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Woody Woodpecker #2 Preview

This’ll be the first of several previews and unabashed plugs I’ll be doing in advance of the April 15th release of Woody Woodpecker and Friends Vol. 2.

Above is one of the menus, and at left (click to enlarge) is the back cover of the DVD package. Universal has also just refreshed the Woody Woodpecker.com website with info on Volume 2 including new clips, a photo gallery, complete cartoon and bonus listing and more. Check it out!

  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sean

    I admit to being amused by the juxtaposition of ‘non stop fun for fans of all ages!’ and ‘This collection may not be suitable for children.’ :) Still looking forward to the DVDs, they look fantastic!

  • Looks great, can’t wait!

  • Wait… I thought Oswald the Rabbit was sold back to Disney?

  • I love Woody Woodpecker, but according to the website all the Woodys in this collection are from the 50’s. Not the best decade for animation. I’ll be buying it for the Andy Pandas and specials. There are a few quality Woodys from that decade, but I wish they had mixed it up a bit more like the Looney Tunes. Although having them presented chronologically is nice.

  • I’m glad this series continues, containing the black and white Oswald cartoons along with the Woody Woodpecker cartoons. I really enjoyed the Oswald cartoons on the last set.

  • Charlie

    Im glad they have a “Play All” for the individual sections of the disc. Last set, I wanted to play all the Andy’s or Oswald’s, and I was very dissapointed. The Woody’s….Im fine without a “play all”.

  • As they’d say in Brigadoon…”I CANNA wait!!”

  • J Lee

    Well, the idea in the first volume was there might not be a second volume, so the goal was to get in all the early Woodys and as much of the 1940s Lantz work as possible. Volume 2 is more filling in the gaps from what’s left of the 40s work, while going backwards to the 30s for Oswald and forward to the mid-50s for the last of the good Woody cartoons.

    Now, if Universal makes it to a Vol. 3, where we’re knee-deep in Paul J. Smith shorts — that will be the one where the “Play All” option doesn’t figure to get any heavy usage.

  • I can’t wait, Jerry! Thanks so much for making these sets a reality!

  • Larry T

    Kudos to all youse guys- Ten years ago I never thought I never thought I’d see the day when “A-Haunting We Will Go” would ever see the light of day on home video (not to mention all those other obscure Lantz cartoons that are finally being brought back into the light of day).

    Although I usually make a comment regarding the fate of the person in front of me when I make my way to grab a copy of a DVD boxed compilation- this time I will, without a doubt, kill the person standing in my way to get this set. :)

  • Paul J. Mular

    Only the few Disney-produced Oswald Rabbit Cartoons were returned to the Disney company. The Lantz-produced Oswald Rabbit Cartoons stayed at Universal.
    I believe the rights to use the Oswald character for future cartoons have also gone back to Disney.

  • Joe

    Hopefully more rare Woody volumes are in the horizon particularly for more rare Lantz cartoons from the 30s and 40s.

  • Del Walker

    I can’t commend you enough for making this set happen! There is no way a DVD set with a menu card including these graphics and obscure titles could ever have occured without your impetus! Hopefully Universal understands that the marketing potential of the 1930’s Oswald cartoon titles will be of greater interest and marketability than a Volume 3 of late era Woody’s. There are some top notch Ozzies still waiting to be tapped, as I am certain you know, plus some very entertaining Swing Symphonies and color Cartune one shots! THANK YOU!!!!

  • Andrea Ippoliti

    they may be, but this set gotta sell well. So let’s do our duty!

  • I’m doing MY duty. Felix may duck his, but I can’t help that.
    Jerry, I think you know where I stand on all this, but so the world knows it too—great, great stuff.

  • Great to see that the Lantz Oswald shorts have made it to DVD. I was afraid the deal with Disney would put those cartoons into copyright limbo!

  • I’m currently happy to having the 50’s Woody. I never think i watched this again 10 years ago with their off-air on television. Thanks for sharing. Sounds a great set and great idea for the Play All for the Oswald, Andy, Chilly and other shorts.

  • Bugsmer

    Fantastic, Jerry! It’s only about a month away. You blew us over with the last set, and were able to make a second one appear. Great job!

  • Mat

    I am really looking forward to this set. It looks great.