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Uncensored Animation from the Van Beuren Studio

Steve Stanchfield is back, doing the Lord’s work at Thunderbean Animation, restoring and releasing rare cartoons from the 1930s on DVD. This time it’s Uncensored Animation from the Van Beuren Studio, featuring outrageous pre-code animated cartoons from the obscure New York studio that was Max Fleischer’s biggest east-coast rival. The prints, as always, are from best available 16mm and 35mm sources. In addition to the politically incorrect Laundry Blues, and several classic Aesops Fables and Tom & Jerry cartoons, the highlight of the set (for me) is the inclusion of the only two Amos and Andy cartoons ever made, featuring the voices of the original cast (I even do an audio commentary on one of them)! Milton Knight Jr. drew the cool box art. Support the cause – buy it from Steve directly at Amazon.com.

  • All of the Thunderbean dvds are fantastic. Not only are the cartoons cool, but so are the menus. Another great feature is the audio commentaries. Value!! Nice cover art too, Milton!

  • I placed my order. It’s worth the $18 just for the Amos ‘n’ Andy cartoons.

  • Steve Stanchfield is a real hero to the hardcore cartoon fan.

    All his releases are top notch!


  • Hooray for Steve!

  • Somewhere I have the original 1980s VHS release of this with the same cover art – great to see it being reused here :)

    Love these releases!

  • Here’s my review.

    Spoiler alert: I liked it.

  • Bill Cross

    Steve puts many of the big studios to shame with his well-prepared discs. This one is no exception. I bought it in pre-release and was not disappointed!

  • A film made in the 1930’s cannot be “politically incorrect”now, period. It was made IN ITS’ OWN TIME, not 80 years later, or now. WE are the ones who need to recognize the film as a document of it’s own time and of the artists who lived then. It is absurd to brand the film according to standards, which are 1. vague at best and 2. 80 years into the future. How silly! How unfair! Let’s respect these men for their own choices, not our own skewed ones. Besides, “political incorrectness” is an insane idea in the first place: Says WHO?

  • Stephen

    Nursery Scandal is one of my favorite Van Beurens – but what’s politically incorrect about it?

  • Brad

    “It is absurd to brand the film according to standards, which are 1. vague at best and 2. 80 years into the future.”

    When was the last time they reissued Birth of a Nation?

    “Besides, “political incorrectness” is an insane idea in the first place: Says WHO?”

    Says whoever is offended. There are many people who felt the recent NYP cartoon about the gunned-down chimp was racially motivated. I don’t think that was necessarily the case, but the cartoonist left it too ambiguous to rule out racial offense. (If the cop had said, “Now Obama will have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill,” it would still be tasteless, but much less racist.)

  • This is a must-have DVD. My favorite short on it is 1933’s PANICKY PUP, which is a sort-of Van Beuren answer to SWING, YOU SINNERS. The Mickey and Minnie imitations are kinda fun, too, especially THE OFFICE BOY.

    If you find this type of primitive, creaky, creepy animation of interest, you’ll be riveted to the screen…

  • Kate Burck

    I can’t lie, I could not stop giggling when I read Steve’s name here. It certainly wasn’t what I expected when I decided to catch up on the brew.
    I’m a student of his and I often forget that he is a rare endless resource of classic forgotten films that are under appreciated and few even know about. He tells us all the time that there’s a lot we can learn from these films. I whole-heartedly agree.
    I’m excited to see Rough on Rats is on there. It was one of the first old films he showed me, its still on of my favorites.


    I am sorry I didn’t get to work on the cover for this one….
    But, I will still see about picking up the DVD.


  • Being purchased right now. :)

    Having recently purchased last years Cultoons Volume 3,it’s a double whammy for me of Steve’s work.

  • oh man!!! AMAZING!!! i missed this one in my blog reader and i just was backtracking today and caught it! thanks for posting, i actually had just emailed you [jerry] earlier today about buying some of your van beuren reference dvds from your “garage sale” site! great timing with this too!