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Weekend Reading: Bodrero and Hawkins Interviews

Emery Hawkins in Rhapsody of Steel

Two fascinating interviews have turned up online which are a must-read for any fan of classic animation: Michael Barrier has posted a 1977 interview with Disney concept artist Jim Bodrero (conducted by Milton Gray) and Thad Komorowski has posted a late-1970s interview with animator Emery Hawkins (conducted by John Canemaker). While the Bodrero interview is more informational, the Hawkins interview really delves into his working style and offers a sense of why he was one of the most distinctive animators of Golden Age animation. The interview is accompanied by a clip reel of Hawkins’s work, put together by Komorowski. The image at the top of this post is a scene of Hawkins animation from the John Sutherland film Rhapsody of Steel.

  • Hawkins is such a great animator cartoon. As well, he’s great in “What Makes Daffy Duck?” and other cartoons at the Golden Age.

    I think interviews like that is essential for show us how they like their passion! Thanks Jerry, Thad and Michael for sharing with other animations fans.

  • Didn’t Hawkins animate the battle of the bigger weapons towards the end of “Rabbit of Seville”?

    A couple of years ago I found an old Ken Harris interview online where he named Emery Hawkins & Bill Melendez as his two favorite animators. When I told this to Bill he said that was a great honor coming from Ken.

  • Larry-
    The battle of weapons (and the ‘marriage’) in “Rabbit of Seville” was Ken Harris’ animation.

  • Thanks, Thad.

  • Awesome work guys! Thad, you always impress me! :)

  • I don’t know how Thad does it – and at 19. Thad has an actual flashdrive and highspeed connection in his skull, making it possible for him to surf the net for more gems of animation-EVEN WHILE HE SLEEPS!– Thanks for sharing your spoils with the rest of us!

  • Thanks for the tips, Amid… :)

    I am REALLY interested in the Emery Hawkins interview, especially!

    In ‘The Animator’s Survival Kit,’ Richard Williams calls Hawkins
    “a wonderful unsung animator.” And of course, he’s mentioned in
    ‘Cartoon Modern’ quite a bit! ;)

    It’ll be nice to get even MORE insight into Hawkins and his work, though.

    The pics of ‘Rhapsody of Steel’ look absolutely beautiful, but i have yet to see the film, and am dying too!

    -thanks again!