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WANTED: This Book


Animator Mark Kausler found this cover image online. Anyone got a copy?

  • Nic Kramer

    I wonder if Jim Tyler helped on this book.

  • Christopher

    I have to check which issues but there was a segment from one of the Paul Terry comics that had drawing lessons. This may be a compilation of those lessons. I’ll check out my comics this weekend and get back to you with issues and numbers.

  • jordan reichek

    yeah, i gots one!

  • I would love to see a copy.

  • greg m

    if it’s out of print it might be able to be scanned.

  • Ken Q

    It’s apparently a 14 page giveaway comic book. Based on the drawings seen on the cover, it likely came out in the later 40s. When Timely Comics was publishing Terrytoons characters, they used their own in-house staff to draw the comics and the characters had a different “look”. It wasn’t until St. John Publishing took on the Terrytoons license that their characters were drawn by the Terrytoons animators.

  • The ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive would be interested in scanning this if someone would lend us a copy for a week or so.

  • Along similar lines, here’s a copy of Nat Falk’s 1941 “How to Make Animated Cartoons” on Ebay:


    Terry wrote the foreword and signed this particular copy for (I believe) cartoonist Charles “Tack” Knight, tossing in a sketch of Farmer Al Falfa. Every studio but Disney apparently allowed use of their materials for the book, too. Funny to see Scrappy, Li’l Eightball, Gabby, Gandy and Sourpuss, Super Mouse, Andy Panda, Tashlin’s Porky Pig, etc. all on the same cover.

  • Charlie J.

    Jerry, I think Mark Newgarden has it.

  • jordan reichek


    i’ll pull it from under the muck somewhere in my house and you may scan it.

  • Put m down for wanting a copy too! Even if it’s just a digital scan.

  • Thanks, Jordan!

  • Whoa!!!! Niiiiiice!! But how unthinkable, tho, (& rude!) to “break up the set” of the Terry Bears!