itself at the end! An ‘A’-list release for sure but John K.’s commentary is really really beyond terrible. The money could have been better spent here and I hope another candidate is chosen for ‘Alladin’. This is truly a wonderful batch of cartoons and fans of Popeye have reason to rejoice today!

  • Jpox

    Great collection!
    I picked mine up after work and have already watch most of disc 1.
    Never noticed before that Olive was quite a scrapper as well….

  • Sacred Cowboy

    BUY THIS SET! they don’t make ’em like this anymore. : (

    Just finished watching the first 8 shorts with my 11 year old, a first-time viewer – he loves them! so do I – a lot of forgotten childhood memories (and music cues) came rushing to the surface – tears of joy!

    but beyond that, the set is magnificent. thanks, Jerry, bless you and everyone involved. the transfers are immaculate, as everyone has been saying. anyone know the print sources? Library of Congress?

    but the even bigger surprise is the audio transfers – clear, clean, crisp, remarkably full fidelity, lots of unearthed nuances. Jerry, any comments on what was done to make these sound so good? thanks for giving the audio equal care.

    Ray Fielding, an old film professor of mine, once told us that the Fleischers made the films first, THEN recorded the soundtracks, since everything was timed to the music – any truth to that?

    what really stands out, 74 years later, is the Fleischers’ unbridled creativity: great animation and design, musical pacing, great music, lots of funny, trippy gags (weren’t reefers part of the mix there?) – not to mention plenty of refreshing rudeness, agression and lust! well, these are products of rawer times, but there’s also a lot of heart behind them, too. wish we had more of that kind of a mix today.

    now how about a similar set of Betty Boops? and the Laurel & Hardy shorts? and rerelease the remastered Little Rascals! come on, Suits, time’s a-wastin’!

  • Brad Constantine

    Love The Tin from Best Buy!! Fits right in next to the Disney Treasures tins!! Thanx for the heads up, Jerry!!
    and it was on sale!!

  • Jorge Garrido

    I got mine at Best Buy with the sweet tin.. Great set all aorund, the only flaw is some DVNR. I also bought Woody Woodpecker, Space Ghost, and Birdman. Great sets there, too.

    I’m thinking of getting that 300 box set, too, but I’ll wait until they do the box set of the inevitable sequels.

  • Reg Hartt

    I bought the regular box set and got home to find two copies of disc three and none of disc one. I called the store. They opened other copies and found the same problem.

    Others, I gather from the ANIMATION SHOW FORUMS site, have had the same problem.

    Check your purchase in the store so that you do not have to lug it back.

  • Got mine yesterday. Wonderful job! Have only looked at disc one so far, but everything looks and sounds fabulous, way beyond my happiest expectations. I had the notion of watching all the shorts in chronological order (I’m trying to do that with the great Woody set too) to get a sense of the series/character development, BUT IT’S SO HARD! I keep spotting favorite titles (“Man, I haven’t thought of THAT one for years!) and sneaking ahead. Well done!

  • Got it at Best Buy, the tin was a nice surprise. I’ve only had time to check out first cartoon (topless Betty Boop ahoy!) and Sindbad, and as a result I’ve been singing that danged “most remarkable fellow” song all morning. Can’t wait to watch the rest.

  • I had a hell of a time finding the set in Burbank yesterday. The local Best Buy got in 24 copies, Target got in 5, and FYE 2. Toys R Us, Circuit City, K-Mart, zip. The stores that got them were sold out around 2 PM, which was when I went looking for it. All of the salespeople were surprised it even existed and they had to look it up on their computers to see if they had received it. I finally found a copy at the FYE in the Glendale mall, though the manager there said they also received only 2 copies. I don’t know if the stores underordered or if Warners didn’t bother to promote the damn thing (very likely with their vintage cartoon releases) but there didn’t seem to be that many copies in these parts.

  • Keith Paynter

    What happened to the advertising campaign with this release? There was supposed to be a “major” advertising campaign. I don’t know how it was handled in the US, but here in Canada, I saw nothing on television, and zero flyer info from Future Shop or Best Buy. The ironic thing with Best Buy is that they are supposed to have this exclusive tin box, but they’re not promoting it in the flyer (I don’t think you could find it anywhere considering how many images of 300 were plastered all over it).

    Checked my local Wal-Mart first…nothing, yet they had several of Tuesday’s street date TV sets like Dallas on the shelf.

    I wasn’t specifically shooting for the tin, but when my first two (read – closer to me) resellers had nothing, I went to BB. They only had the tins, with no space designated for the standard box, although their website offered them both at the same price.

