Ward Kimball on You Bet Your Life Ward Kimball on You Bet Your Life
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Ward Kimball on You Bet Your Life

At the pace we’re going, by this time next week our site will likely be renamed Kimball Brew. But after seeing the incredible Ward Kimball interview with Tom Snyder below, I couldn’t resist digging into my collection and posting one more rare piece of Kimball video: his March 1954 appearance with Groucho Marx on You Bet Your Life. And don’t forget, Kimball’s got his own MySpace.

  • So that “dirty crooker” never left the backyard?
    Groucho rules and Kimball was very funny too (” ’cause there’s seven of us”)!

  • uncle wayne

    That tv show was truly one of the best!! Sillyme….years ago I thought THAT was gonna be on “Comedy Central”…this is the REAL “Reality Show!” (even scripted!)

  • Paul

    Ya gotta love that Ward got a question on “Pinocchio”. Way too funny!

  • I wonder if Groucho ever found out that it was Ward who had animated him in “Mother Goose Goes Hollywood”.

  • Ward Kimball holds his own in company with Groucho. That speaks volumes about his talent.

  • uffler mustek

    Don’t attempt to upstage Marx – Rule #1 of You Bet Your Life. HE WILL DESTROY YOU.

  • Wonderful Find.

    I love Groucho Marx and his snappy mockeries. Ward Kimball proves both a perfect match and foil for Groucho. I really would like to have met both of these legends.

  • I’m loving this – it was the best part of my day. Thank you!

  • EHH

    A lot of posts on Kimball recently, huh? Luckly, he is one my favorite people of animation. Plus, I watched “How to Dance” a while ago with the Firehouse 5 Plus 2 (I never knew that Frank Thomas, another of Disney’s Nine Old Men, was part of the band. I recognized his caracture while he was playing the piano.)

  • Kevin Kidney

    Congrats to the lumberjack and his partner! Thanks, this is fabulous stuff!

  • Bugsmer

    That was really interesting. Those two do work well together. It was great to hear Ward explaining his railroad in his own words.

  • I ditto with Floyd and everybody else. What a performer!

  • Norm

    You Bet Your Life also had really excellent animated intros, one that sticks out in my memory is the one with Groucho driving around in a Plymouth DeSoto, very cartoon modern.