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“Tom & Jerry” on Blu-Ray

Buzzing about the internet today was news concerning the Tom and Jerry Golden Collection, Volume 1. Whereas I’m working on this set and had been sworn to secrecy about it, I couldn’t mention it before. Since the box art was leaked and a bunch of mis-information is now being spread, I have no choice but to violate my arrangement with the studio and clear up some facts.

First of all, some basic information about this set: It goes on sale October 25th on both Blu-Ray and standard DVD discs. The DVD will go for $26.99 and will present the cartoons in their original 1.33:1 “full frame” video aspect ratio. The Blu-Ray set will cost $34.99 and will feature the shorts also in the original 1.33:1 aspect ratio, but with video in 1080p high definition. Both will no doubt sell for less on Amazon.

Each set will contain the first 37 Tom & Jerry shorts, in chronologic release order (from Puss Gets The Boot to Professor Tom, for those keeping score at home). There will be audio commentaries and bonus documentaries – but none of these are finalized yet. These sets will contain new, pristine transfers from CRI negative elements. These are not the Turner TV broadcast prints used on previous releases.

Many are asking about Mouse Cleaning. The original nitrate negative has been found on this rare title and it is being restored at great expense. This film is planned for release on T&J Golden Collection volume 2. Don’t even think of asking me about that set yet.

The information leaked about Vol. 1 today was early data made available to solicit sales from the retail trade. It was not intended to be spread publicly. A formal press release about the Tom & Jerry Golden Collection, with updated information, will be released in a few weeks.

P.S. I will be moderating a Warner Home Video Cartoon panel on Thursday July 21st at 3pm at the San Diego Comic Con – with guest panelists including George Feltenstein – to discuss forthcoming Tom & Jerry and Looney Tunes collections on DVD. If you are going to the Comic Con, I advise you (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) to attend this panel for more information.

(Special thanks to David Lambert)

  • EHH

    I love that the cover has their original designs from the first shorts.

  • Jay Taylor


  • That is treeee-mendous news, and the cover art is beAUtiful! I trust that these films will not be “tampered” with, regarding alllll the “cesorable” material that has become so (ridiculously) taboo in recent years.

  • Squee!

  • Can. Not. Wait!

  • meta

    Jerry, thank you so much for the update and clearing up most of the confusion regarding this release, which was no doubt due to the leak you mentioned. Can you confirm whether or not all of the shorts included will be uncut as well?

  • FriendtoAll

    Warner has screwed up and abused the trust of fans too many times to get the benefit of the doubt willy-nilly. This release will be crap unless EXPLICITLY proven otherwise.

    And that bit about “forthcoming” Looney Tunes DVD’s will undoubtedly be more disappointment… unless you are clamoring for post-1953 shorts cropped to that horrible modern HD ratio. And where the hell is Popeye?

    • meta

      Who still cares about DVDs, seriously? True fans would get the Blu-Rays… get with the times man. The very fact that this will be the first Blu-Ray release of this series is reason enough to get it.

      • Oliver

        I don’t buy Blu-ray because you know as well as I do that the studios will start selling us Super-HD discs in just a few years’ time.

      • FriendtoAll

        Blu-Ray. DVD. Whatever. I just want to know what the hell Warner has planned for the Looney Tunes? I’ve peeled less revolting things out of my trash can than that horrible Road Runner DVD they plan on foisting upon us.

        Popeye, too? Where the hell are the color shorts?

      • Sat

        Regarding Blu-Ray : It looks more likely that it could be the last physical media. Things are going the stream/download way, so I have some doubts about “super-HD”. Also, I wonder what it could bring over HD (I know HD isn’t full 35mm, but still) and what TV size you would need to take full advantage of it without being close to it like a computer screen (for HD it’s around 40po I think). Oh and it would need new TV sets, current TVs can’t do over 1080p.

        Anyway this is very, very exciting news. For some reason I still don’t have any of the Tom and Jerry set, but this will be a day 1 purchase. I’m happy to see Warner releasing good sets again. And I hope there’s much more to come!

      • tony mccarson

        physical media will never die!
        & If history changes, a new kind of “physical” invention will take place of physical media!
        someday, activeness will triumph over convenience/lazyness!
        Sat, do not respond.

      • tony mccarson

        physical media will never die!
        & If history changes, a new kind of “physical” invention will take place of physical media!
        someday, activeness will triumph over convenience/lazyness!

