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Woody Woodpecker DVD: Bonus Materials


Universal Studios’ Woody Woodpecker & Friends Classic Cartoon Collection DVD is now available to pre-order on Amazon – where it’s a steal at $27.99.

In addition to the 75 restored, uncut cartoons, there will be several juicy bonus materials, including:

&#149 Walter, Woody and the World of Animation a nice little 1975 documentary featuring Walter and his wife Gracie, discussing their careers in animation, filled with great clips.

&#149 Cartoonland Mysteries – a rare 1936 Lowell Thomas “Going Places” short subject showing step by step how the Lantz studio makes an animated short – in this case an Oswald Rabbit cartoon, Soft Ball Game. Restored from the original neg.

&#149 Behind-the-Scenes with Walter Lantz – six of the great Lantz segments from the 1957 Woody Woodpecker TV show explaining how they make cartoons – restored, in beautiful Technicolor.
1. The Origin of Woody Woodpecker (from Episode #1)
2. Drawing Woody and Andy (from Episode #5)
3. Creating the Stories (from Episode #6)
4. Animating Woody (from Episode #8)
5. The Development of Woody (from Episode #9)
6. Directing Animated Cartoons (from Episode #10)

&#149 “The Woody Woodpecker Show” Special 1964 Halloween Episode, Spook-A-Nanny – rarely seen, now restored, featuring all the Lantz characters in a strange made-for-TV one shot.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    I know a few people who were asking if that “Walter, Woody and the World of Animation” would be included in this, but I didn’t expect THIS MUCH! Good job on teasing us till the summer! :-)

  • Mike Matei

    nice. i am preordering it right now.

  • Hector

    I can’t wait!

  • Amazing, Jerry!

    For less than 30$ (at least on Amazon) a guy can have 75 restored cartoons, including better copies of shorts circulating for years in bad/even horrible shape, plus this plethora of terrific goodies.

    No excuse, ladies and gentlemen. Buy this as soon as you’ll see it in your local stores or as soon as it is available on Amazon or other websites.

    I’ll reiterate with more emphasis: we will not have a volume 2 if the first one does not sell well. In order to have the volume 2 the sales of the first one must be good soon and we cannot wait holidays to buy this marvelous release…in other woids: Buy this dvd set and you’ll be among the happiest screwball animation aficionados on planet Earth!

  • Any word on a definitive final cartoon selection list?

  • Larry_T


    Only a fool would wait on buying this DVD set.

  • Brandon Pierce

    I remember that “World of Animation” from an old Woody Woopecker tape that was made in the 80s.

    I distinctly remember a bit from that special where Woody seems displeased that his voice is done by a female. Obviously an in-joke from Gracie herself.

  • Cyber Fox

    I have my eye on this DVD set

    I hope that Jerry Beck would make NBC Universal consider putting Calvin and the Colonel on DVD

  • B. Baker

    I fondly recall watching the special 1964 “Spook-A-Nanny” episode. [I can still remember the show’s silly “Spook, Spook, Spook-A-Nanny” theme song.] The local station promoted it as a prime time event, and the station’s kid show host appeared in a Halloween party wraparound with many costumed kids. I never thought I’d see this turn up…

  • Bryan

    Jerry, I thank you for all your involvement in this and other projects but just a couple questions. I recognize and value the importance of the term “uncut” which if you say it, I believe it but does this mean any of the material in the WW set could be manipulated in other ways such as digital censoring or recoloring, dubbed soundtracks in whole or in part or any phased, bloted, or blured imagery?

    Also what kind of condition were the negatives in and what’s your take on the restorations, as good as others? I’m sorry if these things have been asked before and thank you for your replies. Let us know how this develops as to whether Universal gets cold feet and decides to alter this set. Thanks!

  • Bryan – I am inspecting all the cartoons being restored for the WW set and they are indeed uncut and complete, as they should be, being brand new transfers off the original negs. No digital censoring, recoloring, or whatever is being done. These are exactly as created.

    The negs appear to be in great shape. You will be pleased.

  • Robert A. Porrazzo

    Looks like I’ve got a double MUST BUY
    First it’s Woody and then Popeye.

    And Jerry, those extra look as juicy as the freshest cut of steak available cooked to order.

    By the way, have you made any mention about the Droopy set that’s coming out next month?

  • Martin

    I still love Woody Woodpecker and Friends since always and i’m sure it was a must. No matter what, the bonus materials is simply amazing. I hope a Volume 2 was released one day.

    Thanks for this great stuffs news, Mr. Beck!

  • Cartoon guy

    Just did the preorder on Amazon. Love woody woodpecker!