    I would like to offer WB a Stephen Colbert “Wag Of The Finger” for underpromoting this set up here.

  • Mine’s on the way. Greg Ford told me about the extras on the disc…you could teach an entire animation class with them!
    I can’t wait til it gets here. Congratulations Jerry on helping get these little gems out in style.
    Now, when do we get to see your fine Betty Boop tape collection on DVD?

  • Reg Hartt

    Disc number one was missing not only on the set I bought but on almost all of the copies that came into the store. They only got three sets that are complete. Warner’s is now checking all copies in storage at their Toronto warehouse. Wherever you get a copy from OPEN IT IN THE STORE. That way you will not have to return it.

  • Andy H

    Our Wal-Mart got 3 copies, and of course I got one! I have never seen transfers this good, both audio and visual. I have only watched the first disk, but just seeing the first Popeye cartoon alone is worth its weight in gold to me!

    On a side note: When I was a kid in the 60’s, I got a Grumbacher Thunderbird projector one year for Christmas. It came with a 200 foot reel of Popeye cartoons which were heavily edited down, one of which was Popeye The Sailor! It was great seeing these cartoons in there unedited forms.

  • Canada seems to be really lousy about DVD’s and the errors contained therein. For example, one collector reported that a DVD in his Canadian copy of Looney Tunes Vol 2. had suffered extreme laser rot.

  • Darryl Hirschler

    When I got home with my Popeye set, my son said he had just seen a television commercial about it and thought of me. I imagine he was watching either CN or Nick. So there was some TV promotion. And my Best Buy sales ad from Sunday mentioned the exclusive collector’s tin (minimum six per store).

    Man, I love this set. My kids don’t care that it’s black and white either. They love them. Just saw the football one this morning. Hilarious when Wimpy comes out onto the field, drinks the water himself, and leaves. And Popeye did a “boop-oop-a-doop” at the end! I haven’t seen some of these since I was a kid myself. It’s all brand new to me!

  • droosan

    Paul Dini: I went to the Burbank Best Buy at 10:30 AM (only 30 minutes after they’d opened for business on Tuesday), and they only had 5 POPEYE sets on the shelf at that time .. I’m sure the other 4 had disappeared well before lunch-time.

    With 3 major animation studios within the city limits, no ‘limited’ animation-related release ever lasts long in Burbank’s local shops.

    Still .. ‘sold out’ within 1 hour might be some kind of record ..

  • Jonathan G.

    I’ve never used a promotional coupon enclosed in a DVD, but now I want to. But where do they sell Popeye Spinach? I have a can I bought a couple of decades ago, but it’s really showing it’s age. I’d love to replace it. It’s something of a totem in our home.

  • Robert Porrazzo

    Jonathan in answer to your question, I have seen Popeye Spinach at my local supermarket in Greenwich. Just look in the canned veggies section.

    By the way, got my Popeye DVD from amazon–Jerry, a commendation for you sir on this labor of love. The color cartoons exploded with color and the black and whites were as crisp as freshly grown spinach–and I don’t even have an HDTV set. I’m watching the ‘toons on a mere 13″ analog set with remote control. Hope to get a 15″ LCD flatscreen set one of these days. Perhaps then things will pop even more.


  • I got one of the collector’s tin sets at Best Buy this afternoon, and have been watching selected bits and pieces since I don’t have the luxury of popping in each disc and letting it spin…yet…

    One thing struck me as very very odd, and I have no idea in hell how it happened, but if you watch Popeye The Sailor Meets Sindbad The Sailor with the commentary, the ending music is completely different from the version without the commentary. The commentary version has the “AAP ending” music over the technicolor Paramount logo, while the uncommented version has ending music that’s more in line with what one should expect from a mid-late 1930s Popeye cartoon. This doesn’t happen with Ali Baba And The Forty Thieves, however.

    Great set, and the Popumentaries certainly show the difference that the restoration of both the picture and sound have made. Kudos to all involved!

  • John

    When the restored Sindbad was first screened in Los Angeles, it was mentioned that the audio track had the correct opening music, but the ending had the cut in music from the AAP titles, so what you hear on the commentary track is what that copy’s actual audio track sounds like. What’s heard on the regular track is edited in, in an effort to make it sound a little more like the original.

  • I wonder if the original negative elements of the ending music track still exist. There’s so much we DON’T know about what happened to the Technicolor Specials while they were in AAP custody; do the camera originals still exist (not three strip separation negatives, but the successive-frame exposure single-strip film that Technicolor animation cameras used), are we seeing the correct ending when the last scene dissolves into the Paramount title (rather than fading out or irising out), etc.