      • meta

        Exactly. Also, Blu-Ray offer almost limitless levels of quality over crappy webstreams and DVDs, so a true fan who values quality would know what he’d rather watch. Also, some of these above comments are beyond moronic – Blu-Ray is the best available quality NOW, beyond doubt, and will actually increase; 100GB Blu-Ray discs have already been made, and 200GB discs are in the horizon, so only a fool would doubt its range and potential. You’ll be older than Rip van Winkle to see a higher quality format – it will always be Blu.

      • tony mccarson

        the second copy of my comment was a mistake, blame errors.

        but meta, thank you very much for your great words, you make me & the people very happy!

      • Oliver

        No, it WON’T “always be Blu” — because sooner or later the studios will want to start selling us TVs, players and discs that display an even HIGHER resolution.

        You buy ‘Tom and Jerry’ in 1080p. I’m holding out for ‘Tom and Jerry’ in 4000p!

  • Bud

    Can’t WAIT! Who is supervising the transfer and color correction of these shorts? Are they cleaning up the separate negatives before the transfer and realigning them digitally? Please tell me Jerry Beck has the final say on this…

  • Mick Collins


    I’ve marked this on my calendar because I WANT WANT WANT it!

  • Daniel

    I just hope that it wont be a region locked Bluray so that people like me in the UK can play it on UK bluray player. USA bluray is officially region A whereas Europe is region B. Although most releases are region free.

    • Trond M.

      Warner US has never released a blu-ray with region locking, so I think we’re safe.

    • Marvin

      Warner Bros UK needs to shape up! They haven’t released Popeye on DVD yet

      • Ken Henderson

        Just buy the US issues and play them in UK.

  • B.Bonny

    I certainly hope Woopie Goldberg will be introducing each cartoon – lest the uncommented upon racial stereotypes and violence transforms viewers into axe murdering zombie bigots.

  • Keegan

    Whoever designs the covers for cartoon DVD’s needs to stop being hired.

    • Maxwell Rose

      You riffed about a lot of things, arent you?

    • Ted

      To my mind this is almost certainly the best cover for a big house DVD/BluRay release other than possibly the Popeye covers. It’s not the most beautiful thing in the world, but the drawings looks pretty good, the design looks solidly good, and the whole thing is streets ahead of any of the LTGC covers.

    • Brandon Pierce

      Uh, this DVD cover is actually pretty good.

  • Richard

    Warner is not coming off the SE negatives or masters but CRI’s that were produced by Metro Labs in the 70’s or 80’s? Really? Are you sure IP’s are not being used for this release????

    • The original negatives were destroyed in the Eastman House fire in the 1970s. The CRI’s are the best elements available – and they look quite good!

      • I’m amazed there’s good color left in those CRIs, given that stock’s propensity towards fading.

        In my ideal world instead of spending billions of dollars on war and the military we would just funnel all that cash into producing dupe negs and 4K scans of our film heritage, heh!

  • Nipplenuts McGurk

    SWEET! Looking forward to it, Jerry! I love Tom & Jerry…I love Blu-Ray. Sounds great. :)

  • J

    @Meta Dude People like myself and most Still by DVD’s.
    I Happily would get this on DVD aswell. I really don’t see the big deal of Blu-ray when it’s the same difference.
    I am happy to not transfer over and I think that might be the same with other people you say “oh get with the times”
    when they know it’s the same difference too and they also don’t give a crap.

    • Brian Kidd

      Just to let you know, there can be a huge difference in the quality between DVD and Blu-Ray, depending upon the condition of the original materials and the HD transfer created for the release. There is no reason to suggest that HD releases of classic animation, taken from decent 35mm film sources, should not offer increased detail and color fidelity when compared to SD releases. If your viewing equipment does not support HD, then DVD is perfectly-acceptable. If, however, you have the capability of viewing HD, then Blu-Ray can deliver a decidedly superior experience to DVD. I think you might be surprised.

      • Oh, there is a big difference. Once you’ve set up a projector and high quality Blu-ray player, you start to see the difference and you also really start to appreciate the hard work that goes into transfers and mastering and all that technical work that goes into those releases.

        Being a foreigner, I’d love to have multiple audio tracks on this set (the German dub is really good).

        Thanks for the post clearing things up!

  • Anders

    Will they censor Mammy Two Shoes and the blackface gags?

    • No.

      • Pow!

