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UCLA Preserved Silent Animation website

Last night, Bill Kroyer and I participated in an animation panel at the Hammer Museum, which followed a screening of some newly restored silent era cartoons by the UCLA Film and Television Archive. Those films have now been posted online on a new website established by the UCLA Library.

An initial eleven films are now available to view or download, with titles including Blackton’s Enchanted Drawing (1900), tinted prints promoting The Lost World and other interesting obscure shorts and orphan films. They can be viewed silent or with a choice or musical scores (with audio commentary by composer Michael Mortilla), some with Preservationist audio commentary (by Jere Guldin), each with historical notes (by me, Jerry Beck), an Historical Overview essay by Mark Langer and a Study Guide prepared by UCLA which notes much of their animation holdings, papers, prints and materials available for further study.

If the early history of animation is of interest to you, this is a good site to know. And I’ve been told the Archive will be adding more material to it as time goes on. Check it out, here.

  • I hope they show Paramount cartoons on that site someday!

  • Paul N

    And downloadable too? Sweet!

  • William

    Fantastic! Thanks for the heads-up Jerry. :)

  • Sat

    Very great. Love the commentary, very informative (even though they’re not talking about the films themselves).
    But man, the resolution of those files are so small! Double the size at the very least so I can watch them full screen.

  • Robert Barker

    UCLA has so many treasures. It would be nice to know exactly what the have and what access there is to it.

  • Kristjan

    American animation interest me at whole so yes this great site for me, I hope that we see every single short from the silent era on this site one day, that still exist.

  • This is much more accessible than the ancient webpage the Library of Congress has for silent cartoons. Hopefully this one expands to include more films.

  • These are fantastic, fellows. Thanks!

  • Kristjan

    Jerry, after reeding few of your notes over there, I have too say they are fantastic read.

  • Ganofsky

    Sat: Be sure to download the MPEG-2 files (resolution: 720×480, standard DVD format) rather than the MPEG-4 (MP4) versions (which come at 320×240 only).

  • Ed

    Great site. Thanks Jerry!