    On the one hand, I can’t believe that some collection somewhere (LC? UCLA? National Archives?) wouldn’t have a correct Technicolor imbibition print from which the actual correct ending could be taken. On the other hand, nitrate is unstable and seventy-one years is a long time, so perhaps not.

    …I’m nitpicking about thirty seconds of screen time when we have gloriously restored films to enjoy, with their correct opening sequences and music. Somebody please eat some spinach and sock some sense into me.

  • Hey Jerry- The Popeye musicals are some of my favorite things in the world. Other than that damn CatDog theme, Sinbad the Sailor is possibly the most stuck-in-my-head song ever. All I say is BOO and my enemies run.

  • jacethecrowl

    I’m still waiting for Amazon to send mine — “shipping soon” they say. It’s just sitting there! Errgh. I met with King Features publicity folks in 2003, trying to get a 75th birthday theatrical tour together. They made that 3-D cgi disgrace instead. So like all of you I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Unfortunately, I’m still waiting…

  • Just got mine at the NoHo Best Buy… I’m not sure if this was a glitch, but it scanned at $44.99 (with tin!) so that’s a 25% discount right off the bat. Checked the packaging and all 4 discs are there… although after reading those complaints above I feel like I should expect Taiwan midget porn when I get home and throw these babies in the DVD.

  • The clip of Jerry Beck at ComicCon I mentioned earlier can be found at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rK46twWaDeA

    I’m hoping they still have some of those tins at Ye Local Best Buy!

  • Sgt King

    I purchased the beautiful Best Buy tin set. I’ve viewed about half the cartoons and all the special features. The black and whites look pristine and the 2 reel Sindbad and Ali Baba’s are simply knockout fabulous! The special features are very entertaining and informative. The commentaires are well done except the ones by the Three Stooges of John, Eddie and Kali. All they do is say drivel like “Wow, look at that scene” and are constantly trying to make each other laugh or giggle. The female is especially annoying! Sadly they do the comments on my all time favorite: Popeye Meets Sindbad. Such a waste on this, in all other respects, intelligently done, first-class box set of animation treasures. My vote for the dvd release of the year!

  • Ogg

    I also went through the trouble to get the Best Buy tin. I really hope the next three volumes have tins since they’re ultra-classy. The new remasters are beautiful even if they show age a lot. One of my favorites, Shiver Me Timbers, was a real surprise since I had only seen it colorized before. Great set!

  • Wow. Working my way through Disc 1 so far and the remastering is absolutely jaw-dropping… I especially love “Blow Me Down!” with the beautiful Mexican backgrounds. The restored endings with the fade-out into the inkwell are another pleasant surprise; I was totally gobsmacked the first time I saw it animated.

    Not a drawback in any way, but I thought the opening notice about the old stereotypes was really heavy-handed. “THEY WERE WRONG THEN AND THEY ARE WRONG NOW.” Jeez, condemn the animators to eternal hellfire while you’re at it.

  • I agree with Sgt King about the banal commentary of John, Eddie, and Kali on the Technicolor specials. WHV would have done better, I think, to have put one or two noted animation scholars on the track to talk about the mammoth undertaking that was involved in producing these color films…the use of the horizontal turntable camera and how it worked (Popular Science had a screen magazine segment showing Popeye’s Aladdin being filmed, in color), the complexities involved in the Technicolor process, the extreme amount of publicity that these films were given, the public reaction to them, etc.

    Most lay people watching Sindbad or Ali Baba for the first time are not aware of how Technicolor even worked, with their floating imbibition printing baths, gelatin relief printing matrices, separation negatives, or even the way the animation cameras worked by making the red, green, and blue pictures successively on the same strip of film, with optical sequential printing being done to derive the separation negatives from which the matrices were made. They also don’t know that Technicolor was extremely flexible, and could do color corrections in the lab as well as offer six degrees of color intensity in the final print, from subtle and muted to garish and dizzying.

    Warner had a golden opportunity to educate the audience, and instead what they gave us was “Yuk yuk, look at that – Bluto just got his [posterior] handed to him again!”.

  • top_cat_james

    In regards to the Best Buy tin case promotion, I noticed Sam’s Club was offering a reproduction of a ’30’s Popeye comic book in their sets.

  • Mine arrived today, with all discs intact. The color restoration is particularly impressive. Congratulations!