        And with 10 likes, quite appropriately, the comment looks like a white guy in blackface.

        We finally did it. We restored the comments to the form Harriet Beecher Stowe first imagined them in.

      • Pow!

        36 likes. Guys, we shouldn’t be THAT excited to see Blackface. I understand its about seeing the cartoons as socially insensitive animators meant them to be seen, but you’re really chomping at the bit.

      • Mad Dog

        Dude its now to 45 likes now!

        I’m not really a fan of Black face (or a fan of Tom and Jerry!) but I can see some people wanting to see the animation as it was decades agos without the cuts.

  • Arturo

    I just hope WB don’t screw this release up, like they did with the Spotlight Collection (censored, DNR’ed and missing shorts due to political correctness)

    • RupanIII

      Ditto. I finally bit the bullet on the Spotlight sets a while back after holding off due to the censorship and omissions. Given the track record of PC bull, I’m skeptical.

      That said, if this is truly complete and truly uncensored, I’ll definitely pick it up. Physical media could definitely use the support, too. Plus, that cover looks sharp.

  • Valentin Moretto

    The content sounds very promising. Hope WHV won’t fiddle with DVNR.
    Odd that the box art designer went for the 42-43 designs for Tom and Jerry rather than the conventional designs – looks like the set will be destined primarly to collectors.

    “Since the box art was leaked and a bunch of mis-information is now being spread, I have no choice but to violate my arrangement with the studio and clear up some facts.”
    Have you talked about this issue to the executive producers? Surely (and hopefully) they are aware of it.

  • Music to my ears: “These are not the Turner TV broadcast prints used on previous releases.”

  • Roland Denby

    So, if I have the other sets that were released, why should I re-purchase this DVD? Jerry, can you tell me what’s different? Is there anything new to warrant shelling out MORE money?

    • If you are happy with the previous releases, then there is NO reason for you to buy this new set.

      However, this new “Golden Collection” presents the Tom & Jerry cartoons in chronologic release order, in brand new transfers from the best available master materials Warner Bros. has, unedited and uncensored. It’s the way the cartoons should have been released on DVD in the first place. And IF you have Blu-Ray, the quality will knock your socks off.

      • Charles

        Hi Jerry,
        Thanks so much for the information you have shared on this release. You have truly made my year! I have long avoided the Spotlight Collections due to the censorship issues. It’s nice to see Tom & Jerry being treated with the loving touch it so richly deserves. Looks like I can finally retire my “Art of Tom & Jerry” LaserDisc sets. Thanks again!

      • meta

        And get the Blu-Ray discs instead as well. The best available quality is what a fan should get and that’s where Blu is!

  • Justin Delbert

    Hello golden age cartoon fans, Tom and Jerry fans, and ordinary cartoon fans alike. To truly appreciate this upcoming set, here’s a reinteration of Tom and Jerry DVDs in the past:
    2000-The first Tom and Jerry DVD was released, Tom and Jerry Greatest Chases (not remastered and edited)
    2003-The first Looney Tunes Golden Collection was released, causing us to believe that there may be interest on remastering Tom and Jerry cartoons too.
    2004-and then there was the Spotlight collection, which did not do restoration (save for a few exceptions and the Cinimascope cartoons). Edits were made and two cartoons were “banned” because of racial stereotypes that aren’t even that raceist, and yet more racist cartoons end up on the Spotlight Collection.
    2008-We experiance remastered Tom and Jerry cartoons for the first time on the Acadamy Award collection; all Oscar winning and nominated Tom and Jerry cartoons were on this set.
    2009-We saw remastered cartoons on the Tom and Jerry Chuck Jones Collection. They also brought back the Greatest Chases series.
    2010-a new collection called Tom and Jerry Anniversary Deluxe Edition was released, but it was no better.
    2011-yet another collection series called Fur Flying Adventures. Although vol 2 has not yet been released, vol 3 was announced and will be released on October 4th, 21 days before the long awaited release, Tom and Jerry Golden Collection, which will have restoration.
    I wanna thank Jerry Beck and George Feltenstein for all their hard work on this and other great DVD sets that they are able to provide for us.

