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Vintage Cartoon Trade Ads


Once again John McElwee, over at his Greenbriar Picture Shows blog, is waxing nostalgic about classic theatrical cartoons. McElwee also posts several vintage Looney Tunes cartoon posters, trade ads and publicity stills to illustrate how these shorts were once marketed.

  • top cat james

    Theatre owners knew how to please their customers back then. Bugs, Tweety and Three Stooges shorts AND bingo! Now we get to watch an endless loop of promos for lame TBS sitcoms.

  • Bill Perkins

    I’m struck by how much the hen in the foreground looks like the Ms. Prissy that appeared in Bob McKimson’s foghorn leghorn films. I’m assuming this poster pre-dates those cartoons by a far bit. Wonder if Prissy was a lift from artwork generated far earlier .

  • National Velveeta

    The whole visual premise brings Avery’s “Page Miss Glory” to mind. Perhaps WB reworked that sort of story two dozen times in the early 1930s, though.

  • J Lee

    Bob McKimson was working in Friz’s unit at the time the Emily cartoons were made, so the resemblance to Miss Prissy isn’t that surprising.

    (And on a side note, I wonder if the Warner Bros. ad copy writers enjoyed their jobs a little more a decade or so after this promo was made, when they could use superlatives about the Merrie Melodies and Looney Tunes and not be bothered over false advertising.)

  • Wow – that’s the first I’ve ever seen credits for “Let It Be Me”!