  • Thanks Jerry and All involved in bringing this collection to DVD. I received mine from Amazon on Wednesday and have been enjoying watching it over the past few days .

    By the way, I just posted a little item on my blog which Popeye fans may find of interest:


    This is a Thimble Theater “film strip” toy that my wife rescued from a pile of old stuff that had been left out on the curb by one of our neighbors for the garbage collectors to take away. She found this and brought it home the same day as the DVD arrived from Amazon which I take to be a good omen of some sort.

  • As with a few others, I thought the commentary, or lack thereof, by John, Eddie and Kali was purposeless and offered no insight into the genius behind the creation of those beautiful gems of animation. Listening to that constant giggling was particularly annoying. I was thankful for having versions of those cartoons elsewhere on the disk sans banal remarks and giggling.

    The only other minor complaint is the packaging. I realize it’s done to cut down a bit on manufacturing costs (less material required for the packaging), but overlapping disks is dumb. If I want to watch a disk that is underneath, I have to remove the one above it. Looney Tunes Golden Collection (#4) did this same thing. I’d prefer to pay the extra buck or so for a return to non-overlapping disks.

    That being said, this set is amazing, make that AWESOME, and like most others here, I have been waiting in anticipation for years to see these Popeye episodes released to the public.

    Two of my personal favorite black and white episodes are, “The Paneless Window Washer,” and “I-ski Love-ski You-ski,” and watching the SinBad the Sailor color two-reeler was akin to looking at a luscious piece of beautifully made birthday cake. Abu Haaaaaassan !!!

    Can barely wait to see volume 2.

  • Peter Neski

    “As with a few others, I thought the commentary, or lack thereof, by John, Eddie and Kali was purposeless and offered no insight into the genius behind the creation of those beautiful gems of animation. ”

    I couldn’t agree More!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Awesome set, I’ll echo the sentiment regarding the low-rent packaging, is it me or does Warner consistently have the worst DVD boxes? -glares at cardboard-packaged WB DVDs on shelf-

    A minor complaint, though, bring on volume 2!

  • Great job, Jerry and all those involved. What a fantastic collection, with terrific commentaries and extras. A new standard for cartoon DVDs.

  • Tom Bertino

    With regard to the promised “publicity campaign”, I was complekely susprised while watching AMC last weekend (you know: Any Minute a Commercial) and saw ads! TV ads for the thing! TWICE! I’ve never, EVER seen a TV commercial for any of the previous “classic cartoon” collections from any studio. Am I totally wrong or is this, in fact, unprecedented?

  • Frank Provasek

    My Amazon preorder came Aug 1 and I have watched some of these every day since. Have to give it an A- (but much better than ever seen before) Sort of annoying that the opening ship door credits are rock steady, but the cartoon material still has the up and down jitter usually associated with sprocket wear. Perhaps they were fearful of the rath that would have come from the anti digital noise reduction crowd.

  • pp

    That’s the only negative I’ve noticed on this otherwise amazing set. The jittering doesn’t happen in every cartoon, fortunately.

    Fabulous restoration and mastering jobs! Great audio.

  • Rob Gourlay

    The Popeye set is fantastic! I grew up watching these cartoons on local television in the 60’s and was able to tape them off a Buffalo TV station in the late 80’s. The print quality is beautiful. The set negatives are few: the stacked discs; the pitiful, useless commentary by the three animators; why are there no release dates noted on the packaging or on the screen menus?; a little more technical information on the multi-plane process would have been interesting in a detailed documentary; and how about a poster gallery of one-sheets of the titles in the set.
    Just a few other questions: 1)Are there any titles (in this or future sets) that we are seeing complete for the first time? Have the a.a.p. prints we’ve seen on TV been uncut? 2)Were there any trailers produced for the theatrical releases? 3) It would be interesting to know some details on the restorations. Where were the complete prints found or stored, etc.?
    I can’t wait for the next set! Great site! Thanks.

  • Marci Cameron

    The DVD set is amazing! I got mine at Target almost a month ago. And after watching “Sindbad” and “Ali Baba’s Forty Thieves” with restored opening titles for the first time, I have to say I am impressed! As for that “Making of Popeye as Aladdin” segment, I recently found it on YouTube at this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0P795hUCIo It’s very interesting and I hope they include that as an extra on Volume 2. I just hope they can restore the Famous Studios color Popeye cartoons for DVD, those are my faves of the series.

  • chris ford

    hey jerry. Glad to hear about popeyes new dvd release i am waking up early on july 17 to be the first at my local dvd store . Say what happened to the popeye show that was a great show you think you could put it back on tv.