    • Ken Henderson

      What some people, maybe lots, don’t know is that early in DVD days there was various releases of Tom & Jerry on DVD in Japan. One such was two sets at 5 discs per set comprising all the shorts uncut, they said, with both English & Japanese dubbing and alternate English & Japanese subtitles. Vis Vis exchange rates at the time it would have been near A$500 to get and I let it go. But the Japanese don’t have the censorship concerns our English countries do. I was also sent a large list of Japanese animation on DVD at the time as an attachment, in English, but it disappeared with an upgrade and I could never find it. I don’t know who the sender was but he must have seen my name on a blog and just sent it.

      I will buy the Blu Rays as they come out.

      As I have read, I understood that all the MGM cartoons(Happy Harmonies etc which there was a Laserdisc set) were lost in the 1967 vault fire in Culver City but Jerry says at Rochester/NY at a later date for the original T&J nitrates.

  • Clint H

    The cover art looks pretty damn good! I like how they used the original designs of the characters instead of the ones we know so much.

  • I think the shorts will be a mix of original and reissue prints because several have turned up, but a lot have yet to be found and restored.

  • Pow!

    Is this the end of the Looney Tunes Golden Collections btw?

    • Yes – for now, no more Looney Tunes Golden Collections. However I am working with Warner Home Video on several (more than one) new Looney Tunes dvd projects that I think collectors and fans will like (can say no more at this time).

      • Pow!


      • dbenson

        So we can still hope for “Beanstalk Bunny.”
        (“On accounts that I am greedy.”)

      • …hmmmmm…. dvd and not blu-ray then?…

      • meta

        @Mesterius: That includes the Blu-Rays as well, as Jerry has alluded to many times in interviews as well as on this very blog. I will be getting the Blu-Rays, as should any professed fan of all these classic cartoons.

      • Brandon Pierce

        I hope “Hare-Um Scare-um” comes out with it’s newfound ending soon.

      • William

        Sounds good, Jerry! I hope any new series targeted at collectors will be made abundantly clear, and will maintain the standards – as well as continuity of unreleased shorts – set by the Golden Collections.

      • FriendtoAll

        You Can’t serious be expecting people to go wild over that Supergenious Hijinks DVd. That’s t6he only LT DVD on the horizon, and it’s total crap.

  • Jon


    Thank you for taking the time to clear things up about these Tom and Jerry releases. One of the drawbacks to these early, unauthorized information leaks is that they generate way too much chatter that’s just plain wrong, ranging from people who throw out idiotic conjecture as if it was fact, causing much confusion, to out-and-out liars who want people to believe they have “inside information.”

  • Anthony D.

    Jerry, you don’t know how happy I am to finally hear nes on this T&J set! I knew it was coming to DVD, but never did I expect it would come to Blu-Ray! I can’t wait to see what the transfers will look like!

  • Bill

    The 1970’s Metrocolor CRIs are the best extant picture elements but Metrocolor was a private label Eastmancolor process, not exactly compatible with the hues of IB Technicolor and not exactly archival as to its vegetable dyes being colorfast over time. That these CRIs ‘look quite good’ presumably means there is sufficient original image data to be digitally color corrected to hopefully resemble IB Tech images in the Blu Ray format. That fire destroyed a great deal, which cannot be exactly restored with the loss of those original Tom and Jerry camera negatives, even with current cutting edge technology. Tex Avery’s MGM cartoon negatives also went up in flames, and his best animated shorts still await a complete and proper DVD release. One was being planned as far back as 2006 by Warners but it has yet to materialize.

  • David Mackenzie

    This makes me so happy. The fact that they’re going back to negs instills a lot of confidence. Provided they don’t make too many obvious dirt and scratch removal errors and don’t go Candy Cane Lane with the colour, I will be very happy.

    • I’ve seen a few surviving 35mm nitrates on Tom and Jerry shorts. They are absolutely “Candy Cane Lane,” as you put it, with extremely bright, rich colors—quite unlike what we’re used to seeing on TV.
      Their looking like this, if restored properly, won’t be a mistake.

      • David Mackenzie

        David, that’s great to know. I was thinking of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland which has a sunburned mad hatter on the new revisionism.

      • That “Candy Cane Lane” comment is just making me look forward to these restored shorts all the more:) By the way, David, I assume they’ll be using those beautiful T&J title cards that you posted on your blog a while back, to restore the cartoons’ original titles?

    • David Mackenzie

      Oops, back to the CRIs, I should have said – I was aware of the fate of the negatives. Such a shame, but hopefully the optical copying process made to create the sources or this BD set will still be crispy enough.

