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Walt’s Kansas City

Walt Disney in Kansas City

2719Hyperion.com has a fascinating post identifying the locations of Walt Disney’s childhood homes and workplaces in Kansas City, Missouri.

  • Eric Goldberg and I were in KC two years ago and we checked out the Laugh-0-Grams buildings. The McConahy building was down to the outer walls , held up by steel braces . We heard they were planning a major restoration. I hope they do.

  • Floyd Norman

    Adrienne and I were invited to Kansas City for a fund raiser two years ago. Dan Viets gave us the complete “Walt Disney Tour.” It was fascinating to see Disney’s home, his school, and the famous Laugh-O-Gram studios now undergoing renovation.

    It felt as though we were walking in Walt’s footsteps.

  • Here’s the link to the restoration….http://www.laughograms.com/

  • uffler mustek

    Here’s the link to the restoration….http://www.laughograms.com/

    That was really exciting until I read about their Cafe “House of Da Mouse.”