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Warner Club News #3

More rare pictures from a stash of Warner Club News I picked up last week.

The Warner Bros. Cartoon Dept. had it’s own building, with its own gate and sercurity on the main lot in Burbank during the 50s and 60s. The building is still standing today. I’m not sure who’s occupying it this year, but it was most recently the headquarters for producers, writers and staff of Everybody Loves Raymond.

  • We visited that building back in the fifties. It was a short drive down the street from Disney. Three units cranked out cartoon shorts every few months. McKimson, Jones and Freleng were still hard at work.

    Those were the days.

  • “…it was most recently the headquarters for producers, writers and staff of Everybody Loves Raymond.”

    That would explain why I loved that series so much. The mayhem in the original shorts must have seeped into Raymond a little.

    Thanks for sharing these cool photos with us 8-)

  • I believe Chuck Jones Film Productions was using the building for a while in the 1990s.

    Question: After the Jones, Freleng & McKimson units moved to this building, whatever became of Termite Terrace?

  • As of about 20 years ago, Termite Terrace still existed on the KTLA lot. At the corner of Fernwood and Van Ness just off Sunset, you could still see the building, right across from the entrance to Metromedia. Still there?

  • Earl

    Jerry or Floyd,

    Which building is it? Is it the one story sort of pinkish building that’s on Olive Ave. across from the Taco Bell? That’s the only building I can think of on the lot that resembles that one, although I’ve seen it more often from the street side than from the side shown in the picture.

  • The building pictured above is in the rear of the lot, near Forest Lawn Drive.

  • Hey is that Michael Maltese? No wait that’s from ” You Ought to Be in Pictures”. Just being silly…