      They’ll beat the hell out of the lowpass filtered DVDs, that’s for sure.

  • R.J. Laaksonen

    It would be even better if this series was called “The Complete Hanna & Barbera MGM Cartoons.” Still, the seven non-T&J shorts Hanna and Barbera made for MGM could be included as a bonus feature. They are pretty difficult to find nowadays.

    • Yes, I second that. I really, really hope all of these shorts (including Bill Hanna’s solo cartoons starring the Captain and the Kids) will be included, restored and uncut, as special features on the sets. That way we collectors, at least, could call it “The Complete Hanna and Barbera MGM Cartoons”. ;)

  • I think the phrase that pays here is “chronological order.” If Jerry says no more Looney Tunes Golden sets, might, I say might, mind you, that mean the chronological Popeye sets and now the chronological T&J sets might be followed by chronological LT sets?

    Just some really wishful thinking on my part. Yes, I would by a Blu-Ray just to justify buying said set, even if it means a lot of high tech just to see “Freddy the Freshman.”

  • Mike Stolzer

    Thank you Mr. Beck for all your insight and your hard work with helping to get Warner Brothers to do it right!

    If these new Tom & Jerry collections are uncut, unedited, uncensored and fully restored, as well as in chronological order, I will definitely be buying this on Blu-ray! I just hope this collection extends in volumes beyond just the HB/MGM era theatrical shorts and eventually includes the long absent Gene Deitch shorts and the Chuck Jones shorts as well.

    And while I’m making wishes, I really wish that we’ll get the same treatment to the future Looney Tunes collections and that they will be releasing them as seperate character collections with Bugs Bunny volumes, Daffy Duck volumes, Porky Pig volumes, etc.


    • The Chuck Jones shorts have already been released in a complete, chronological set. And weren’t the cartoons on that one restored too?

      • Mike Stolzer

        Yes, but they weren’t released on Blu-ray. Even if it’s the same set, I’d like to see it re-released in that format to go along with these upcoming Golden Collections on Blu-ray. And I’d especially like to see the Deitch shorts finally get a proper release.

  • Mike Stolzer

    Oh, and I’d also like to see a complete MGM Tex Avery collection.

    “The Ventriloquist Cat” is one of my favorite shorts ever!

  • Wow, I take back almost everything I’ve been saying (and thinking) about Warner Brothers, lately. This first set seems to have almost all the worthwhile titles in the series, and it will be sooo nice to really *HEAR* the soundtracks on each cartoon instead of the titles varying in quality from toon to toon as on previous releases. Can’t wait to hear whether or not the blurays will have extra content that will not be featured on the standard DVD. If so, all I can implure Warners to do is create a set that includes both versions, so I can watch the standards until I can get myself a bluray player! And, yes, all the non-T&J shorts as special feature would be a sparkling special feature, especially if restoration is allowed, but this is *NOT* fact yet, just a usual suggestion from me, that’s all! Besides, I’d love to get a pristine copy of “THE WINNING TICKET” from the CAPTAIN & THE KIDS series. Jerry, I hope those other projects are ready to leak out to fans just as quickly, if not quicker!!

  • Jerry, this truly makes my day! This is the Tom and Jerry release people have been wanting for the past 10 years. Fantastic news… AND, unusually for a Tom and Jerry release, beautiful cover art!

  • So glad Jerry will be involved in future Looney Tunes projects. Should get them back up to Golden Collection standards, in quality if not quantity.

  • William

    If this is indeed the release that should have been, and corrects everything that was so misguided with the Spotlight Collections, I’ll be first in line.

  • Mark Sonntag

    Hopefully this will do well(I for can’t wait) maybe then WB will give us more Popeye sets and maybe a Harman & Ising collection not to mention the rest of Tex Avery’s shorts. I have the French set but a number of the shorts were cut.

  • merlinjones

    “The Bugs Bunny Show” please…!!!

    (“This week was next week last week.”)

  • John English

    Really wish WB would reconsider about the golden collections. The format (I think) was beautiful, and with the extras, commentaries, etc, it was all very well done.

    Wish that if they werent going to do more GC’s, that they’d at least not duplicate the shorts in the new sets – and that they’d include the bells and whistles included before.

  • david


    because it’s bluray and bluray playback is at 24 fps and suppose I want to freeze frame and study the lost art of traditional animation, I will be seeing the true timing and not some gross interlaced b.s. right? right? I HOPE SO. WOOHOO. KEEPING GOOD CARTOONS ALIVE!

