Tom’s film collection Tom’s film collection

Tom’s film collection

Film collector Tom Stathes is quickly becoming the expert and archivist of cinema’s silent cartoon history. Check out his website and blog, buy his home-made DVDs and attend his local New York area Cartoon Carnivals (the next one is this Saturday, March 20th). Good stuff!

  • Hooray ! Tom’s an amazing young man ! I met him through Howard Beckerman and Tom was an invaluable source for the show that Howard and I curated on NY Animation history ! His collection is awesome (old use of the word) and his efforts to find/save/restore vintage silent cartoons are truly appreciated !

  • Alberto

    ohhhhh, i wanna be his best fwiend!

  • Jerry, thank you so so so much for posting our video! The Cartoon Carnival is on March 20th, this Saturday. Details are at

    Thanks again! CB

  • Chris Sobieniak

    I commented elsewhere this needs to be expanded into a sort of biographic-documentary on the American animated silent film scene, and the man who is preserving it’s heritage. I would be interesting to see that type of film covering those studios and characters that graced the early screens of the cinema during the 1910’s and 20’s. It would be quite an interesting film to check out.

  • You’re doing the animation world a favor, Tom!

    A fellow 16mm cartoon collector.

  • Bill Field

    Tom is an amazing “living database” and has informed and enlightened me in his many posts on an array of forums for years. I’m glad he’s getting much deserved recognition by the community at large.

  • If any man casts doubt on Tom’s credentials, heeza liar.

  • During the era of the silent animation some men were referred to as “a gentleman and a scholar”. Tom is that! He greatly helped with information on Milt Gross’ early animation career for the Milt Gross book for which I’m most grateful. Tom Stathes has a eye and a heart for The Real Good Stuff!

  • Damn, I live in Flushing, Queens! We’re neighbors!!! I’m gonna try and make the show this Saturday!!! Sweet!!!

  • I’ve been wanting to go to his screenings for so long, but work always gets the best of me. Hopefully I’ll be able to try & make it out there this weekend.

  • And he’s, what, 20 or 21? I don’t even think his GREAT-grandparents were alive when this stuff was made. Bravo Tom for keeping the flame!

  • Robert Schaad

    Tom, you preservationist. Great work. Looks like you’ve got quite the (ever increasing) collection.

  • Jonathan

    An absolue terrific collection!!

  • Klay

    GEEK! And thank you, for it! GREAT JOB! Cartoons are cool.

  • Tom, when I have my car I’ll be coming to every one. I’ll drive you so you don’t have to lug a projector all over Brooklyn too.

    Your partner in crime,

  • Chris Sobieniak

    “And he’s, what, 20 or 21? I don’t even think his GREAT-grandparents were alive when this stuff was made.”

    Kinda have to laugh since I’m already in my thirties, and my grandparents were children when Felix, Koko, Bobby Bumps and others were entertaining millions of cinema-goers in their time, yet my interest in the subject is nil. Great guy indeed and a life saver to anyone who may need some information and/or clarification on the subject of the pioneering animated medium in it’s silent era.

  • Mike Matei

    While Toms 16mm silent animation collection is impressive, it should be noted that his Public Domain VHS collection is equally impressive.