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Warner Club News #4

Another great photo from the Warner Club News. Here’s layout artist and background painter Robert Gibbroek from the December 1959 issue. He’s a real unsung hero of many classic Warner Bros. cartoons. His work appears in such great films as One Froggy Evening, Fast and Furry-ous, Operation: Rabbit and The Mouse That Jack Built to name but a few. Note the image below left (click on thumbnails to enlarge) where Gribbroek worked his name into the background of One Froggy Evening. His fine art was outstanding too (see examples below).

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    Gribbroek there looks like he’s just been caught out on Cheaters. Was the photographer hiding in a plant or something?

  • Sure, the art is nice… but tell me more about his lucrative side-career as a Cookout Champion.

  • I’d place the time this photo was taken as being around the late 50’s, when Robert was working for McKimson. Yes, truly a man who did not get enough praise.

  • That painting of the flower looks remarkably similar to the backgrounds he did for the Roadrunner cartoons (green skies and blue mountains).