  • David Mackenzie

    @David: yes. Because these are new restorations, it is almost inconceivable that Warner would encode them interlaced (1080i).

  • Roland Denby

    I guess I am still confused as to why this is even being released. If there is no difference between these shorts and the ones previously released, why re-re-re-re-release them again and again and again? Am I missing something?

    • There is a hundred thousand differences between these new Golden Collection sets and any previous Tom and Jerry DVD release.

      • Roland Denby

        Care to elaborate? Other than the shorts being in chronological order, I see nothing new. No new shorts, nothing. I am not upgrading to Blu-ray so I see nothing here. Enlighten me?

      • Trond M.

        – New transfers from best source available
        – All shorts will be unedited and uncensored
        – proper 24fps framerate on Blu-ray (no problems with interlacing/tearing)
        – Very noticable (yes, really) improvement in image quality on Blu-ray

        But, as Jerry’s already stated: If you’re already happy with the old DVDs, and aren’t bothered with their shortcomings, then there’s no good reason to buy this one.

      • Roland Denby

        Thanks for clarifying. I was not aware that some shorts were edited, or that the new transfers would make a world of difference. Perhaps I will give it a shot. Thanks again.

      • …and one more thing: ORIGINAL TITLE CARDS, never before seen on home video in any format, on several of the cartoons:) (I don’t know excactly which at the moment, except that Mouse Cleaning on Volume 2 will be one of them.)

    • MGM can re-re-re-release “Goldfinger” every time there’s a new Bond film, so why not? Eight years since the first LTGC set is an eternity on store shelves.

  • Fernando Ventura

    What is a CRI negative?

    • Stands for “color reversal intermediate.” Essentially it is a film process that was extremely innovative in the 70s that allowed you to copy a negative without having to make a positive (print) copy in between, essentially preserving more detail than you would if you had that intermediate step. Problem is, the color on a lot of early CRI film stock fades like crazy.

      • Chris Sobieniak

        I believe I have a CRI of something in my collection I picked up a while back.

  • Thanks Jerry for all of your hard work in bringing these to market. An MGM Tex Avery set would be great, as well as Harmon Ising MGM set! Any fan, student and aspiring animation professional can consider themselves very lucky to have access to these classics.

  • John

    I just bought the DVD’s. It’s to soon for me to double dip! :(

  • It’s great that Joe & Bill’s creation will get the proper treatment, but c’mon, you have the greatest MGM cartoons right there in your library, release the Tex Avery classics. Give fans what they want!

  • Moore

    A CRI is not a negative. From Wikipedia:

    An internegative, also referred to as Color reversal internegative or CRI, is a motion picture film duplication process designed by Kodak in the 1970s as an alternative to existing processes of creating film duplicates. Originally intended for the faster pace of the television commercial industry, it began to see use in major motion pictures in the mid 1970s. It is the color counterpart to a fine grain positive, in which a low-contrast color image is used as the positive between an original camera negative and a duplicate negative.

    Because CRIs are considered a temporary negative, their chemistry is not meant to be as stable as prints, and because of this, they are prone to rapid fading, usually within five to seven years. As a result, new masters have to be created from the original camera negative from time to time.

  • Well, at least it’s gonna be showing original Tom and Jerry theatrical cuts. Will be be released in United Kingdom soon?

    • David Mackenzie

      If it’s not, just order from the US.

  • Hans

    Tom & Jerry on blu-ray … you just put an exceptionally big smile on my face. Great news.

  • Mark Sonntag

    I think a thank you should go out to Jerry Beck for his tireless efforts to make sure we still get to see classic cartoons. I think without him and others like him we wouldn’t see very much.

  • Jim

    Hey Jerry, Will we ever see Blu-ray and DVD complete series releases of Yogi’s Treasure Hunt, The New Scooby-Doo Mysteries and The New Yogi Bear Show?

  • Moore

    If we’re really lucky we will see a platinum edition restoration from original negative of “The Hair Bear Bunch” on Blu Ray.

    • Roland Denby

      I would love to see some of these older cartoons released. Hair Bear Bunch, Yogi’s Gang, etc. Fun stuff when I was a kid. (And yes, I know you’re all being sarcastic. But I’m not. LOL!)

  • Jim

    Jerry Beck, how about three new Blu-ray double features of the classic 1980s Yogi Bear and Scooby-Doo TV movies.

