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Tom & Jerry Prawn Crackers

Direct from District 9:

Amid brought me a gift from his recent trip to Singapore – a package of these Tom & Jerry Prawn Crackers. Hey, don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it… but I don’t see this coming to the Whole Foods Market anytime soon.

  • Hi Jerry –

    Classic Tom & Jerry is huge out here. I see the 1940s and 50s cartoons played in many, many places – from the airport shuttle when we arrived here – to the local barber who has the cartoons looping to distract the kids during haircuts. I see it on Kleenex boxes, food packaging, etc…

  • Lucy

    Oh, man… I’m going to have to look for these next time I go to the Asian food market :) And I’m not sure if you’re ever tried a prawn cracker, but they’re indeed delicious.

    Tom and Jerry is consistently one of the top-rated non-anime shown in Asian countries, from what I remember.

  • jordan reichek

    Chris! Pick me up a bag!

    ..and if Mammy-Two-Shoes has any products, please include those as well!

  • just wrote a post on my blog ( about vintage production drawings – jerry swinging a carrot is my prized possession.

    the first post i wrote is inspired by you guys and all about UPA. check it out.

    hope you like it.

  • I thought cans of South African cat food were more popular in District 9.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Much like the things i may spot in an Asian food store!

  • Prawn crackers are pretty good! Dunno about Tom and Jerry, though…

  • Hmmm.. this post about an OH SO WACKY AND FOREIGN food from Singapore is missing that certain something. ….I know; let’s reference a fictional racist term from a movie set in South Africa!

  • mint

    No wonder I found it familiar when I saw the image, yeah we see a lot of them in local stores. I grew up watching Tom and Jerry as a kid in 1990s too.

  • Man, that art for the packaging is spot on! Very nice.

  • not gonna lie…those shrimp flavored chips/fry are delish.

  • Mesterius

    One of the better pieces of Tom and Jerry merchandice art that I’ve seen for a while… but when will they learn to simply use the original Hanna-Barbera designs?

  • Hee En Ming

    As a Singaporean, I find this post very amusing and groanworthy.

    I hardly know anyone who watches Tom and Jerry here by the way. This kind of cheap usage of cartoon characters on snack food has been around so long, I don’t know if it’s something to write about at all.

  • Ugh I love prawn crackers and this is making me super hungry.

  • precode

    Back in the 90s, I’d drive to the San Gabriel Valley to see the new Hong Kong movies. The theatres all sold shrimp chips, cuttlefish snacks and the like. I usually had shrimp chips and a Coke. Yum!

  • omar Hussain

    can anyone tell me the source of these products ? i need to distribute them ? i am a wholesaler …