    1. Yogi’s Great Escape with
    Scooby-Doo meets The Boo Brothers

    2. Yogi Bear and the Magical Flight of the Spruce Goose with Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School

    3. Yogi and the Invasion of the Space Bears with
    Scooby-Doo and the Reluctant Werewolf

    • This is not a thread to take suggestions for future DVD releases. Any other off-topic comments like these will be deleted.

  • Farid

    Hi Jerry! Will the cannibal short be presented uncut?

    • HIS MOUSE FRIDAY will be on Vol. 2. If I have any say, it will be uncut.

      • Chris

        Jerry, will Casanova Cat also find its way on Volume 2 of the Golden Collection?

  • CHR

    Jerry, just don’t let WHV screw this up, in any fashion.

  • Gabriel Katikos

    I bet WHV’s family division isn’t going to be handling this set, since all the cartoons on this set will be presented in chronological order and completely uncensored, just like Jerry said.

  • Will the blu-ray have any contents that dvd won’t?

    • David Mackenzie

      High quality video?

  • Alan Muller

    We thank WHV for preparing digitally restored and remastered all of the Hanna-Barbera Tom and Jerry cartoons for getting their own Blu-Ray treatment. I can’t wait for Tom and Jerry: The Gene Deitch Collection on Blu-Ray as well it would be nice to hear a interview by animator Gene Deitch about his own take on the cartoon cat and mouse duo. WHV should re-release Tom and Jerry: The Chuck Jones Collection with brand new extras, commentaries, documentaries and many, many, many, many more including The Dot and The Line and The Bear That Wasn’t and the rest of Jones’ MGM work in the 1960s needed to be cleaned up as possible – I can’t wait for that.

    • Roland Denby

      Man, I though the Gene Deitch Tom & Jerrys were total crap. They make Filmation’s version look like H&B’s original. Burn those negatives! Ha ha.

      • I would love, love, LOVE a complete Gene Deitch “Tom and Jerry” collection aimed at collectors. I met Gene Deitch and his wife Zdenka (both of them wonderful, talkative persons) on an animation festival last fall and got a chance to chat with Gene about his take on the cat and mouse (among other conversation topics such as Nudnik, Krazy Kat etc.) The very first thing he said about his own Tom and Jerry cartoons was: “I HATED them!”

        I would simply love to hear Gene elaborate on this in an hour-long documentary:)

        (And he elaborated a fair part even when I talked with him for a little while; most interesting. It made me understand even more than I did before how Gene really had no chance of matching Hanna-Barbera’s originals, whether he wanted to or not. But the positive side of his ‘Tom and Jerry’ experience was that he learned a lot, which probably went into the making of later, more personal and much better animated films.)

        For the record: Roland Denby – Gene’s cartoons are miles ahead of Filmation’s utter crap.

  • scot

    I thought the laser disc releases were uncut. As I recall(I still have them) they also were in chronological order.

    • …so hopefully these new Golden Collections will be on the same level (and in addition, RESTORED!). :)

      (Of course they will need to include all of Hanna and Barbera’s non-Tom and Jerry cartoons (including the Spike and Tyke ones) to really be on par with the laserdisc content.)

  • Jinxey

    Jerry…Can you tell us how many of the cartoons have original titles?

  • Mark Antony

    Hi Jerry, many thanks for your efforts to present classic animation as it should over the years…quick question, when the original spotlight series were announced it was mentioned that 5/6 ‘toon’s had original stereo tracks that had been located.

    AFAIK only one ‘toon was ever released in stereo on the spotlight dvd’s…will these finally see the light of day on these sets?

  • Marvin

    I’m excited about this set because many of these cartoons have been restored from long lost original nitrate negatives. Mouse Cleaning is not on this disc. But DON’T PANIC. An original negative has been discovered and the cartoon is being scheduled for release on Volume 2.

  • John

    Fantastic news! I can’t wait to see Tom and Jerry on Blu ray!

  • cartoon_rocks

    I wonder which cartoons will have their original titles restored? I know that original nitrate negatives for 14 cartoons were found (“Mouse Cleaning” being one of them); some of these 14 will be represented on this volume, while the rest will be represented on the second volume. I also know for a fact that David Gerstein blogged about the original titles for “The Midnight Snack”, “Fraidy Cat”, “Puss n’ Toots”, “The Zoot Cat”, and “Mouse Trouble”, while Thad posted a print of “Tom and Jerry in the Hollywood Bowl” with its original titles a few years ago.

  • cartoon_rock

    I wonder which cartoons will have their original titles restored?
    I know that original nitrate negatives for 14 cartoons were found (“Mouse Cleaning” being one of them); some of these 14 will be represented on this volume, while the rest will be represented on the second volume.
    I also know for a fact that David Gerstein blogged about the original titles for “The Midnight Snack”, “Fraidy Cat”, “Puss n’ Toots”, “The Zoot Cat”, and “Mouse Trouble”, while Thad posted a print of “Tom and Jerry in the Hollywood Bowl” with its original titles a few years ago.

  • Stephen Rhodes Treadwell

    The best version of T&J is most definitely the 1975 version, where they are friends!

  • Stephen Rhodes Treadwell

    The best version of T&J is most definitely the 1975 version, where they’re friends!

  • Jinxey

    Which cartoons will have original titles?

  • Stephen Rhodes Treadwell

    I disagree about the Gene Deitch T&J’s being miles ahead of the Filmation T&J’s! I think the Filmation ones are a little better but not much. There’s no way I’d called one much better than the other because neither’s very good at all. They’re both too one-sided.

  • Tom Clarke

    Just got my set today.

    Overall I’m about 80% pleased, but I think the ’37 remastered theatrical shorts’ is very misleading. Sure, some of them look marvellous, but many also look very poor in comparison. ‘Tee For Two’ is the worst…. Seriously, it has that many scratches that it becomes distracting. How can it look worse than the Classic Collection DVD version?

  • John Preston

    So Jerry, reports of hair, dirt, scratches, etc. abound around the ‘net. Can you shed any light? The response on the WB Classic Animation FB page was this: “To all who have asked questions about the remastering quality,
    our team is looking into it and will have an answer for you shortly.” That was Oct. 26th.

    • I have the TJ Golden Collection and I don’t see the “hair, dirt, scratches, etc.” you mention – The cartoons look great to me.

      There are ten cartoons which are lesser quality than the other 27 (which have never looked better), no doubt about it. The MGM Cartoons are problematic because of the fire which destroyed the original film elements. We need to understand that and live with the consequences.

      “Perfection” is not an option here, unfortunately.

  • John Preston
  • Jackie The Lion

    Hey, Jerry, I’m glad you’re restoring Tom & Jerry. I wanted to see original titles all my life. I just hope the Gene Deitch & Chuck Jones (Not covered with bars) cartoons are restored, too. I was creating a DVD on CreateSpace with the Filmation toons, if it’s okay with you.

    • No. Not okay. The Filmation Tom and Jerry cartoons are owned by Warner Bros. I do not have any rights to grant you permission to create an unauthorized Dvd.

  • John K.

    Well. okay Jerry Beck tell you what, it’s about time for you should make a documentary let’s just say recording and interviewed master animator Gene Deitch to talk about his life, career in the history of animation and of course his own take on the cat and mouse duo before Chuck Jones’ era before he dies, and what about doing commentaries with Gene Deitch, June Foray, Phil Roman, Leonard Maltin, myself and everybody as well too. Gene Deitch’s lost last Tom and Jerry cartoon may yet to get the right treatment and I’m looking forward seeing Spike and Tony should animated adapated Chuck Jones’ first and only planned Droopy storyboard cartoon ‘Trooper Droopy’ ready for the newly digitally restored and remastered edition of the MGM Droopy cartoons on DVD and Blu-Ray sometime soon!

  • Modi

    Just seen the first disc. great restoration and animation. one question: could it be that on “The Mouse comes to Dinner” mammy two shoes has a different voice insted of Lilian Randolph? we were promised the original cartoons, not the re-dubbed versions(made to satisfy hypocritical censors with no sense of humor and no respect for historical preservation).

  • Hi there Jerry, thank you for all the wonderful restorations of T&J thus far! Any chance that Mice Follies will be on volume 2? That’s my favourite one ever :)

  • Tom & Jerry

    If You Want Warner Brothers Entertainment To Have Mouse Cleaning And Casanova Cat. Go To This Petition Site Below. I Have Signed It. They Are Not Putting Those Two Shorts In The Blu Ray & DVD. Which Is Shameful Of Warner Brothers Entertainment Refusing To Do. All Tom & Jerry Fans Should Sign It.